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Inpirational Poetry
By Wren A. Wynn

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By Wren A. Wynn

Native in our own tongues, may we speak
And Spirit dance among ceremonial fires
Sing now of great things, my ancestors
And weave the fabric that is my soul


By Wren A. Wynn

I have guided you this far
Do you think just to abandon you?
No, never.

I am cheering you on
So loudly, the very walls shake
My voice rings out
My hands clap fiercely
I flutter when I see you
And I cry as I watch you grow
I adore watching you learn
And how you change the world
With every encounter

What a lovely being!
What a lovely soul!
When you falter or feel
less than your best
I am here to love you
into your ultimate

Do not give up on yourself
Do not doubt your potential
Do not scoff your abilities
You will go far beyond what you can
even imagine to imagine

I have seen it
It is true!


By Wren A. Wynn

down, down, dripping
cool water from the ceaseless stream
life lies within each drop
as it flows
following the natural course
eroding obstacles, barriers
those which seem wholly immovable
too big and impenetrable
the water
in its tender flowing
simply melts away
there is no violence
no anger
no hate
just subtle flowing
perhaps an occasional crashing, tumbling
still it is gentle, almost caressing
Do you see a pattern?
Do you recognize the metaphor?
Do you hear the teaching?

Are you water?


By Wren A. Wynn

A reed grows
The sun setting
Centered in the wake
of fountains of granite and quartz
Sheer rock rises
Plains of grass
Green blades slicing through the wind
Howling cliffs vibrate in song
Sheets of ice
Waterfalls ever changing
Sliding below the mirage of solidness

You will learn the lessons
You will learn the territory
Through the initiation
Where spirit and guides greet you heartily
Shattering illusions of distance, mediation

The actuality of your soul
The revelation of your spirit
Will be heralded
You will find
You have always held the strength
Embrace the journey, embrace your journey
Do not be timid

It will be a glorious day
This rising above the fountains
The sliding of ice
The howling cliff songs
Singing you home


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