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Alex Grey
Summary: Official site of artist Alex Grey features his detailed paintings of the physical and metaphysical anatomy.

Summary: A site created and maintained by  Mark Harden
The Artchive includes over 2,600 scans from nearly 250 artists

Artist Indexes
Summary: A site created and maintained by Carol Jackson

Himalayan Art Resources
Summary: Resources of the Shelley and Donald Rubin foundation features over 20,000 artworks from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Mongolia. The site presents art from leading private and museum collections, accompanied by scholarship, cataloging and interpretation

Nicholas Roerich Museum
Summary: Nicholas Roerich Museum is a major center for the exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich
and makes available many reproductions of his art and numerous books about his life and work.

VISIONARY ART - Biggest Visionary Art Link on the Web
Summary: International Paintings  and Surreal Art Collective


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