5 Practices to Transcend Fear
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Fear is not real...

From A Course In Miracle’s perspective fear is the result of our making - “God is not the author of fear. You are.” says the course. And unlike God, what we make is illusory. Fear is a response to a perceived threat. But threat can only be made to our ego and by our ego, not Spirit. Therefore fear is a product of the ego’s mental construct - it is always in anticipation of something “bad” that may happen (in the future.) But it is never an accurate assessment of the present moment. Which when properly perceived is always perfect.

However, if and when action needs to be taken it should be taken from guidance of Spirit not fear. Spirited guidance is poignantly demonstrated in many heroic stories - where when the hero is asked “How did you do it?” the response is “I don’t know, without thought it felt like the right thing to do - it was a miracle.”

Fear in most cases is worse than what is actually being feared, hence FDR’s quote “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Nonetheless fear appears very real because of the visceral sensation and mental trauma it fosters. 

That said, when viewed without judgement it’s just an emotion. Like many before and certainly many after, it too shall pass. The following are 5 practices inspired by A Course In Miracles to help dispel the distress that fear may engender:

1.Prayer-Regardless of our faith (or whether we are course students or not) prayer is accepted as a core practice in communicating to Higher Intelligence (God.) A Course in Miracles says that prayer is the medium of miracles. And regardless of the situation and fear we hold we are most certainly entitled to miracles. Pray for one and expect it.

2.Listen for Guidance- Ask and listen for guidance from Spirit (Higher Power.) Remember to listen attentively and await answers. Remember that every circumstance that unfolds is for your highest spiritual learning - you cannot make a mistake when you’re guided by Spirit (instead of ego/fear.)

3.Forgive-Forgive the situation. To forgive is to overlook, simply allow. This doesn’t mean we don’t take action if that is what we are inspired to do, however it does mean that we don’t “fight” what has already occurred and/or is senseless use of energy. We surrender the situation to a Higher Authority and trust the self-correcting nature of the Universe.

4.Let Go-Sometimes we think we know what the best outcome is for us, but the course would teach us that we don’t. Lesson 24 “I do not perceive my own best interest” teaches us that in order to learn this lesson we must be willing to give up what we believe should happen. Our limited positionally and perspective could never compete with God’s - who knows past, present and future from every angle. Let Him decide for you. 

5.Presence-There is no denying the appearance fear and it isn’t always easy to work through. However we are NOT our fear, we are what observes it. Our responsibility is to the moment. Take one day at a time by taking each moment at a time. Fear is always about what we believe may happen, not what’s actually happening NOW. Be vigilant about the accuracy of your thoughts and stay present. 

When low of faith, lean on mine. Blessings, Craig

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5 Practices to Transcend Fear

5 Practices to Transcend Fear from Awakening Intuition

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