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Inpirational Poetry
By Sharon Harris

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By Sharon Harris 

how nice it will be
someday soaring free
from this weary, pain-wracked body,
plagued by headaches and heartaches.

I don't want this life to end,
but when it must,
I will go gladly.
I know what it will be like:
the part of me that is really me
will lift itself up and out and away.

and, drifting up from my body,
I will look down on the still form
that I've been shackled to for this life,
feeling such relief, such gladness.

no longer confined,
my mind will be boundless,
my spirit free of pains and worries.
how nice it will be
someday soaring free...


By Sharon Harris

in my dreams
I drift
I am not just one person
I do not have then
just one memory of one life

I wander unbounded by time and space
I can fly above the earth
go to any continent
float past Jupiter and touch Saturn's rings
I have such adventures
and do things you cannot imagine

then morning comes
and I go
back to one life
shaking the dreams from my mind

I awake
to these hands
this face

what is my name?
oh yes -- I remember
what must I do today?
where must I go?
I rise and take up this life again
and wonder at the strangeness
of last night's dreams


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