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One of the hardest things for people to swallow when they think about improving their lives is that they are the cause for where their life is at this moment in time.

We tend to consider our lives as the culmination of years and years worth of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, which is true. However, when looking back on our lives in those terms, we normally miss the fact that we were responsible for every single one of the moments in our life, up to and including this very moment.

It may seem like there have been people, circumstances, and events in our lives that were out of our control, but that is simply not the case. When you embrace the truth about the Law of Attraction, you must embrace the ENTIRE truth. The entire truth is that we attract all things into our lives – the good, as well as the bad.

Each person will have their own version of how this concept has manifested in their lives, but here are 3 common examples to illustrate the point.

* Relationships

This is probably the most common area where people attract exactly what they are looking for, but they are also very often blind to the fact that they have done so.

It is hard to swallow if you are in an abusive relationship that you somehow wanted to be in that relationship. It is difficult to believe that if your significant other was unfaithful that you somehow played a part in making that happen. It is hard to grasp the fact that you can’t find “the right person” because on some level you either don’t really want to, or – most commonly – you don’t really even know who that person would be.

* Career

Most people are either participating in a career that they don’t enjoy, or they are not getting everything that they want out of their career. It could be a matter of not liking your job, not making enough money, or simply not enjoying your co-workers. Whatever your individual issue is with your career, the fact of the matter is that on some level you are holding onto that situation. You are attracting the very things that you don’t want out of your professional life.

* Health

This issue is so far out in the open for all to see, yet people routinely walk right past it without realizing the truth.

If you are unhealthy or overweight, it is because you somehow believe that you are SUPPOSED to be unhealthy or overweight. On an energetic level you are sending out the vibration that you are sick, or that you weigh too much, or that you are weak. It may be because you believe that you don’t deserve to live a long and healthy life. It may be that your self-esteem isn’t where it should be – even if you think on the surface that it is, which is often the case.

Each of these instances – relationships, career, and health - have their own solutions as far as how to stop attracting what you don’t want. However, the bottom line is that you have to first realize that you ARE attracting what you don’t want, and that is a hard pill to swallow.

Do some soul-searching about the things in your life that are not where you want them to be, and ask yourself some hard questions, while demanding some 100% honest answers:

Do you believe that – despite your bravado – that you might not be worthy of the “perfect mate”?

Do you think that even though you have a great work ethic, that you really aren’t smart or talented enough to have a high paying job, or to have the job of your dreams?

Do you honestly believe that you resonate a presence of perfect health, vitality, confidence, and self-esteem?

These questions are just examples, and you should give some thought to similar situations in your own life. Ask yourself if you are attracting the life that you desire, or if you are thinking one thing, but feeling something else entirely.

The bottom line truth of the matter is that we attract our entire lives, even the things about our lives that we do not like. If you want to stop attracting certain things into your life, then you need to Become what you want to Attract.

If you want a long-term, successful relationship full of compassion, love, and kindness, then find ways to express those same emotions to others – even to people who you have no interest in developing a relationship with.

If you desire a high-paying “dream job” then start acting like an employee who deserves that type of job. Don’t just become a good worker – become a good thinker and a good dreamer.

If your life is lacking in the health and fitness arena, then start exercising and eating right, and start thinking positive, grateful, and caring thoughts every single day. Your body and your mind will transform automatically as a result.

Stop complaining about what your life is NOT. Become the person who deserves and resonates with the kind of life that you desire, and that life will be presented to you.


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