The Art of Making the Right Choices
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The gift of life necessarily comes with a curse. For with this precious gift an inescapable question arises: what does one do with this life we are given? A century ago, such a question was almost unthinkable, at least for most individuals. There were few choices over which to decide. And most individuals had literally no choice in the matter. If they were men, they did what their fathers did. And if they were women, they either got married or taught in schools or worked in hospitals. Only in some cases were men and women able to carve out careers.

Today, the situation is entirely different. Today, we must create our lives from the bottom up, and in every way imaginable.

We have to decide how we are to make a living, where we are going to live, how we intend to organize ourselves around a lifestyle, meaning with what gender we will identify, with what form of education we will connect ourselves, with what type of friends we will engage ourselves…even what kinds of foods we will take into our bodies; and then, we even must decide the source for this food whether from locally, organically grown suppliers or from mainstream supermarkets.

The list of decisions we must make is endless. No wonder that more and more people have become anxiety ridden. Confusion has given rise to a perplexity no other time in history can match. And as a consequence, more people are asking some basic questions. People are beginning to ask what is their real purpose; for instinctively they know that once the real purpose is found, decisions can then be made in accordance with that purpose.

"If only I knew what my real purpose for this life I am living truly is, then I will know how to live it."

This is not simply a personality issue. No longer is it a feasible option to make choices based on requirements rooted in egoic self- examination. Nor can the old aptitude testing devises suffice in showing us the way. The world is changing too rapidly for such outmoded means. We have become permanently bombarded with an ever- expanding list of choices, so-called opportunities-each and every one of them promising us the ultimate happiness we all presumably seek.

Our world is exploding. And so we are becoming more insistent. We no longer ask, "What do I want?" We don't know what to want anymore. There is so much to want. Chasing after our wants has gotten us fragmented, scattered, out of touch with whom we thought we were.

We have come instead to acknowledge the importance of first knowing, "What is my purpose?" Knowing our purpose orients us in the right direction for realizing a satisfying life. And to know our purpose, we must go deeper within our self. We must delve past our ego self to the core of our being. To put it precisely, this is a soul question we need to ask. We must ask, "What is it that Soul has brought me into this life to accomplish?"

In other words, the real question can only be, "What is my Soul purpose?" What am I here to accomplish for the benefit of Soul? It must be understood that each of us is a soul being alive in a human body. We have come to the earth plane for two reasons: 1, to help heal the planet (restore its natural balance), and 2, to heal our self (restore our soul psyche to its natural balance).

As souls, we have come into the earth plane innumerable times, first as innocent beings not fully aware of the distortions life in this dimension exerts upon the purity of our being. Thus, from lifetime to lifetime, our souls have become scarred. We have created karmic scars. Our soul psyches have gotten out of balance. And so, in this current age, our souls now desire healing; and this healing can only occur in the dimension in which the imbalance took place, namely, on the earth plane. We are here to help restore balance to our soul psyche. When the egoic self-which is our personality-aligns with the soul and offers itself in service to soul purpose, then it can be said, we are on the path leading to inner joy.

As humans, we have been given life to serve soul. And as there are no two humans alike, so also are no two souls alike. Thus, there are as many individualized purposes as there are souls on earth. Each one of us must look within to decipher the hidden message that leads us to our purpose. There are many technologies for making this journey within, most of which belong to the realm of the esoteric sciences. For more than 30 years, the art and science of numerology has been for me the most useful, the most penetrating tool for this kind of self-discovery. Several years ago, I wrote a book titled "Numerology for Soul Awakening," which addresses the task of uncovering your individualized soul purpose.

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Vitae Bergman has been a professional numerologist for over 30 years. He offers a study course available online at

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The Art of Making the Right Choices

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