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Inspirational Poetry
By Angela Blake

By Angela Blake

A path stretches out before you.
It is lined with trees on either side –
Landmarks of possibilities;
Openings to other paths.

You‘re travelling along this path.
The beginning of it is past,
And the end is nowhere in sight.
The trees glide past you as you move,
But you’re not moving anywhere!
You take steps, but they never move you forward.

You stop.
Taking a moment, you look around –
At the trees,
At the path,
At your feet.
You see where you are.

The trees’ leaves rustle
In response to a stirring breeze,
Pricking your senses,
Clearing your mind.
The winds of change are stirring
and awakening…

…You’re have been going in circles,
Moving within its confines,
Unaware of the world beyond it.

The scent of change
Touches your nose.
And with every new breath,
Your lungs are filled with a gust of emotion
That leaves you breathless
With the realization of wanting more.

The damp earth under your feet
Calls to your spirit inside –
Beckoning it to run.
A shaft of light filters down
Through the leaves –
Suggestively showing a new way.

You take a step,
And you move forward,
With each new step
Waves of emotion wash over you, Fear,

You persevere.
You embrace the feelings.
You experience them.
Discarding one,
And embracing another –
With each new step.

A feeling of lightness
Wells up within,
Radiating from the core
Of your being,

A desire to fly
Stirs within
And with that,
You set yourself free –
From the ground,
From the path,
From confinement –

Into a realm of being

With no more layers to weigh you down,
You take flight
Soaring higher.
An urgency and energy
Grip you from under each wing
And thrust you,
Into a world of new possibilities,
Of a better way of being! …

Angela Blake (1 June 2001)


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