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Inpirational Poetry
By Anne Alexandrou

By Anne Alexandrou

I sensed a faint whisper tonight
and the stillness of it passed over me
not searching for an answer to find the meaning
standing simply in recognition
and so i understand
that in time, all answers would come
even those to unknown questions
contented i stand by the window
feeling the cool night air on my skin
and the dream i havn't yet wished for

did i forget so quickly how it was
how it has always been
did i bury myself so deep in the concerns of the day
that i lost the feeling of touch under my feet
how blissful it is now that you came to remind me
for i will rest peacfully tonight in your care
knowing the promise of the morning light
and feeling you near me.


By Anne Alexandrou

I found a dream yesterday and followed it
the road and I
Gently flowing Unknowing
Quite uncertain
As to where we were going
The road and I
The dream and I
But I was all I knew

I laughed yesterday throwing my head back,
In the warmth of the sun
My father laughed too
And so I knew
That the dream was the dreaming
that the dream was comming true
and so I laughed again
and my father laughed too

I cried yesterday
A crystal tear of joy
and cupping my hand I caught it
and the clarity of the dream flowed through
Eternity in the moment
as inside of me a tiny piece grew
for the piece was the peace
and the dream brought it through.


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