Aspects of the Soul: Energy Protection
Energy Protection - An Extract from Advanced Psychic Development
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Energy Protection

We have talked about how to raise your vibrational frequency, but how can you stop it from being lowered through the influence of other people and environments?

Most of us see ourselves as strong and independent in mind and body, yet we rely on each other for everything. We simply cannot live without each other. We are even linked by energy cords that run between us, our loved ones, work colleagues, even the person sitting next to us on the bus! It is impossible not to be connected by these energy cords, and therefore be linked to everyone in the world.

So when one suffers, in a diluted way we all suffer. Yet we continue to throw negative energy towards each other in the form of blame, jealousy and hate. I myself, whilst traveling on London Underground, have become annoyed with the person blocking the way on the other side of the ticket gate, feeling my entire energy lunge forward, silently screaming, 'get out of MY way!' But we don't have our own way; it's just the space in front of us.

As the energy cords come out of the solar plexus area, you might feel a tug in that area at the end of a relationship or at the death of someone you know. After a connection with a person has passed, the cords will eventually wither and fall away; but new cords can grow, even in circumstances as simple as sleeping in the same bed as a person, or lending a listening ear.

How we can become drained or dense in vibration?

Anyone who has been to see a friend who is unwell may have noticed him/herself feeling tired and drained after seeing them. This is because we don't notice the energy of healing that we send them. In fact, it is also possible to feel drained through normal everyday conversation, especially if someone is having a good old moan. One of the reasons we feel great after talking about our problems is that we have taken on board some of the listener's energy.

Exercise: The grape and the raisin

You can test this theory quite simply with a raisin, a grape and a sheet of white paper. Put the raisin and the grape onto a sheet of white paper about an inch apart. Relax your eyes and focus on the space between them. You should begin to become aware of the aura around the grape and the raisin. After some time you will notice something strange happening - auric energy will actually flow from the healthy grape to the dried grape, healing the raisin. This is exactly what happens when we give our energy to other people.

Attention and energy direction

Remember, where your attention goes, so does your energy. When you understand these energy mechanics you will start to notice all the situations where people help themselves to your energy, usually without being aware of it. The art is in learning to spot where your energy goes so that you can choose only to give of your energy where it is appropriate and of use, thereby reclaiming your power and control. The saying 'letting things go' is really about not sending your energy attention to a place where you don't want to give your energy.

Advanced Psychic Development, Becky Walsh, pg 29

Advanced Psychic Development by Becky Walsh is a great sourcebook for practicing psychics and anyone wanting to inform themselves about advanced psychic development. Becky Walsh writes in an engaging manner, covering both the practical and spiritual aspects of being a contemporary psychic. She outlines good energetic guidelines for psychics, case studies, how to set up a psychic practice and gives  useful pointers arising from her experience on how to interact with clients.
Iain A. Macdonald - Awakening Intuition Network.

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Aspects of the Soul: Energy Protection

Aspects of the Soul: Energy Protection Articles from Awakening Intuition

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