Creating A Balanced Life
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A balanced life is harmonious. Your work, family, play are all in harmony with each other. Your spirit is settled and you have a sense of peace. So many people have imbalances in their lives and in their spirits and in their lives.

Having a balanced life allows your creativity to flow and positivity to become the driving force in your life. You are as a leaf on the stream, moving with the flux and flow of the water. The balance of your spirit and all aspects of your life leave you with a sense of deep peace.

* Why Balance is Important

Balance allows you to have a peaceful experience. Imbalance in your spirit or in any area of your life creates disharmony in every aspect of your life. In short, imbalance in one area floods into the other areas of your life.

This leads to anxiety, insomnia, discontent, anger, depression and other negative feelings. You feel a need to rush, to move through life at lightening speed. You miss out on so much, from your family to your job to your own life. When you have all aspects of your life in balance, you do not experience these feelings.

* How to Achieve Balance

There are several actions that you can incorporate into your life to achieve balance. These simple steps can be applied to any aspect of your life, but balance begins from within with a cleansing of your spirit. It seems to grow from there and eventually reaches every part of your life. All you have to do is allow it.

* Be patient.
* Free your spirit of negativity - get rid of negative thoughts, negative feelings.
* Make a conscious effort to achieve balance in your life - take control and own it.
* Simplify your life - remove the clutter from your life, both figuratively and literally.
* Slow down - calm the frantic rushing about and slow down.
* Only you can make you happy.
* You can not make anyone love you.
* In order to love someone completely, you must first love yourself.
* Accept the things that you can not control - learn to let go.
* Spend quiet alone - for some people, daily quiet time is difficult to attain. But even just 5 minutes can make a world of difference.
* Look for the good and the beauty in the things around you.
* Meditate.

These things may seem simple and even common sense, yet so many people overlook them and move through life with such urgency, attempting to control everything and everyone around them - and they are miserable. Practicing these simple steps daily will help you to achieve balance.

* How to Maintain Balance

Achieving balance may seem difficult at times, but maintaining it can, at times, be even more difficult. Once the "honeymoon" is over it is easy to slowly slip back into your old habits. The best thing that you can do is to take one step each week or each month. Incorporate that step into your life. The following week or month, incorporate another one.

As you take on the challenge to achieve balance in your life gradually, you will, in effect, be practicing one of the most integral factors of balance - patience. And with that patience you are incorporating these practices into your life gradually as you allow each to become a part of your being.

Each step will bring you closer to a peaceful enlightenment of sorts. Your priorities will shift, your focus will sharpen and your attitude will improve. There will be times when you are tempted to push all these steps aside and revert to your prior self, but if you breathe, close your eyes and regain your focus by releasing that negative impulse, you will maintain your balance.

Conscious breathing is a wonderful exercise, not only to relax and become focused; it is also wonderful for maintaining balance in your life. As you breathe in, be conscious of the positive air that you are drawing into your body, the positive energy and is moving through you. Each breath out releases you of the negativity that pervades and withers and burdens spirit.

* Where do I go from Here?

With these tools before you, all you have to do is accept them. Only you can achieve happiness, contentment and balance in your own life. And once you have attained these things, let it flow to others. You will likely have people asking you how you stay so calm. People may ask you why you are always at such peace.

Without a doubt, achieving and maintaining balance in your life will make your relationships stronger and your love much, much deeper. You will perform better at work and you will not feel burdened by things that you can not control. However, the most important thing that you can do once you have found balance in your life is to show someone how to achieve it in theirs. Reach out your hand to a spirit that is suffering and your balance will be even more increased.

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Creating A Balanced Life

Creating A Balanced Life Articles By Kevin Sinclair from Awakening Intuition