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Recommended by the Awakening Intuition Network. Iain Macdonald
--  Book Review: Advanced Psychic Development By Becky Walsh   (£9.99)
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Advanced Psychic Development
By Becky Walsh
Advanced Psychic Development by Becky Walsh is a great sourcebook for practicing psychics and anyone wanting to inform themselves about advanced psychic development. Becky Walsh writes in an engaging manner, covering both the practical and spiritual aspects of being a contemporary psychic. She outlines good energetic guidelines for psychics, case studies, how to set up a psychic practice and gives  useful pointers arising from her experience on how to interact with clients.
Iain A. Macdonald - Awakening Intuition Network (
Extent: 176 pages  Size: 51/2x81/2 inches  216/140mm
Paperback  Carton qty:
First published 2007 / New Age/Paranormal

Serious as well as popular opinion of psychics and mediums is changing. No longer only gypsy fortune tellers or remote mystics, they are now part of mainstream culture. Here is the guide book for this new generation.

In learning to unlock and use our innate intuitive ability we can become better partners, parents, friends and work colleagues. We become better communicators, and better listeners- both verbal and non-verbal. Expanding psychic ability isn't just about becoming a psychic, whatever that means; it's about reaching your potential, getting in-tune with yourself and being the best person you can be.

There are many psychic development books on the market, but the vast majority are aimed at beginners. This is the psychics' bible, whether you want to tap your intuitive potential for everyday use or whether you are already a professional. The skills detailed in it can transfer to any relationship, any situation. These are not party tricks, they are life skills.

Author: Becky Walsh is a popular psychic medium, teacher and counsellor, appearing regularly on radio and TV.


With Advanced Psychic Development, Becky Walsh has crafted a tutorial for glimpsing 'oneness' from which anyone on a journey of self-discovery might benefit. Punctuated with delightful anecdotes of 'lives-in-progress' and the real-world challenges we all face, this book is a reminder that each of us has the choice to either honour or repress our most authentic human emotions -- and that the antidote to fear is always love.  Both reflective and practical, it serves as the best friend you may have always wanted, inviting you to 'look in the rear-view mirror' when you most wish to see the truth:  'happiness' is a question of perspective, 'lack' is nothing more than a belief, and -- at the quantum level of our existence -- everything is energy. Max Eames, Psychotherapist and author of Wealth Mechanic

Becky is an excellent communicator and speaks an easily comprehensible language. As her Psychic Show co-presenter on LBC 97.3, I have been wowed by her insight and ability to bring her skills to a wide audience. This book gives a comprehensive explanation of psychic ability any skeptic and believer alike could understand. It is the bible for anyone with an interest in the subject. Chris Hawkins, LBC 97.3 & BBC 6Music

Becky is a talented, versatile and engaging medium and teacher. This book is a comprehensive and advanced manual for anyone seriously interested in awakening, developing and training their psychic abilities. It should interest anyone wanting a deeper understanding to energy work and a stronger connection to spirit. I believe the tools and information in this book will help you become more effective and successful in life. Steve Nobel, a director of Alternatives and author of The Prosperity Game

This is a wise, insightful, heart-centred and above all, practical way-shower for anyone who is committed to their own psychic development and using their gift in service to others. Becky shares with honesty and humour her own extensive experiences of being a professional psychic. And she offers a wealth of practical advice and energetic exercises to help the reader. This is a book I heartily recommend! Dr Jude Currivan PhD, author of TheWave, The 8th Chakra

Well written, serves as the best friend you may have always wanted. Provides a comprehensive explanation of psychic ability that any sceptic and believer alike can understand. Mercury

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