Affirmation Quotes: Use Them To Stay Motivated
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Affirmation quotes are a great tool to use for staying motivated when practicing any affirmations on your list of affirmations because they remind you that the affirmation process works. Many people, however, leave out these types of quotes from their daily positive affirmations list and solely focus on just one category of affirmations or positive phrases. This article explains why including affirmation quotes and many other types of affirmations is valuable.


When you think of a motivational affirmation, what comes to mind? Usually something like, "I'm motivated to [fill in the blank]." But a better motivational phrase could be using positive thinking quotes and affirmations quotes to help you "believe" that you actually have the ability to change your beliefs. Why is this important? Because nothing changes in your "outer world" until something changes in the "inner world" of your mind. I think Albert Einstein said it very well when he said:

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein

Many times when I want to remind myself that my list of affirmations actually has great power to help me change, I'll repeat Einstein's quote to myself all day as a turbo boost for confidence in the process of doing my daily positive affirmations. Another one of my favorites is from Napoleon Hill:

"Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought." ~ Napoleon Hill

The fact that these two men were greatly successful also tells my subconscious that I'm repeating affirmation quotes from people who "knew what they were talking about."


Positive thinking quotes, while not directly confirming the power of repeating positive phrases themselves, are also words of affirmation which "affirm" that positive thinking and keeping a positive attitude will make you happier or more successful.

This gives you hope and hope gives you motivation. Why? Simply because we're more motivated to get up and do something when we think that the "something" that we're doing is very possible to achieve.

This is also true with any positive affirmation that you practice because it is through these daily positive phrases that change occurs inch by inch. I view JRR Tolkien's quote as summing it up precisely when talking about how words of affirmation, motivational affirmations, self esteem affirmations or any other daily positive affirmations on your list of affirmations work over time: 

"Little by little, one travels far." ~ J R R Tolkien

In fact, if you look at your list of affirmations as the dashboard in your cockpit of your rocket ship, you'll see that every time you practice any of your daily positive affirmations or other words of affirmation that initiate a small change in the direction of your desires, you'll realize that with every "positive affirmation button" you push on the dashboard, that you are changing the trajectory of your rocket ship "little by little" until you are on a new heading. Kind of like Star Trek when the captain initiated orders for a new bearing. This is exactly what you are doing when you are practicing your affirmation list of quotes and other words of affirmation.

In summary, using affirmation quotes or positive thinking quotes to keep your mindset filled with hope and possibility because you believe in the "process of doing affirmations" can help you stay motivated because having hope and believing in possibilities are two basic ingredients to staying motivated, which is vital when doing daily positive affirmations because they work "little by little" to create great change.

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Being fascinated with hypnosis for many years, Suzanne became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is currently a member of the International Board of Clinical Practitioners. She feels that it is important to give the public access to practical self-help information through her positive thinking content website She offers an intuitive approach to finding answers within ourselves and has developed her own guided imagery meditation which combines hypnosis, breathing, tapping and acting visualization techniques.

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Affirmation Quotes: Use Them To Stay Motivated

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