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Giving thanks for your presence on the web - Ngozi - USA

I am in awe of this website. I was followed on Tumblr by this & follow it, checking every few days. The amount and quality of spiritual, personal growth, insightful, beneficial articles on this site is amazing! I always lose track of time on here, I just want to keep reading, learning, growing. I've been on my soul-searching journey for some years now, and am strongly connected to my higher self, becoming more&more of me all the time. I'm glad I found this site, now, at the right time. I love reading and sharing inspirational, spiritual quotes and the way they're all set up here, found both by topic and author is great. As you can tell I am so impressed with this site, and it's contributing to my growth. 
Thank you - Michelle - Belfast

Thank you for such a beautiful, resourceful website! - Alma - Switzerland

Clicked "intuition" on a website.  Started with Ousbensky, found SentientSynergy, first.  Found a lifetime's empowerment with this site?  Thank you in advance - Pat Terry  USA

This is a great resource for awakening humanity -thanks! I am a ghost writer of esoteric symbology articles worldwide, and I will be citing your website - Chris Gardiner - USA

I just found your site and I'm loving it so far! I haven't dug in too deep yet but would love to see some information / articles on Indigo's...especially in regards to our purpose at this time and the 5th dimension. 
Best to you and your site always! Bonnie Kilbourn - USA

I truly think that this website is one of the top best I have came across. So far I have ONLY came across flawless information of 100% accuracy. Really amazing, please keep it going! That is the whole reason I'm signing up :) Ryan Lopez - USA

Enjoy learning what the energy is doing. Your updates usually confirm what I am going through and teaching, thank you for sending them. Kathryn Moravec

I really appreciate the films and videos available on this site.  They are very inspirational offering expansnion possibilities in conscousness and spirtual development. Thank You! Marih Alyn-Claire USA

It is always such a highlight to receive your newsletter and browse through it. I feel like a child opening a lucy packet when I find your e-mail in
my inbox. L D Atterbury - South Africa

Your website, and the information contained on it, is so valuable to my recovery.  It helps me stay both centered and balanced. Thank you so very much~ Love and Hugs Donna Wallace - USA

It's great to come across a website which has alot of info on self empowerment not only that but works as a guide to things you already knew to be true.
Dinora Pedestal - USA

Thank you for this site, I have been living in UK for past 4 years, but never forget the spiritual power in SA, every day I remember the voice that calls me back to my spiritual path. Now I am excitedly listening to it again, and with the guidance of other like minded souls, I will find my true life path. Thank you, and keep loving SA, I send my love and gratitude to all the people who have been there at the moments when a stranger can appear, almost like an angel, to light something inside of me, without questioning or rationalising it this time, I will just experience other people, as they are there for me. I am getting better each day, seeing the beauty in everyone really helps! Thank you, Celia Graham - UK

This is a wonderful work. It is a great service to the wisdom of all nations. This is the work which Masters of wisdom like. wisdomteachingtemple.org
Raju Chsn - India

I have just recently started a journey of enlightenment & spirituality.  It has led me to many new ideas and schemes for development.  One was a session where I had my aura read.  I was told I had a tremendous amount of intuition and that I was stiffling it; I needed to trust and learn to use.  Another event led me to understand my animal totem is an owl, which also brings up intuition and wisdom.  I am just trying this to see where it takes me.  Thank you for your web-site. JW - USA

Love the mix of articles. Validating and uplifting, yet practical. Thank you!
Sue Hall - USA

Intuition was the best site i came across with lots of free E-Books /Sacred Text with lots of Information. I will inform and recommend all my friends regarding your website. Francis. J. - Dubai 

Never signed up for a weekly newsletter before. I intuited that it will be ok, actually more than ok, I intuited that Iain mission in this lifetime is to share. And that I should openly receive without needing to feel any regret or hesitancy. As it is part of his Karmic duty to give in this lifetime. I sense a very pure intention from this site unmotivated by personal glorification like someother sites. I am very happy I have found this place. thank you. Peter M - USA

I just wanted to send you a great big thank you for the weekly Awakening-Intuition news letters this year. I have so enjoyed receiving them and reading so many interesting topics. With such valuable resources, I feel they have added much to my journey. I look forward to future articles. Thanks you once again for what would seem a tireless effort that you put into these news letters. Know that they are making a difference across the globe. Kind regards C. AUSTRALIA

Greetings form Alabama USA. Just came accross your site and want to thank you for sharing your wonderful messages. Reading them made thie big world feel a little smaller -
in an expansive way :-) Warm regards, N.M - USA            

I appreciate the quality of articles that you have and usually fine something new that is benifical to me. Thank You. P.W - USA

Hey - I received my first intiution update last week and I loved it. Looking forwrad to receiving more. - B.P - Australia 

I, for one, very much enjoy READING your articles that you post Ian.  Do keep them coming ... I know it takes a bit of Work to organize everything ... but it's very important.  I save the ones that I know I want to reflect on later on ... in a special folder and then I re-read them about once every 6 weeks!!  It serves as a powerful reminder of 'my role' in helping shape the Future for this planet and people.  Thanks!! - A.P - Canada

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I love your website, it's fantastic and yet simple and easy to understand. I've been searching for information about intuition, soulfulness, spiritual counseling, etc. and your site is very helpful in these areas. I'm so confused about our crazy world and what's happening in it, I just don't know where to turn for peace of mind anymore. Thanks again for your wonderful site and Bless You Always whereever this life takes you. - B.F - USA

I'd like to thank you for preparing and sending us the March 15 issue of your newsletter. While I always find a lot of value in each newsletter, the current one is especially meaningful and helpful. Each article was clear, concise and educational, and the excerpt from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying gave me a measuring stick for my progress in my own journey. Thank you! - K.J - USA

Thank you for the positive energy and tranquility I get from your communication. -
B.E - South Africa

Your newsletter is the bomb!!! Deep Truth affirmations, and revelation of aspects as yet not remembered. - A.G - South Africa

I have been looking for a mind- body connection article for months now.  Whoo nice to finally have something! - W.B - South Africa

A friend had me included on your mailing list & I am just so inspired. Attempting to become a more positive and confident person can be quite difficult if one has been..as I call it ..“Down in a hole” for sometime.  I am so happy to say I believe I can see that daylight and your newletter has been a great help to me. Thank you ! - C.S - Australia

Thank you for sharing those lovely words with me - they arrived at the perfect time, but then, they always do, don't they! -  M.D - South Africa

Have just come across your website and it was just what I wanted.  Your information has helped me a lot in the preparation of a presentation I am giving to some students of mine (yoga). I feel it is very important to  alert people to this wonderful dimension that we are all capable of linking with.  Thank you again and l will keep in touch. - J.J - Australia

Keep the newsletters coming. Especially enjoyed the inspiring piece on serenity and  tranquility in a world we don't always understand - passed it on to my teacher & colleagues. - G - South Africa

Thank you for your interesting and inspiring newsletters.  They are just great !  I want to particulary thank you for the article "Are You Highly Sensitive" which was truly life changing for me.  Now for the first time I can truly  understand and accept myself for who I am.  Thank you and keep up the good work. - L.H - South Africa

Wow! A site devoted to developing intuition! I am working on myself as I am completing my Master's degree in Social Work. I know intuition will serve me working with clients.
Thank you for this. - P - USA

I was surfing the web & happened upon your most excellent website.I am beyond interested in intiotion & clairaudience.I have experienced both and want so much to learn more about them.I have signed up for your weekly newsletter & am excited about this new journey I am about to take. - A.P - USA

Many thanks for a wonderful site. It has been an excellent source of inspiration, and also put me onto many new books and authors - a big help. - S - Zambia

As a Teacher I found the contributions interesting and enlightening. Spiritual dialogue feeds awareness, questions perceptions and begins many new journeys. An excellent site, to which I shall refer my students. Ven. Choulee Zen Master - Mijnsheerenland - The Netherlands

I will be giving a workshop on the Celestine Prophecy soon and will further reach beyond the movie and book to explain much of the message it holds. One of which it 'INTUITION'. I just found your site and think it is marvelous. I'm glad I signed on for your Newsletter -  A - USA

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