Decoding the Language of the Soul
Articles By J.E. Gulamhussein

How does one actually begin to decode or decipher the messages from our soul? Is a soul code even recognizable? Does it sound different from our native language that we use to speak and communicate with or does it sound foreign to our own ears? Is it audible? How do we know?

As a soulologist, I recommend you begin to pay attention to your personal thoughts, daily moods and to the areas of your life that you label as stressful. What are the reoccurring themes or patterns that show up in your life? Begin with a personal self-assessment or by taking an inventory of yourself and your life's environment.

  • How much time in the day do you spend alone?
  • Do you spend alone time quietly or is it filled with background noise?
  • How might your thoughts sound? Do you think of all of the things you have yet to do?
  • Or do you try to free your mind of thought?
  • If you had to describe your present state of mind, would you describe it as frustrated, hurried, tense, afraid, stressed, calm, peaceful or relaxed?

If you rarely spend quiet time alone, reflecting on your personal feelings and thoughts you probably won't have a very good understanding of the soul's meta-messages. On the other hand, if you spend more and more time alone focusing on your feelings and thoughts you may recognize that you feel out of place in some area of your life. Or you may recognize the areas of your life that are not functioning to their fullest potential. Such as your work may be stressful and creating a lot of tension in your life. You may feel misunderstood by family, friends or co-workers.

You may feel that you are taken advantage of and that you rarely receive your deserved recognition.
Ask yourself the following questions to help you assess what your soul is trying to tell you:

  • Do you often feel your significant other doesn't respect your feelings and or thoughts?
  • Do you feel you give much more than you receive?
  • Do you compromise your wants or needs more than others in your life?
  • Do you feel you are treated unfairly by most people?
  • Do you feel most people in your life understand who you are?
  • Do you feel you often misunderstood?
  • Do you communicate your feelings well or do you assume others should know what you intended?
  • If someone accuses you unfairly will you defend yourself?
  • If you want something different from others do you speak up for it?
  • How important is your work? Is it valuable in some way?
  • If you were gone would anyone suffer or miss you because you no longer where present or because you were not there to make their life convenient?
  • Do you forsake your goals and dreams for someone else's?
  • Are you honest to yourself and to others about your feelings towards them?
  • How would your friends describe the type of person you are?
  • How would your family describe the type of person you are?
  • Who do you wish your life could be more like?
  • What is your perception of their life?
  • What do you need more of in your life in order to achieve the kind of life you want?

Be completely honest when answering the questions above. There aren't any wrong or right answers. The honest answers to these questions will help you begin to hear what your soul's messages are saying. When we aren't in touch with our soul, we may ignore the ways in which we automatically move through life as if we have no choices. We blame others for our unhappiness instead of looking inward. Personal happiness is a function of the individual. No one else is responsible for our personal happiness. When we feel we are valuable and secure, we no longer will look outside of ourselves for external validation. Take the time to hear your soul, listen to what you hear, pay attention to your feelings in every area of your life. Your soul's language is very recognizable, all you have to do is listen with an open mind.

About J.E. Gulamhussein
As a practicing soulologist, J.E. Gulamhussein, offers simple and effective soul guidance to those searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. She helps people heal and understand their behavior, life choices and personal wounds or fears. Her mission in life is to enlighten others by teaching them how to heal and find their organic soul and self.

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