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Inpirational Poetry
By Milena Mathev

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By Milena Michev

In the shrine of my beliefs

You are on a pedestal.

I come back to it three hundred times a day,

Just to make sure you are still there.

Three hundred times a day

I lit candles:

For you,

For both of us,

For our fears,

For my hopes,

For our patience,

For my persistence,

For our sins,

For my inborn dreams,

For our past and my present;

Three hundred times a day

I kill my desire

To give up and let go:

Three hundred times a day

I free my passion

To tie myself to something else.

Unfortunately -

You are still my only companion,

And my only true escape

As you are the only one

To make me peaceful:

My soul,

Enlightened by three hundred candles.


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