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Inpirational Poetry
By Rhiannon Arthur
From her Published book -  The poetry of Rhiannon Arthur
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Book Reviews /The Poetry of Rhiannon Arthur
One could spend forever lost in Rhiannon Arthur's poetry, feeling each line touch the soul and allowing each image to widen inner perceptions of spirituality, vision and love. Some of the poetry is wistful, some is dark, some is light - as life often is. This is a wonderful, soul-stirring and thought-provoking collection of poetry which comes highly recommended to poetry lovers, Pagans and those interested in mystical verse alike. A sumptuous treat. [HK]

By Rhiannon Arthur

In the archives of the soul
Inherent memory runs free
Where the blessings of forbearing
Shed more light on what we see

In dairy of existence
In a language we all know
Nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten
Where we came from we will go

In the slow expanse of time
Blows a curtain in the wind
As we need to, we will find
All the answers there within


By Rhiannon Arthur

In the world of reflection
There are no definite lines
Only the subtle blending at one
That we seek so much
Point of light, no shadow, no form to touch
In the world of reflection
There is no sorrow
Understanding today
Before it tears at tomorrow
In the world of reflection
A lake still as glass
A place in the heart where memories drift past
To long for its image
All it takes to be there
With someone special
Its beauty to share


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