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5 Paths to Spiritual Growth
By Joan Marie Whelan 
Summary: When we discover our calling for greatness in our lives, its important to follow through on our higher voice of wisdom. To help you understand more fully, I am sharing with you the following five important paths to spiritual growth. When you become aware of the paths that we often follow, you are better prepared to walk them with clarity and positive intent.... Read more

5 Practices to Transcend Fear
By Craig Villarrubia
Summary: Fear in most cases is worse than what is actually being feared, hence FDR’s quote “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Nonetheless fear appears very real because of the visceral sensation and mental trauma it fosters.

Five Tips for Gaining Spiritual Development
By Shirley Rieger
Summary:  With spiritual growth you can develop attitudes that help you be more attuned with the essence of the universe to help you find true happiness. You will learn how to flow with the world's currents and trends instead of struggling against it. Work on your spiritual growth today with these five tips for developing the spirit:

6 Great Questions That Will Help You Find Your Focus
By Cari Vollmer, LifeOnTrack (tm)
Summary: Would  you like to know with each step you take you're heading in the right direction? Would you like to narrow your "to do" list down to a few key items and let go of the rest? Would you like to work smarter, not harder?

7 Principles of a Purpose-Based Life
By Brent Nelson & Nikki Shields
Summary: A purpose-based life is one where you bring forth your inner guidance to lead the way in creating your life. Your spiritual vigor and joyful intentions are meshed with your everyday experiences. The people, events, and circumstances of your life are a reflection of your beauty, wonder, joy, and love. The following seven principles are signposts along your life's journey. They are there to remind you of the joy of creating life the way you most want to live it.

7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Live From Heart Consciousness
By Loretta Mohl
Summary: Our Heart centered truth always communicates with us. Never is there a time when it does not MOVE, BREATH and THINK with each of us. We already carry "Heart Centered Consciousness or just a Heart center inside each of us". 

The 7 Levels Of Personal Growth And Consciousness
By Sandra Rodman
Summary: It appears there are seven levels of growth every person on the planet undertakes. 
People on different levels will behave and be motivated in different ways. The seven levels (from the lowest to the highest ) are: 1. *Survival, 2. *Relationships, 3. *Self esteem, 4. *Transformation, 5. *Internal cohesion, 6. *Making a difference, 7. *Service. Although a person will gradually move through upwards through the seven levels, they can access any or all of the levels in any given day.

Ten Basic Rules For Better Living
By Manly P. Hall - (Excerpt from a book with the same title)
Summary: If he can recognize his own abilities and work with them, he can attain personal security. If, however, he is constantly seeking that which is not reasonably attainable, he can never know happiness or contentment. 

26 Principals of Life
By Jason Johns  
Summary: Intuition: Inside of us, a voice speaks and guides us. It is our intuition. We can choose to ignore it or to listen to it. Once we are in tune with our intuition and start to listen to it, we will be guided and will find that we can achieve more than we thought possible.

Accept: The 12 Steps to Purge a Problem
By Fraser Rose
Summary: Whether to fight fat or stress, deal with depression or addiction, correct a family conflict, or just to become a better you, these steps are the way.

Taking Action Is Part of the Manifestation Process
By Enoch Tan 
Summary: "One of the fallacies that people make when it comes to utilizing the law of attraction is that they think all they need for manifestation is simply their intention. That is the reason why many people fail to manifest their intention."

Affirmation Quotes: Use Them To Stay Motivated
By Suzanne Glover
Summary: Affirmation quotes are a great tool to use for staying motivated when practicing any affirmations on your list of affirmations because they remind you that the affirmation process works.

Aligning with True Power
By Ada Porat
Summary: "True power is available to everyone by virtue of their Divine origin. It is the result of aligning with integrity, truth and compassion. "

The Anatomy of a Spiritual Person
By Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 
Summary: To what extend we develop the spiritual or the other two dimensions depends on our environment, upbringing and self-cultivation.  Exceptional indeed are the people who are fully developed as spiritual persons and live their lives on the spiritual plane on a 24-hour basis.

How to Handle Other Peoples Anger
By Michael Atma
Summary: How many times have you been confronted by an angry person, be it a workmate, a customer or a loved one only to feel at a loss for how to handle them without losing your cool? 

Top Ten Ways of Moving Through Anger
By Johanna Vanderpol
Summary: The way to manage anger is by recognizing it as a valid emotion with a purpose. Next time you are angry, look at it as a form of information that has a message for you. 

Are You Part of the Wake Up Crew?
By Keith Varnum
Summary: "Many people living on the planet right now have volunteered to accept the opportunity to play teaching, healing, inspirational and leadership roles during this current planetary transformation.
These assignments have been accepted by the individual's soul prior to birth.
Most folks have a kind of amnesia concerning these agreements."

Are You Highly Sensitive?
By Jenna Avery
Summary: "Do you often feel overwhelmed by your environment or the people around you? Has anyone ever called you shy - or worse: "too sensitive"?....

Asking Empowering Questions 
By Jeanie Marshall
Summary: "Questions guide us in all that we do. Some questions we ask to ourselves; some to others..... 

Aspects of the Soul - The Astral body  - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Dreams - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Energy Protection
From Advanced Psychic Development By Becky Walsh

Aspects of the Soul - The Etheric body - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul: Karma - Explained
By Various Authors

A Definition of Kundalini
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Meditation - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - An Out-of-body experience?  - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Reincarnation - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - The Third Eye - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Self-actualisation - Explained
By Various Authors

Aspects of the Soul - Soul - Explained
By Various Authors
Summary: This is a summary of the various religions view point of the nature of the Soul

Understanding Anger 
By Jim Stempel
Summary: "Both Jesus and the Buddha taught that the truth could set us free, but for many of us truth is an impossibility forever hidden by the elaborate, subversive arrangements of our own anger.... "

The Science of the Antahkarana
By Alice A. Bailey
Summary: "Antahkarana The path, or bridge, between higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication between the two. It is built by the aspirant himself in mental matter....."
From Education in the New Age 

Transforming Anxiety 
By Tarthang Tulku
From a Gesture of Balance
Summary: A guide to Awareness, Self-healing, and Meditation.

The Art of Being Present
Articles By Julie Redstone
Summary: The Art of Being Present comes from a clear heart, willing to engage with life as gift and as an ever-unfolding revelation of the purpose of Creation

Not My Assignment ... if you didn't create it, then it's not yours!      
By Edward B. Toupin
Summary: "Life consists of lessons. Living is continual learning. Therefore, if you take on someone else's issues and responsibilities, or lessons, would that not be classified as cheating?
Are you not cheating yourself out of your own life?..."

Assimilation vs Accumulation
By Steve Davis 
Summary: The practice of getting full nourishment from everything in your life.

How Can your Attention be Utilized as Your Energy?
By Clara Szalai  

How to attract emotionally healthy people   
By Eve Bernshaw  

The Aura: Your Energy Skin
By Francesca McCartney, PhD

How To Be Your Authentic Self
By Beth Densmore
Summary: "Most of us play many different roles in the course of any given day... "

Authenticity: Key to Transformation   
By John Amodeo
Summary: "Should I change myself -or accept myself as I am? Although self-change and self-acceptance appear to be in opposition, they're two essential sides of the same coin of self-transformation..."

Awakening to Values, Intentions, and Destiny
From the forthcoming book - Power and Grace – An Adventure in Awakened Living

Balancing Male-Female Energies      
By Ken Page
Summary: Aspects of Ourselves

Become What you Want to Attract
By Aaron M. Potts

Becoming Free - A Reminder of the Principles of Life
By By Michael J Roads

Seven Behaviors for Creating the Life You Want
By Ron Finklestein 
Summary: "The key to success lies in how well you create an "attitude of success."..." 

Being Fully Human
By Amoráh Ross
Summary: The Final Doorway to Divine Awareness

Being Inspired or In-Spirit In Your Life and Work
By Cheryl Vallejos
Summary: What does this mean? You need to bring some of the energy you experience when you practice your particular Path.

Should You Develop Your Inner Guidance?
By Wendy Kay
Summary: "Each and every person has Inner Guidance skills that vary in terms of  intensity and strength..."

Beginning the Journey    
By Joel Serrano
Summary: "Yearning for more than what we have, we set out on journeys. It can be a journey for money, for love, or for adventure. The journey I want to speak about here, is the journey we must all make if we want the mind, body, and soul to be one..." 

On Being Aware
By Alan Watts
From the Wisdom Of Insecurity (p69-75)

On Being and Becoming     
By Neal Ryder
Summary: Through our spiritual learning experiences... "Any learning experience is a kind of ordeal. The spiritual learning experience is one of a great deal of catalyst and change."

Being Spiritual
Becoming Spiritual & Performing Miracles
By Wayne Dyer
Summary: This article presents 8 beliefs & practices to cultivate in order to manifest miracles in our life. 

By H. Saraydarian
From The Science of Becoming Oneself

Beyond Appearance  
By Nevill Drury 
From The Visionary Human. Mystical Consciousness and Paranormal Perspectives
Summary: "The word 'visionary' means different things to different people. For some it has the connotation of one who is a dreamer, who is out of touch with reality, or who spends time speculating on essentially impractical ideas or schemes."

Our Five Bodies
By Robert Elias Najemy
Summary: "Most of us believe that we have only one body. Most esoteric philosophies, however, teach that we have five bodies. Some claim even more, but usually these extra bodies are sublevels of the five basic ones mentioned below and represented by the five filters in the accompanying diagram."

Body Talk:      
By Johanna Putnoi
Summary: What is Your Body Telling You?

Boundaries and Forgiveness: One at the Expense of the Other?
By Johanna Vanderpol
Summary: "In my life and in other peoples’ lives, I see people wanting to be forgiving. I see them sacrifice their boundaries. I see them thinking that in order to be forgiving, they need to sacrifice their boundaries. I believe that this is flawed thinking..."

Are Your Boundaries Hiding Your Light?
By Ada Porat
Summary: "Are your boundaries protecting you or suffocating you? Boundaries indicate where our no-go zones are: they are intended to define and protect that which is valuable to us..."

Capability (What Can You Do?)
By David Cameron
Summary: "What is capability? What can you do? What is can? You say, "I wish I could do that. But I can't." Sometimes the thing you desire seems most evasive and elusive to you. You may seem to think that you need money or something else that is external to you for you to be able to achieve your desire."

The Seven Chakras - Gates to Freedom
By Savitri Simpson
Summary: "What Is a Chakra? - Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning wheel or circle. In a deeper sense the word describes the whirlpools or vortices of energy located along the central axis of our bodies, in the “deep” or astral spine..." 

Change vs Transition
By Beth Densmore
Summary: "The words change and transition are often used interchangeably. In truth, they have very separate and different meanings..."

Supporting Yourself Through Change & Growth
By Ada Porat

The Art of Making the Right Choices
By Vitae Bergman

Words That Inspire – CHOICE:
By Julie Cohen
Summary: "CHOICE moves you from stuck into action; from uncertainty to decision. CHOICE gives you freedom from ‘what should I do?’... "

Definitions - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience
By Glenys Fallon

How to Increase Your Clairvoyant Ability
By Kate Pusey
Summary: Do we all have Clairvoyant Ability? Many people believe we were all born with psychic or clairvoyant abilities. However as we grow in the world we start to follow the mainstream way of thinking and overlook our potential for clairvoyant or psychic powers.

Are You Codependent or Independent?
By Brian Maloney  
Summary: "Why is it that depending on others to fulfill our self worth is a concept that we all can relate to? Sacrificing what our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and likes or dislikes are, for the betterment of someone else’s...." 

How to Escape Your Comfort Zones     
By Lee Johnson with Albert Koopman
Summary: "We all have our comfort zones – havens of security, familiarity and comfort. But why, you may be asking, should we escape? Surely a comfort zone is our reward for hard work, the place we’ve struggled for so long to get to? The place everyone wants to be? And wants to stay?..."
The Secrets of Unbundling Your Life"

The Significance of Creativity  
By Doug Friedenberg
Summary: "In thinking upon the role of individual creativity in the transformation of the planet, let us first consider and clarify our understanding of the creative process."

Cognizing the Spiritual World     
By Rudolf Steiner
Summary: "Insight into the results of spiritual science comes easier when, in ordinary soul life, you focus on what produces concepts that can be expanded and transformed such that they can then gradually approach the processes and beings of the spiritual world...."
From A Way of Self-Knowledge

Embrace Colour
By Gayle Friedman 
Summary: A on-line series that offers a practical look at the  nature of colour and how we can apply back into our lives, bringing about a sense of inner being and balance. "Embrace Colour" is present by Gayle Friedman from the Sunshine Colour Academy - Cape Town South Africa. 

Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Concentration Powers
By Leon Edward
Summary: If you have the willpower you can easily learn the skill of mastering the power of concentration very quickly.

Connecting Your Head With Your Heart
By Heidi Sawyer 
Summary: Often in life as a sensitive we come across the circumstances where we can so clearly see a way forward for everyone else except ourselves. Whenever I see this happen, I call it the separation between the head and the heart, with neither one talking to the other....

Conscious, Intelligent Self-control       
By Foster Bailey
Summary: "Conscious, intelligent self-control is one of the most valuable assets we can have.
This  is particularly so in this age of confusion when humanity is so rapidly maturing."

By Torkom Saraydarian
Summary: "Courage is psychic energy which leads us to a planned and contemplated act of sacrifice."
From The Psyche and Psychism

Creating A Balanced Life
By Kevin Sinclair

Creativity as the expression of the Soul
By Rene Yohannan

Creative Imagination    
From Esoteric Psychology II (pp 246-249 & 428-430)
By Alice Bailey

Cultivating Your Self-Esteem     
"Your self-esteem is probably the most important part of your personality..."
By Brian Tracy

Cyclic Ebb and Flow
From A Treatise on White Magic (p.242-247)
By Alice A. Bailey

Three Ways We Make Decisions
By Helene Rothschild
Summary: Are you satisfied with how you make decisions? Do you use your logical mind, your feelings, or your intuition? Would you like to make conscious, appropriate and more successful choices?

Decoding the Language of the Soul
By J.E. Gulamhussein
Summary: How does one actually begin to decode or decipher the messages from our soul? Is a soul code even recognizable? Does it sound different from our native language that we use to speak and communicate with or does it sound foreign to our own ears? Is it audible? How do we know?

Gifts of Depression  
From A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.
By Thomas Moore (p137-142)

How to Mastermind your Destiny through Self-Coaching
By ©Michaela Scherr
Summary: "Reading how to books and self-coaching is an excellent way of getting to know yourself, quietly receiving answers you need, or resolving a secret issue you’ve been stuck on..."

By Bill Cottringer
Summary: "One of the most powerful of these transitions you make as a part of the personality vs. soul struggle is the one from doing to being, so you can move from good success to great significance. Oddly, these transitions seem to gradually happen all at once—like taking ten years to become an overnight success."

Notes On Detachment   
From The Science of Becoming Oneself
By Torkom Saraydarian

The Difference Between Knowing and Changing
By Catherine Franz
Summary: "There are seven stages of evolution human beings use to change. By understanding what these stages are and where you stand in the process will allow you to move through change with ease and grace."

The Dual Life of Discipleship
By John R. Haberman
Summary: "The facts of daily life often seem at variance with the principles of spiritual living.
This is the disciple's great problem  how to live as a soul in the world of form, how to practise positive harmlessness."

Dreams....some interesting facts   
* * *

Why Do We Dream? The Meanings of Dream Uncovered
By Gemma Swansburg
Summary: Your dreaming mind might have access to information, interpretation and answers that are not available to your conscious self. Dreams may reveal hidden fears, desires and information that might enlighten or inspire you should you spend them analyzing them. You might uncover hidden ideas that will increase your creativity. Or perhaps they will help you come to terms to stressful and traumatic aspects of your past you have hidden from yourself.

Eastern Methods and Western Bodies 
From Sane Occultism and Practical Occultism in Daily Life
By Dion Fortune

Conflicts Between the Spiritual and Material Ego
By Robert Elias Najemy

By Bill Cottringer
Summary: "A popular catch phrase today is "check your ego at the door."
Actually you really don't want to do that. Sometimes the only thing you have that holds you all together is your ego."

The Ego and Its Opposite
By Richard Blackstone 
Summary: Spirituality information tells us that we live in a world of dualities. One of the primal dualities is our ego and our sacred self. Our sacred self is the voice of our spirit and our ego is the opposite of that. The law of attraction tells us that if we only listened to our sacred self we would live in truth and harmony however our spiritual growth tells us that it is the contrasts in life that make this adventure worthwhile.

Learning To Recognize Your Ego
By Sonia Devine
Summary: "Is your self image controlling your life? Do you often worry about what others think of you? Learn to recognize the ego, and find out the difference between who you thing you are and who you REALLY are."

Eight Steps to Taking Control of Every Situation in Your Life!   
By Terry Rich Hartley, Ph.D.

The Elasticity of a Permanent Body     
By G.R.S. Mead
Summary: "Many confuse the idea of body with notions of shape and form, but I would venture to suggest that form is of the mind while body is of substance."
From Some Mystical Adventures

Embracing Inspirational Awareness: Five Perspective-Changing Benefits
By Melissa Wadsworth

Emotions – How To Understand, Identify and Release Your Emotions      
By Mary Kurus 
Summary: "Living In Peace:  Once you have completed the looking, the understanding, the releasing of your buried emotions, you may find you have become accustomed to being in a more intense emotional state."

10 Tolerations we can get rid of using our emotional intelligence    
By Susan Dunn, M.A 

Avoiding the Five Pitfalls to Becoming an Empathetic Listener
Articles By Joe Love 

Empathic Body Signals
By Avalon De Witt
Summary: "Empathy is the ability to feel other people's feelings. But besides this emotional experience, there is another aspect of empathy that few people consider, and that is the physical." 

By Shale Paul 
Summary: "Contrary to common belief, the most effective control over one's life can be gained in an almost effortless manner. The truly empowered person "has it together", exudes a glowing poise that is apparent to others..." 

Paths to Empowerment
By Diane Brandon
Summary: We hear a lot about empowerment these days. Becoming empowered is regarded as a desirable state to attain -- and definitely a desirable state in which to live one's life. But how do we attain that state; how do we empower ourselves?

Six Deadly Emotions That Can Save Your Life
By Jean Boyd 

Energy - The River Of Life 
By Dr. Rita Louise
Summary: "We are each filled with universal life force energy. It is the essence of our being, our consciousness, our soul. As the flow of life force energy moves through the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, it can become imbalanced, stagnant, or blocked. We experience what is called dis-ease. Disease, as the term suggests, is lack of ease. It is the inability of one's life force energy to flow freely..." 

Masculine Energy verses Female Energy
By Skye Thomas © 2004
Summary: "I have been reading a lot lately about the concepts of masculine and feminine energy. It all sort of goes along with the yin and yang definitions of masculine and feminine. I do not think I need to define the differences for you... The ideas I feel called to address today have more to do with the finger pointing and blame going on in the spiritual communities. Some religions believe in a masculine god and others in a feminine goddess." 

The Nature of Thought Energy
By Dr. Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D
Summary: "Do you believe that your thoughts have energy? Do you believe that a place or an object can retain the energy of the people that have come into contact with it? If you have ever entered an old home and sensed the presence of its previous occupants, or held an antique item in your hands and felt the history of it, then you know the answers."

The Enlightened man   
From The Hidden Glory of the Inner Man
By Torkom Saraydarian

What is Enlightenment & How to Attain It
By Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.

Evolve Yourself   
By Rich Rahn
Summary: "Our lifetimes are spent searching for the center of the maze -- the center of ourselves.
Much of that time we spend running frantically around the periphery of self, not realizing that the hedges we can't see over and that keep us hemmed in, are self made."

Factors That Hinder Spiritual Development
Articles By Shirley Rieger
Summary: Physical health provides a person with stamina, endurance and functional strength. Mental health enhances a person’s verbal, analytic and numerical skills. Do you know what benefits spiritual health provide an individual? Spiritual health allows an individual to achieve a sense of peace, fulfillment and joy. However, there are aspects of the self that may hinder an individual to achieve such enlightenment. Here are five influences that each individual must avoid or overcome.... Read more

Fear & Fearlessness   
By Chögyam Trungpa 
Summary: "Acknowledging fear is not a cause for depression or discouragement. Because we possess such fear, we also are potentially entitled to experience fearlessness. True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear; but going beyond fear."

The Fear of Feeling
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
Summary: "We desire to find the path to peace, joy and freedom. We strive to feel lovable, worthy and secure. We know that if we do our inner work and open to our connection with Spirit, we will feel all of that. Yet we don't. We put it off for days or weeks. We stay stuck in our misery or numbness. Why? What are we so afraid of if we open to learning about loving?"

The Hidden Power In Your Fears
By Avalon De Witt
Summary: "Who wants to be afraid? In every moment, each of us is given the choice to love or to fear. A simple choice, one might think. But in this world, with violence, terrorism, war and disease becoming every day life for so many, is there anyone who hasn't struggled with fear?  

What do you Fear? - Overcoming Fear Part I of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

What do you Fear? - Overcoming Fear Part 2 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

What do you Fear? - Overcoming Fear Part 3 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

Healing our Fears - Overcoming Fear  Part 4 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

Healing our Fears - Overcoming Fear  Part 5 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

Feelings and Attitudes
By Skye Thomas
Summary: "Are feelings and attitudes the same thing or different? Does one cause the other to happen? Which one has more power over how we respond? Does the person experiencing them have any choice in the matter? What if they are in conflict?"

Finding Your Spiritual Gift - Discernment
By Kenneth MacLean 
Summary: Basically, discernment -- other than the obvious practical decisions about the shape, size, and function of physical objects or devices -- comes down to FEELINGS. Discernment is more about paying attention to your inner voice than about analysis.

Finding Our Life Purpose
By Robert Elias Najemy
Summary: "Each of us has incarnated to play a specific. When we find our special role and play it with love, we experience contentment and happiness." 

10 Steps to Forgiveness    
By Diana Robinson
Summary: "For many people forgiveness is one of the hardest steps of all in our progress toward freedom of spirit. Yet it is essential. For as long as we are unable to forgive, we keep ourselves chained to the unforgiven."

Forces of Reconstruction
By M.E. Haselhurst

By Ramana Maharshi
Summary: "If Reality did not exist, could there be any knowledge of existence?
Free from all thoughts, Reality abides in the Heart, the Source of all thoughts." 

Fragile Fringe Phenomena 
By Wilson van Dusen
Summary: "In our gradual descent into the natural depth in man we now enter an area that is less understandable than what came before. We went from the external aspect of one's perceptions of others to the more conscious processes of mind to processes that gradually become more feeling laden and symbolic." - From The Natural Depth in Man

Freedom and the Warrior's Path
By Charles Mitchley 

By Guy Finley
Summary:  "Want to know how free you really are? Good! You're about to be presented with a unique opportunity to learn all about your individual level of inner liberty"

What's Your Frequency
By Darlene Zagata
Summary: While most of us are aware that all energy vibrates, we don't often realize the subtle effects these vibrations have on our entire being...." 

Fusion and Occult Knowledge 
By M.E.Haselhurst

The Garden of Souls and Spirits   
By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
From The Seeds of Happiness

The Gift of Choice 
From The Inner World of Choice
By Frances G. Wickes

The Power of a Glance 
By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
From The Book of Divine Magic
Summary: "The spiritual life begins with the education of the glance. Of course, in this context, the word 'glance' is symbolic, it expresses everything: a glance is a projection of forces, of energies which can be baneful or beneficial, tenebrous or luminous..." 

The Glory of the One
By Mary W. Turner
Summary: "Even those who are 'saturated with the teachings' can experience new revelations and succumb to unsuspected blind spots. Therefore, those who are still painfully picking their way through the extreme fluctuations of the thorny path of discrimination into the heart of the teaching, can be temporarily baffled and lost in the paradoxes with which the wisdom-teaching abounds."

Guide to Losing Your Mind Before You Go Crazy
By Tracy Togliatti

By Joseph Goldstein
Summary: "So in every moment of awareness, wisdom frees us from the contraction of self, because ego delusion is as discontinuous and impermanent as everything else..." 
From Insight Meditation. The practice of freedom

True happiness is unraveling the self
By Mick Quinn
Summary: Are you driven to greatness, but seem to stall just as you begin to make progress? Why does it seem impossible to maintain consistency? One reason is that you may be unknowingly trapped in the best part of yourself.

From The Psyche and Psychism
By Torkom Saraydarian

The Higher Order     
By Evelyn M. Holt
Summary: "Birth is a mystery, and death is a mystery, and in the midst lies the tableland of life, and its struggles and performances."

Highly Sensitive People - Traits and Characteristics
By Rose Smith 
Summary: One in every twenty people is considered to be a highly sensitive person (HSP). This means that either you yourself may be sensitive or someone you know is. 

Trusting the Higher Self
By Sam Stevens 
Summary: "As very few people achieve enlightenment in one lifetime, as the both the subconscious mind, which has a drive to destroy and the conscious mind are very resistant to suggestions from the Higher Self... "

The Power of Absolute Honesty in Spiritual Growth
By Anmol Mehta 
Summary: "Here are the 4 key reasons why honesty can be your best friend on the road to enlightenment." 

Honesty as a Spiritual Practice   
By Carroll Boone

How can you tell if you are on the right Path
By Torkom Saraydarian
Summary:  52 Sign posts on the journey. You are on the right path when you:- Ask yourself the following questions and seek the answers.... 

How to Awaken Love and Compassion   
By Sogyal Rinpoche
From The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

How To Measure Spiritual Growth
By Sean M. Clarke 
Summary:  Spiritual level' denotes a person's spiritual maturity or spiritual capacity. It acts as a scale to define spiritual growth and gives perspective on where we are in our spiritual journey. The higher one's spiritual level, the greater is the amount of God principle manifest in the individual.

The Importance of Taking Time for Reflection
By Susan Leigh
Summary: The Importance of Taking Time for Reflection, is a valuable exercise to take a break in our lives to reflect on the direction our life is taking

Inducing Soul Control and The Urge to Creative Life  
From Esoteric Psychology Vol II
By Alice A. Bailey

The Art of Imperfection
By Jacqueline Wales
Summary: Mistakes. We all make them, but frequently we hold back for fear of screwing up, putting the wrong foot forward, saying the wrong thing, hesitating before taking an action. 

By Anna Ernst
Summary: "Divine indifference, if understood and practised, would have its effects on the attachments which men have to the various group of which they are a part, social, ethnic, religious, political, family ect..."

Initiation and four words defined: Initiation, Wisdom, Knowledge and the Probationary Path
From Initiation, Human and Solar
By Alice A. Bailey

The Inner Dialogue
By Remez Remez
Summary: "Do you talk with yourself? When we hear people talking aloud with themselves we consider it weird. But have you noticed that all people, with no exception, talk silently with themselves? This, we do not consider odd or weird..."

Your Inner Voice
By Dr. Rita Louise
Summary: "Words are thoughts expressed which carry the message of our intentions with them. Our external speech can be thought of as a reflection or external manifestation of our inner programming..."

Integration of the Personality   
By Christopher Tatham
Summary: "It is one thing to talk about the integration of the personality and quite another to achieve it. This achievement is not accomplished by the integration of the known self but must also involve an understanding and clearing of the Unconscious..."

Understanding Your Intentions
By Linda Binns
Summary: setting a clear intention is not only important when you want to accomplish a major goal, it's important to understand the intention behind everything you say or do and to understand what kind of energy you are putting into something

Intention and Tension   
By Frances E. Sparkes

Invocation and Evocation
From The Rays and the Initiations Vol  V pp519-520   
By Alice Bailey

Inward Journey    
By Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
Summary: "Acting on psychic energy is dancing the "dance of soul". Your life becomes a spontaneous flow of movement, carried by the beauty f the transmission. It becomes a life where you are carried from moment to moment with a conscious awareness of the spiritual vibration of divine energy"

A Key to Karma 
By Martha Burleigh
Summary: "The Tragedies that befall us, the pain and suffering we endure are a mystery to us. Why do these things happen to us? Why? That is our eternal question, and well it should be, because by asking why, we will someday find the answers."

Gathering Knowledge: Practical Tips to Actively Absorb Spiritual Wisdom
By Tom Russell
Summary: "How can you get the seeds of knowledge past the intellect’s filters so they reach deeper ground, germinate, and grow?"

Learning to Learn
From If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!
By Sheldon Kopp

Learning to Listen
By M. Tamar
Summary: "We all strive to hear our inner voice. But sometimes there's a lot of static. The cues are confused, subliminal, even contradictory. We're unsure which to trust. How can we integrate and unify these messages? Consider the aspects of your self: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical...."

Questionnaire for Discovering our Lessons - part 1 of 3
By Robert Elias Najemy

Questionnaire for Discovering our Lessons - part 2 of 3
By Robert Elias Najemy

Questionnaire for Discovering our Lessons - part 3 of 3
By Robert Elias Najemy

The Light of the Mind* 
By Colby Dorr Dam
Summary: "Intuitional telepathy is one of the developments upon the path of Discipleship.
It is one of the fruits of true meditation. "

The Art of Good Listening:
By Uzi Weingarten
Summary: "All too often, in spite of our good intentions, we find ourselves responding to others in ways that are not effective. Here are three principles that help us to respond with compassion and effectiveness when people share their feelings with us..."

Live Your Life on Purpose
By Dora Nudelman
Summary: Live Your Life on Purpose. What does it mean to live your life with & on purpose? It means being a conscious creator living your life with intention

The Longest Stride of Soul, Man Ever Took
By Eileen Noakes
From Mind Body and Spirit (Edited by Peter and Bets Parker Albright)

Loving Symbiosis*  
By K. Murray Scott
Summary: *(Biological  the living together in more or less intimate association, in even close union of two dissimilar organisms. The Greek root means living together.)

What is Love ? Part 1 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy
What is Love ? Part 2 of 5 
By Robert Elias Najemy
What is Love ? Part 3 of 5 
By Robert Elias Najemy
What is Love ? Part 4 of 5 
By Robert Elias Najemy
What is Love ? Part 5 of 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

Man, Conquer thyself   
Summary: "The rewards for consciously undertaking a programme of self-development are unspeakably profound..." 
By John Wayfarer and a Guide
From Why am I here?

Man and the Macrocosm  
From The Measure of the Universe
By John Hopkins

The Magic of Serendipity 
By William Cottringer
Summary: "The goal of spiritual growth is to become the best you can be. This process can be greatly accelerated when you learn to tune into and take advantage of the magical moments of serendipity. These are the special moments when life whispers important clues that have to do with you and your journey..." 

4 Little Known Meditation Secrets 
By Matt Clarkson

From Meditation to Contemplation 
From The Mental Body
By Arthur E. Powell 

The Meaning of Life
By Jason Light
Summary: "The Meaning of Life is one of the great mysteries that philosophers and seekers of truth have been searching for over the centuries, the problem being is that the tendency has been to look externally for the answer when all that is needed is to look within..."

The Middle Way
From The Way of Action
Summary: "First we must face it, the dual fact that the right way lies between all extremes and that a million pairs of the opposites divide our interest every moment of the waking day. The duality is inevitable, and inherent in the manifestation in the universe of THAT..." 
By Christmas Humphreys

The Mind/Body Connection
By Sibyl McLendon
Summary: "The strong connection between what we think, what we believe and our health is no longer relegated to being "mumbo-jumbo" by many professionals. Doctors like Andrew Weil have popularised the idea that what we think creates how we feel. Modern society is finally catching up with what aboriginal cultures have always known: Your mind controls your health..."

Mindfulness - For Business People?
By Robert Neely
Summary: (This article is applicable to all who would like to master the art of Mindfulness)

The Two Ways Mysticism and Occultism
By Betty Irene Miller

The Power of Negative Thinking 
By Remez Sasson 
Summary: "For some reason, most people find it easier to think in a negative way than in a positive manner. It seems that some effort is needed to think positive thoughts, whereas negative thoughts come easily and uninvited..."

The Power of Non Resistance 
By William Frank Diedrich
Summary: "When you are non-resistant toward the vision of what you want, your vision runs to meet you..."

Psychic Energy - What It Is?
By Heidi Sawyer
Summary: Every living thing is made up of energy vibrations. Everything has its own 'energy imprint' that is called its vibration. These vibrations have rhythmic patterns that move almost constantly, like the swinging of a pendulum.

Nurturing Your Inner Guidance   
By Wendy Kay 
Summary: "It’s comforting to know that all answers to your life issues are found within yourself. You don’t need external confirmation of your decisions if you learn to trust your Inner Guidance..." 

One Flower Opens     
By Piero Ferrucci
Summary: "At some times in our life a mysterious inner barrier loosens, and we experience directly that which we have been yearning for or vaguely felt or perhaps just heard about  or never surmised at all."
From What We May Be

The Outer Space of the Mind:   
By Swami Radha 
Summary: "Exploring the Far Reaches of the Interior Universe..." 

Pain As A Message
By Shannon Walbran
Summary: "Have you ever been struck by a headache like a lightning bolt? Succumbed to a wave of exhaustion that practically threw you down on the sofa? Or have you had more subtle but insistent pains come up out of nowhere, seemingly disconnected from any physical cause? There is a chance that these
pains might actually be messages from your spirit guides..." 

Five Pathways to Listening to Your Inner Voice
By Claudette Rowley
Summary: "Is your life out of sync with your priorities? /Do you feel like you're a hamster running on a wheel? / Have you forgotten who you are? / If you answered YES to any of these questions, read on. Learn to listen to your inner voice - the essence of who you are - by following these five steps:.."

Finding Peace: A Taste of Mindfulness
Summary: "When we are ill and don’t know it, we are in a state of ignorance or delusion. We don’t view ourselves as sick, so we don’t believe it’s necessary to go to a doctor or take any medication. We fail to recognize our own need for care and support..."
By Deva Ratnakara

Techniques For Accelerating Personal Growth
By Saleem Rana
Summary: "The meaning of life may itself be entirely about personal growth. Enlightenment is the final vision, where you see everything in a whole new light, with the universe and your neighbors as part of a massive conspiracy of beauty, elegance, love, and wisdom..."

The Power of Expectations
By Kathy Gates
Summary: " You can sit around and wait on FedEx to drop off a big box of happiness on your doorstep if you want to. But that's not likely to happen anytime soon. Or you can get up, create an action plan, and get on with your life. It's 100% up to you..."

Written and sent in By William A. Cook
[email protected]
Summary: "Truly good literature offers the reader not only amusement, but a thought-provoking dialogue that helps the reader find enlightenment. Professor William A. Cook, University of LaVerne, English Department, authored Psalms for the 21st Century, which fits the description and more. Here is poetry in the style of the biblical psalms, but finds divinity in each and every living being and seeks peace in the unity of all peoples." Richard Fuller 
Senior Editor www.metarev.com 

What Is My Purpose On Earth?     
Sent in By Mohmood Valimohamed - [email protected]
Summary: At some point during our lifetime, our soul prompts us to ask, "What is my purpose on earth?" We start looking for answers as our curiosity grows.

Different Types Of Psychic Abilities 
By Malcolm Moorhouse
Summary: Do you have psychic abilities? Find out more about psychic ability,clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and esp

Six Ways to Increase Your Psychic Awareness
By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Summary: "Perhaps you already know that you have psychic skills. Or maybe you're just hoping that your ability to know who is calling on the telephone is more than mere coincidence. The truth is that you are psychic."

How To Develop Psychic Powers
By Peter Halpin
Summary: Here's what you need to know about developing your psychic abilities.

Our Natural Psychic Type
By Sherrie Dillard

Pure Potentiality   
By Deepak Chopra
Summary: "The first spiritual law of success is the Law of Pure Potentiality. This law is based on the fact that we are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity..."

The Purpose behind Life's Challenges
By Andrew Schneider
Summary: "Are you often puzzled by what happens in your life? Do you wonder why you have experiences you do not really want?.."

Putting Spirit First: Goals For Your Soul 
By Avalon De Witt
Summary: "If you've ever set very many goals, you've probably had at least one goal that you just can't seem to reach. You can't seem to lose those last, stubborn five pounds. Or you can never seem to get caught up on your bills..."

An Overlooked Responsibility 
By Martha Burleigh
Summary: "Man and the tortoise have more in common that it appears at first glance. The tortoise is a life that lives within a form that is both house and vehicle. Our physical bodies are both our houses and our vehicles..."

Quality in the World of Appearances 
By Alice A. Bailey
Summary: "The quality that emerges through the process of manifesting, and under the impulse of the divine Life, is love, which functions through the medium of the Law of Attraction, with the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis in consciousness..."
From A Treatise on the Seven Rays Vol.1

The Ten Most Powerful Questions for Your Fulfillment
By Don McAvinchey

Why Questions Are The Answer! 
By Garry Zancanaro 
Summary: "Asking questions is one of the most basic ways that we all learn and grow. The questions we ask other people, and even more importantly, the questions we ask ourselves, can have a dramatic impact on our self improvement, success and happiness..." 

The Miracle of Disciplined Questions
By Tim Baird
Summary: "Human being are creatures of selective focus, we don't consciously register everything that exists and occurs in our environment but rather we register only that which we focus on..." 

The Questioning Traveller 
By Torkom Saraydarian

Reactions to the Spiritual Awakening   
From Psychosynthesis
By Roberto Assagioli

Two Realities: Then & Now   
By Evin O'Ryan
Summary: "Unity is a state of mind. To many, it also represents reality, the reality of the Now. Living in the Now, then, is an important part of being real. When you live in this state you are grounded and awake..."

By Olive L. Brown
Summary: "The importance of acquiring this faculty cannot be over estimated. It is the basis of all control. Receptivity prepares the mental attitude for concentration and will..."
From Your Innate Power

Reconciliation of Inner Conflicts - Part 1
By Robert Elias Najemy

Reconciliation of Inner Conflicts - Part 2 
By Robert Elias Najemy

Relationship to Soul Path    
By Shirley Knapp
Summary: "You do direct your souls' travel and density. We have all chosen on a soul level to have certain lessons and experiences in this life, which is your soul path..."       

Relativity of Perfection     
By Lama Anagarika Govinda
From Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
Summary: "LIGHT INCESSANTLY MOVES through the universe, but it becomes visible only when it meets resistance. In the same way consciousness becomes aware of itself only when there is resistance..." 

The Realm of Awakenings    
By Jack Kornfield
From A Path with Heart - A guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life
Summary: "Whenever we come to rest in this perfect balance, whether through meditation or another deep spiritual process, we can encounter yet further extraordinary states of consciousness, spontaneous awakening and profound realizations that come unbidden to the open heart and balanced mind, like grace from the divine or even like lightening..." 

Remembering and Forgetting   
By Alan McGlashan
From The Savage and Beautiful Country

By Giuseppe Filipponio
Summary: "There are many aids to climbing the difficult path and one must know how to find and use them profitably. Among these the main ones are: renunciation, harmlessness and service..."

By Louise Morganti Kaelin
Summary: "Living your life "in integrity" means that your words match your actions which match your beliefs. When you are living your life in harmony with your values, you naturally have more energy. Clarifying what really matters to you, knowing what you stand for, will set you free to live life to its fullest potential..."

From Self-Unfoldment - Disciplines of Realization
By Manly Palmer Hall
Summary: "By means of retrospection we may live again the incidents which have occurred; we may view them impartially; we may read our own actions as from a book. It is possible to see in greater perspective the intimate relationship between cause and effect."

The Rules of the Road  (6)
From Glamour
By Alice Bailey
A discussion by Ernest Suffern

The Secret Place  
By Michal Jeastcott - From The Silent Path
Summary:"The gradual dawning of a new world in our consciousness comes silently.
It is a secret, inner thing which we can never fully share with others  a silent path..."

Seeing the Big Picture
By Lois Grant-Holland
Summary: "Sometimes, in traveling a path, we discover a short-cut, and we reach our destination in less time—and with less effort than we thought, when we began the journey, would be required of us. On the path to self-awareness, however, there are no short-cuts. Personal growth awareness of the person we are in every present moment-is an ongoing lifetime process... "

Seeing Truth Whole     
By Roland Northover
Summary: "Seeing truth whole does not mean seeing the whole of Truth. None of us can do that.
Truth itself is so much greater than those who look at it, who inspire towards it, and who try to reach and grasp it..."

Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement
By Robert Elias Najemy
Summary: "Some fear that if we accept ourselves as we are, that we will have no motive to improve ourselves. There is a small possibility that self-acceptance might cause a few people to loose interest in self-improvement. In most cases, however, it opens the door towards natural change and self-betterment..." 

Self-Discovery: Keeping a Journal
By Suzanne E Harrill
Summary: Self-Discovery-Keeping a Journal, is a good way to get to know yourself, solve your problems, lower your stress level, balance yourself emotionally

Self-Growth: When Everything Falls Apart
By Wendy Betterini   

Know Your True Self - Relationship Between Values And Goals
By Terence Young 

On the Road to Self-Empowerment: 12 Steps to Leading an Inspired Life
By Carol James
Summary: "In addition to needing a strong desire to want to come to understand how one gets the circumstances of their life and how to consciously and deliberately create all that one desires, one must come to understand a good many things about who they are and how life works. Here are some of the things that one must embody before one can completely depend on and trust self for their well-being and happiness:.." 

When Self-Growth becomes Self-Sabotage
Summary: "Many of us invest quality time and energy into our personal development. We buy inspiring books, sometimes with the workbooks or journals that complement them. We discuss psychology with our friends - or we look for friends with whom we can have open discussions on the subject..." 
By Marie-Pier Charron, Life Coach

Self Improvement: Destiny or Journey?
By Eldon Taylor
Summary: "Have you ever asked yourself, “Just how high is up?” or “Just how successful is successful?” or “Just how good is good?” Have you ever thought about the different “Yous” within yourself? Most of us have, at sometime, considered our own path to personal growth and desired to improve upon improvement..."

Beyond The Senses    
By Richard Treadgold
Summary: "There is a subtle, but life-altering difference between our experiencing life the way we normally do, through our identities, and experiencing life the way we could, through our Essence..."

Improving Your Senses
By Dale Power

Work that Works for Sensitive Souls: Six Steps to Transforming Your Career
By Jenna Avery - Life Coach for Sensitive Souls
Summary: Have people always called you “too sensitive?” Do you try to hide it, pretend it doesn’t exist, or work around it as much as possible? 

The Gift and Challenge of sensitivity
By Linda Markley
Summary: There is a good chance that your nervous system, your mind and emotions function differently from other people's. 

Shadow Dancing   
By Robin Robertson
Summary: "A Jungian Approach to Unity with your Shadow Side"
From Meeting Your Secret Self and Becoming Whole

The Shaman's Path - the Adventure of Self Discovery
By Howard G. Charing

The Power of Silence   
By Steven Taylor
Summary: "Modern humans have lost touch with their inner "true self". Silence and stillness are a means to recovering happiness and contentment..."

What is sixth sense? 
From the Spiritual Science Research Foundation

Words That Inspire - SIMPLIFY
By Julie Cohen 

Sleep and Samadhi     
By Sister Devamata - From a Lecture published in The Message of the East.
Summary: "Sleep is generally recognised as essential for replenishment of vital energies. But cannot this be done, at least in part, by other means? By samadhi, for instance, instead of normal sleep?"

Signs Indicating a Spiritual Awakening
By Yvonne Perry
Summary: This list is by no means complete, but these are a few of the more common symptoms that people have reported in regards to spiritual growth. Let's look at a couple of these in more detail.

Solitude: Developing Personal Intimacy
By Dan Hunter
Summary: "Many of us who grew up in neglectful, invalidating, and abusive households never learned to appreciate ourselves. Instead of being taught that we were important, deserving, capable, lovable, good, and valid, we were taught the opposite..."

Decoding the Language of the Soul
By J.E. Gulamhussein
Summary: "How does one actually begin to decode or decipher the messages from our soul? Is a soul code even recognizable? Does it sound different from our native language that we use to speak and communicate with or does it sound foreign to our own ears? Is it audible? How do we know?"

The Sound of Soul
By Sam Oliver
Summary: "Have you ever wondered if soul has a sound? We may experience the sound of soul more than we know. Any time you move your attention to the inner dynamics of what lies behind your body and your mind, your soul will reveal itself to you..."

Five Keys to Tap Into Your Soul’s Wisdom
By Ada Porat
Summary: "Everyone wants to be able to change their lives in some way: to heal something, to initiate activities like an exercise program, to change a personal habit, to find a romantic partner, to lose weight, to get to their highest potential, to develop their intuition, to find their soul purpose... "

Soul - A Work In Progress
By Andrew Schneider 
Summary: The first step is to know ourselves as form, which means to know our personalities. We are making a lot of progress along this line. Our next step is to know ourselves as consciousness, which is the same as knowing ourselves as soul. That is the evolutionary step now facing humanity and ourselves as individuals.

Soul Consciousness and its Social Effects
By  H. Saraydarian
From The magnet of Life a Psychological Key To The Inner Man

Spiritual Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, and the Creative Self
Sent in By Neal Ryder
Healer and certified intuitive counsellor

Your Spiritual Awakening
By Lynn Claridge
Summary: "If you are looking for enlightenment, you may ask yourself where do I begin? There is only one place you can start your journey of enlightenment, and that is your life’s journey. A place you could start is where you are right now..."

Spiritual Awareness as a Healing process    
By George L. Hogben, M.D.
From Spiritual Aspects of the Healing Arts

The Five Benefits of Being Spiritual
By Awdhesh K Singh
Summary: Spiritually is a state of being non-materialistic. A spiritual person does not assess his success from the material achievements or physical possessions.

Spiritual Bonding   
By John Paul 
Summary: "There will be times when someone special will walk into your life and a bonding of the spirits will take place. This means that both people are compatible, and that their inner spirits are harmonious with each other. Because of this, a kinship is started first, followed by deep inner emotional feelings for each other, all because the spirits are harmonious..." 

Spiritual Core Beliefs --What are they?
By D.R. Lawrence
Summary: "There are many things we perceive as a "knowing" and believe it to be so based on that. These things we explain as a "knowing" are core beliefs."

Spiritual Health - 10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy
By Fay Hartwell
Summary: Spiritual health is accepting your body the way it is now and knowing that through the power of the mind, it is possible to think yourself healthier

Spiritual Screening, Discernment and Knowing the TRUTH
By Barbara Rose, Ph.D.
Summary: "Being extremely discerning is something that many more people need to understand with respect to the information they allow themselves to buy into..."

Spiritual Healing Equals Growth and Change
By Monique T Williams 
Summary:Spiritual Healing very specifically brings Source energy into your energetic field to to ease tension and blockages in your energetic system.

Spiritual Ethics
By Mary Phyllis Horn, Med, CMHt, Rev., Shamanic Practitioner
Summary: "How we view ourselves and how we treat others is directly connected to how we view Spirit..." 

Spiritual Growth and Development
By Patrick Meninga 
Summary: Spiritual growth and Development is the process of evolving our consciousness. What does this mean? We can define this evolution in a number of ways.

Four Tips For Handling Spiritual Stress
By JAila Accad
Summary: "A loss of life purpose or challenge to personal identity stresses the human spirit."

Spirituality - Practical Spiritual Steps - Know Yourself to Know Inner Peace
By Ilenya Marrin 
Summary: Have you been wondering who you are beyond the various roles you play in life? Would you like the inner peace that comes from knowing who you really are at depth? Would you like the spiritual assurance, loving and joy that arise from being at peace with your real Self?

By Judy Marshall, Ph.D. www.psychmaster.com

The Qualities of a Spiritual Life
By Jose Bulao
Summary: The first quality of a genuine spiritual life is its inner dynamism. This is because the source of this life is from within the person

Spiritual Weight Lifting
By Robert Elias Najemy

Four Steps to Spiritual Growth
By William Rand 

Spirituality vs. Prosperity    
By Lauri Cloud
Summary: "Prosperity is a gift already given to you from the universe. It swirls around you like an eddy in a river. It is abundant and available for the asking."

Finding Spiritual Guidance    
By Marie T. Russell
Summary: "There is no "right" way to attune to your spiritual guidance. The right way for you is whatever works for you. We are all each unique, and we may each have a unique way of connecting with our guidance..." 

Spiritual Psychology of Work    
Robert Sardello
The Symptomatology of Work - From The School of Spiritual Psychology

What is Being Spiritual?
By J Finnis
Summary: Being Spiritual does mean acknowledging that we're already a small piece of Spirit incarnate, and trying to understand more about what this means.

The Stage of Contemplation
By Alice A. Bailey - From Intellect to Intuition
Summary: "mystics, as a general rule, drift to and fro between moments of high illumination or of vision, and "the misty flats" of intense feeling and longing. They are either undergoing the joy and ecstasy of realization that lasts but a fleeting moment..."

Three Stages in Spiritual Growth    
Summary: -)A  Working Knowledge of Duality.
Summary: -)The Soul-Personality Relationship.
Summary: -)The Emergence of the Subjective Aspect is Our Goal.
By Ezra Merrill

States of Consciousness    
By Jorge Waxemberg
Summary: "Everyone wants to unfold, but we cannot always do it because we do not clearly know what this process entails.The first thing for us to do is to recognize our state of consciousness. This recognition is the fundamental basis for our point of departure and is the direction for our unfolding..." 

By Rinatta Paries 

Creating Timelessness   
By Von Braschler
Summary: "Becoming a master of time and space requires a change in personal perspective. To experience timelessness, you need to focus intently on the moment at hand." 

Aspects of the Soul: Telepathy
Summary: "The psychic phenomena by which communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication. Such communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. Telepathic descriptions are universally found in writings and oral lore. In tribal societies such as the Aborigines of Australia telepathy is accepted as a human faculty, while in more advanced societies it is thought a special ability belonging to mystics and psychics. Although not scientifically proven, telepathy is being increasingly studied in psychical research..."

Striking Implications of Tension   
By M. E. Haselhurst

The Techniques of Thinking Through and Speaking 
By A Teacher

TIME: Obstacle? Opportunity?     
By M.E. Haselhurst
'Learn to do something else with time besides organise it and use it . . .'

The 5 Timeless Principles Of Living a Fulfilled Life 
By Deon Du Plessis 

Touch and its Overtones   
By M.E. Haselhurst
Summary: "Some significances attached to the sense of touch. By its means men can reach out, even in silence and darkness, to make contact with the world in which they live and to establish relationship between themselves and their fellows..."

Touching a Moment   
By Howard Gontovnick
Summary: "Do you recall ever having an experience when you felt as if you were immersed in a very powerful state of mind – something akin to a feeling of oneness with the universe? It might have been the kind of experience that even moved you to tears or heightened your emotions so that everything seemed to make sense; meaning you felt good and suddenly aware that everything would be fine. Does this seem familiar to you?... "

Transcending the Cosmic View: Beyond the Veil   
By Michael Lamas
Summary: "You embrace the Cosmic view whenever you see that everything is passing......."

Transcending Mass Consciousness 
By Frances Segraves
Summary: "On level after level, on plane after plane, we are immersed in mass consciousness, and we struggle repeatedly to emerge onto solid ground. We are involved, to become evolved..."

Transition and Transformation    
By Alexandra Hepburn
Summary: "As a therapist and educator who works with people in transition, I have found it useful to make some distinctions among different kinds of change. Yes, life is full of change; life is flux..."

Treading the Path    
By M.E. Haselhurst
Summary: "In their own way, and time, and circumstances, all men are treading the Path, because all are sparks of the one Divine Life and will eventually demonstrate that Oneness..." 

Seven Uplifting Strategies to Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life
By Lauren E. Sullivan

The Universe, The Planet, The World, And Man  
From The Sayings of the Ancient One
By P.G.Bowen

The Value of an Ideal   
From A Study in Consciousness
By Annie Besant

Vertical and Horizontal Living
By M.E. Haselhurst

Vertical Telepathy  
By Roberto Assagioli, M.D.
From Transpersonal Development
The dimension Beyond Psychosynthesis

Let Vision Come  
By Djwhal Khul
From Discipleship in The New Age
Vol. II pp 289-294

How Clear is Your Vision?
By Garry Zancanaro
Summary: Visualisation is an invaluable skill to develop to enhance success and achievement. Why? Because almost every human achievement and creation throughout history was first enacted or created in the mind of a man or woman. A clear vision of exactly what you actually want is an essential step for any person serious about bringing their dreams to reality. 

Vision - Prophecy - Inspiration 
By Florence C. Peck
From A Journey in search of Ourselves

Seed Thoughts on Visualisation 
By H. Saraydarian
Summary: "Visualisation is a high sensitivity on the mental plane. It is the radar which catches the waves in space and records them upon the mirror of the mind..."

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali   
An interpretation by Charles Johnston

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali
Translated by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl from The Light of the Soul:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Alice A. Bailey 

The Vision of Spirit     
From The Poetry of the Invisible
By Syed Mehdi Imam

By Michael Angier 

Ten Ways To Bring Spirit To Your Relationships
By Avalon De Witt
Summary: Whether you want to deepen your marriage, attract a mate, or just get along better with your boss, it always helps when you bring Spirit into your relationships. Many times we get caught up in "taking care of business" in relationships and we go through the motions, forgetting all about Spirit.  

By  Erica Wang

Ways to Grow Consistently   
By Shale Paul
Summary: "Personal growth seems to occur in spurts. We gain a little, lose a little, surge ahead our slide into a holding pattern where in growth seems to be stagnated. Here are ten ways to get back on track..."

What Calls You?
By Claudette Rowley
Summary: "We all know people who have known from birth almost that they had a calling - to be a dancer or parent or salesperson. A calling that had a life of its own, a force that was so strong they couldn't resist it. Here's the truth: We all have a calling, several in fact."

What is a Life Purpose?
By By Michelle L. Casto   
Summary: "The word purpose means to have intentional results. When we are on purpose, we are making a conscious effort to be or create something." 

What is Wisdom?
By Cyril Upton
Summary: It is probably the oldest question on Earth, upon the answer to which men have ferociously disagreed since the dawn of thought, and by which an evolving universal consciousness, if such a phenomenon exists, may well, itself, be tormented.

What's Your True Value
By Linda Binns
Summary: You may feel that you value yourself highly, and hopefully you do. But there are many things we do, say and think that tell a different story

Within You   
By Judi Singleton
Summary: "Your outer life is but a reflection of your inner life. If it is full of strife you can change it. Just change the strife within. Many times we forget this and struggle in the outer world to create what we would have..."

Why am I here? 
From Antidote To Fear
Summary: "Viewing This Pattern Of ever-widening realms of consciousness and realisation it must gradually dawn upon us that there is no limit set to what we can, each one of us, achieve, except that limit impose upon ourselves..."
By H.K. Challoner & Roland Northover

The New World Religion - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process
By Alice A. Bailey - From The Externalization of the Hierarchy "
Summary: "The new world religion must be based upon those truths which have stood the test of the ages..."

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