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Six Ways to Increase Your Psychic Awareness
By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. 
Summary: Perhaps you already know that you have psychic skills.Or maybe you're just hoping that your ability to know who is calling on the telephone is more than mere coincidence. The truth is that you are psychic..... Read more here

4 Ways to Find Answers to Life's Questions Using Intuition     
By Lynn Robinson
Summary: Learn to listen to your intuition and learn from it by tuning in to these four cues..... Read more here

8 Steps to Developing Your Intuition
Summary:The premise of intuition is: that intuition is a mode of awareness of our Soul The good news is you can be taught this skill. Its not hard actually once you know how..... Read more here

From an interview with Thomas Condon
Summary: Intuition is a lot like dreaming. We don't know how we do it, but we do it. Intuition is knowing something - but not knowing how you know it. Intuitive knowledge comes to us spontaneously and directly, without the use of reason or logical thought..... Read more here

Art of Following Intuition  
By Shakti Gawain
Summary: Listening to, trusting, and acting on your intuitive inner guidance is an art. Like any other art or discipline, it requires a certain commitment..... Read more here

Awareness & Intuition
By Nancy C. Pohle and Ellen L. Selover
Summary: The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive maybe the result.....Read more here

Intuition, therefore, brings with its appearance three qualities:
From Glamor - A World Problem By Alice A. Bailey
Summary: Understanding involves contact with life as an integrated personality, plus egoic reaction to the group purposes and plans. It connotes personality-soul unification, wide experience, and a rapid activity of the indwelling Christ principle. Intuitional understanding is always spontaneous. Where the reasoning to an understanding enters, it is not the activity of the intuition.....Read more here

Definition of the Intuition
From Intellect to Intuition By Alice A. Bailey
Summary:This immediate access to Truth is the ultimate destiny of all human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself will lie as much below the threshold of consciousness as the instincts now do.".....Read more here

Developing Intuition
By Steven Gillman 
Summary: Developing intuition starts by realizing you have it already. If you've ever had a hunch about something, that was intuition. Intuition is just your mind using more than what you are consciously aware of.....Read more here

Exercises to Develop Your Intuition
By Irene Martina
Summary:There are 7 steps that you can use to strengthen and exercise your intuitive abilities and give your life focus.....Read more here

Finding Your Intuitive Self
By Robin Newman
Summary: Everyone is intuitive - doesn't matter who you are we are all born with a varying degree of intuitiveness.....Read more here

Five Times to Trust your Intuition
By Sherrie Dillard
Summary: When listened to, your intuition can be a remarkable tool for juggling all of the demands which greet you each day. Intuition can be defined as knowing something without any logical and rational explanation as to how you know.....Read more here

Harness Your Intuition 
By Irene Martina
Summary: How to Harness Your Intuition. So how do you learn to harness your intuition? Intuitively you sense information in 5 different ways.....Read more here

How to Identify Your Intuitive Style
Summary: It helps your intuition be more detailed and clear when you identify your intuitive style. You likely use a few different styles, but it will help if know your primary style. By focusing on your strength you can better find intuitive techniques that match you.....Read more here

How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Intuition
By Judith Orloff
Summary: My approach to transforming fear has two stages. First, take stock of what makes you afraid and distinguish irrational fears from legitimate intuitions. Second, take appropriate steps to heed protective fears and transform the others with courage.....Read more here

Intuition and Energy
By Marie C. Barrett 
Summary: Everything is made of energy. The primal level of energy of which we speak here is unformed universal potential energy. Creative intelligence manipulates energy to give form to thought. This essence energy is the stuff of which the universe is made.....Read more here

Summary: From  The Catholic Encyclopedia..... Read more here

Summary: Every one of us possesses the faculty, the interior sense, that is known by the name of intuition, but how rare are those who know how to develop it!.....Read more here

Intuition Definition
Summary: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. "The word 'intuition' comes from the Latin word 'intueri', which is often roughly translated as meaning 'to look inside'’ or 'to contemplate'. For this reason, it has been the subject of study in psychology, as well as a topic of interest in the supernatural. The "right brain" is popularly associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. Some scientists have contended that intuition is associated with innovation in scientific discovery. Intuition is also a common subject of New Age writings.....Read more here

What is Intuition and How Do I Use it?
By Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.
Summary: Intuition is an incredible resource and gift that we have been given to help us live our best life.".....Read more here

Intuition: The Most Trusted Guide
By Isaac E. Nwokogba
Summary: As you're passing by the phone in the house, you stop suddenly, not knowing why, and look at the phone with a strong feeling that it is about to ring.....Read more here

What is Intuitive Healing? 
By Judith Orloff, M.D
Summary: Intuitive Healing means getting in touch with your heart to hear your intuition, then using that information to heal.".....Read more here

Intuition: Intuition and Psychic Energy - Where Do They Come From?
By Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
Summary: It is easier to train your senses to notice your intuitive impulses if you have an understanding of where those intuitive flashes originate.".....Read more here

By David A. Burnet
Summary: Intuition is a way of knowing, just like any other source of information; 
and because we can misunderstand or misinterpret...reality testing is useful.".....Read more here

By Paul Bernstein, Ph.D.
Summary:  Intuition is defined for the purposes of this analysis as: the appearance in the mind of
accurate information about the external world, which can be shown to have come not through the
five senses, nor through a rearrangement of stored memory contents. Forms of intuition obeying this
definition have been explored scientifically under such labels as telepathy, precognition,
presentiment, and remote viewing. This paper summarizes those scientific findings, and presents a
few theories which have been hypothesized to explain them. Those theories are largely based in
theoretical physics, including quantum non-locality, holography, and complex space-time. Related
biological theories are also cited, which propose to explain how information might move from the
subatomic level up into.....Read more here

Intuitive Sexuality
By Sherrie Dillard
Summary:  Intuitive Sexuality describes the way that we relate to energy and this includes sexual energy. It is as innate and common as your other five senses.....Read more here

Intuitive Thinking: What Is The Definition Of Success? Part One
By Deborah Hill - To view part two - Click here
Summary:Intuitive Thinking: Each person has their own their definition of success, but within these there will often lie some important relationship questions.....Read more here

Intuitive Thinking:What Is The Definition Of Success? Part Two
By Deborah Hill - To view part one - Click here
Summary:Intuitive thinking and the definition of success. How intuitive thinking can improve our lives and our relationships, with some important guidelines.....Read more here

Listening Within: The Awakening of Intuition
By Julie Redstone
Summary:This inner knowing is what we call intuition. It takes place in silence and in the presence of inspiration that arrives from another level that often requires asking and waiting.....Read more here

The Mode of Awakening the Intuition
From  Glamor - A World Problem By Alice A. Bailey
Summary:There are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, 
and one of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols.".....Read more here

On Inner Work, Intuition and Love
By Craig Chalquist
Summary: Throughout most of recorded history the idea of becoming who you are has drawn blank stares. People ask: become who you are? Don't you do that automatically anyway?".....Read more here

The Purpose of Education
From Intellect to Intuition By Alice A. Bailey
Summary: Perhaps in the turning of the great wheel of life, we are due again to revert to the ancient method of specialized training for the special individual - 
a reversion which will not involve a discarding of mass education.".....Read more here

Sensor or Intuitive: The Forest or the Trees? 
By Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger
Summary: Each of us has the ability to use both Sensing and Intuition, and all of us do use both every day. But we have a natural, inborn preference for one over the other.....Read more here

Seven Ways to Improve Your Intuition
By Mark Piecha
Summary: Our intuition is one of our strongest abilities. This power within us is akin to a sixth sense. A sense not easily nor readily measured by the five senses. Some even say that it is our connection with the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the collective knowledge of all of us.....Read more here

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition 
By Lynn Robinson, M.Ed
Summary: Your intuition can contribute "quick and ready" insight. Too often we discount the role of intuition in decision-making. Begin to pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you; it could lead directly to positive changes in your life.....Read more here

Trust Your Intuition
By Jan Marie Dore
Summary: Intuition is a clear knowing, an insight. It is knowledge gained without factual, rational or logical information. Listening to the voice of your intuition is a way to access the power of your subconscious wisdom.....Read more here

Tuning in to Intuition
By Andrea Hess
Summary:  How do I know it's really my intuition talking? How do I know I'm not just making things up?" This is one of the biggest concerns many of you seem to have when it comes to accessing your own intuition.".....Read more here

What is Intuition?
By Tal Shai 
Summary: Intuition is a sixth sense. It is an experience and a deep knowing that transcends our five senses and informs us of the many energetic realms that exist and affect us at all times.....Read more here

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