Notes On Detachment - The Science of Becoming Oneself
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1.All Are Related: There is a Native American saying. We may think that to detach ourselves means to hate, to ignore, to divide, to separate, to stand aloof or to be cold and rough toward a given object. These are not signs of true detachment. True detachment is a Soul attitude, a function carried out on the Soul plane rather than on the physical, emotional or lower mental planes. Actually, you are not detaching your true Self from anyone or anything. You are detaching your real Self from the inertia of the body, from the glamour of your emotional world and from the glamour's of your mental realm. You are also detaching your real Self from objects with which you were identified through inertia, glamour's and illusions.

With detachment you are dis-identifying yourself, but not separating. You are releasing yourself from the control of identification. When you have achieved detachment, you are no longer conditioned and controlled by the inertia, glamour and illusions of objects. You are free. Detachment means freedom. It means a truly self-determined attitude.

In true detachment your spiritual identification deepens and widens on the spiritual side of an object. At the same time you identify less and less with phenomena, until eventually you are able to see the object as it is, free from your personal, mechanical reactions and free from your imposing, forcing will of the lower self, expressed in many ways. According to your degree of success in detaching from any object, your soul love increases, and your joy deeper. Attachment makes you smaller; detachment makes you greater.

When you are truly detached, the personality factor of the object does not disturb or control you. The inner reality, the core of his being, becomes the important factor to you, and you help to release that beauty by detaching yourself from personality reactions, inertia, glamour's and illusions. In detachment you are not ignoring the Real man; you are ignoring the illusion, the appearance, and you can see more clearly than before because you are not caught in the net of personality reactions. Detachment changes the nature of your relations with the object. Since your relationship is no longer based on your personality reactions nor on the other's personality reactions, you are not mechanical in your behaviour towards him; you are awake and conscious and your approach is a Soul approach.

Detachment eliminates personality conflicts and friction between objects. You recognize and can accept the freedom, the existence of the object. In detachment you cease to use others for your own selfish interests. You recognise each existence as important to the great Plan. In the process of detachment you become aware of the Law of Karma and you see clearly the way in which the Law works. You seek the highest good for the object; you learn not to interfere with the Karma of others. In so doing you help them to increase their inner light and you give them courage to live the best life possible for them.

Detachment lead you to Soul infusion. Eventually you find the path leading to your true Self, and you become one with that Self. Actually the process of detachment is the process of becoming Oneself. Gradually you detach yourself from all that is not the Self. 

When you reach the stage of becoming your true Self, you are one with creation itself, but without the limitations of its inertia, glamour and illusion. Thus, detachment is the process of at-one-ment. In detachment man leads himself from the transient to the unchangeable, from the unreal to the Real.

When you have learned the process of detachment, you become magnetic. Truly magnetic people are those who are really detached persons. They have not become personality magnetic, but Soul Magnetic. A truly detached person has achieved the ability to do the right thing at the right time and in the right proportion.

The existence in which you live is a part of you. All is one. The process of detachment is the process of realization of this unity. Only on such a high level of awareness can you free yourself from:

2.The concept of property
3.The illusion of "mine and "yours"
4.Your anxieties and worries

Thus your sense of responsibility grows deeper and higher. Detachment helps you to understand the purpose of the Great Being "in whom we live and move and have our being".

Impersonality is another term for being detached. A detached man is an impersonal man. Impersonality is a state of consciousness which is above the physical, emotional and lower mental levels, and which function upon the Soul levels. A detached man is man who is in the process of becoming himself. 

Detachment is not a level, but a continuous negation of imprisonment and an urge towards spiritualization or liberation.

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Notes On Detachment - The Science of Becoming Oneself

Notes On Detachment - The Science of Becoming Oneself Articles By Torkom Saraydarian

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