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Inpirational Poetry
By Mick Green

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By Mick Green

As the light shines before me
My worries will now subside

The radiant Angels above us
Will guide our hearts towards the truth.

Treading with cautious wisdom
I ask now for your protection
From the desolate emotions
That my spirit endures.

My heart in time was fractured
But a God of love remained my friend
My search for a dreamed reality
I constantly ask you if its true.

Thank you for reaching out to touch me
You awakened me from my pain.

You have shared your innate kindness
I can feel its depth within me
It churns my inner being
A new vision of life and purpose
It now rises from my soul.

The mysterious life eternal
I look forward to your times of wonder.

I ask that my heart should lead the way
True destiny will surely be
Thanking you for the light of love you share
And for the simple awareness
That can set me free.


BY Mick Green

An energy of love collides in our soul,
The spirit within,
Soaked now full of light,
Listen closely for a whisper,
Can you hear its sound?
The constant beckoning,
Of a voice held in secrecy.

The undying compassion,
Of the heavenly Angels,
Oh how they yearn to caress,
Our minds with truth,
Allowing such boundless discovery,
A wisdom that is real,
The infinite well of love is born.

An old question of who we are,
Did we ever really know?
That sense of uncertainty,
It simmered in the soul.

A spiritual wisdom shall gather,
An elevated vision of a golden path,
The  true journey within,
Our spirits surrounded in love.

Sparkling chords of energy,
The eternal connection of souls,
An intrinsic linkage unites us all,
For all of us are as one,
All together we stand,
In the hope of a tomorrow,
That we can truly embrace.

This simple life of love,
Reflections of our spirits,
In our eternal union.

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