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Recommended by the Awakening Intuition Network. Iain Macdonald

Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition
By Sherrie Dillard

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Intuition and spiritual growth are indelibly linked. A personalized approach to psychic development, this breakthrough guide introduces four different psychic types and explains how to develop the unique spiritual capabilities of each. Are you a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual intuitive? Take Dillard's insightful quiz to find out. Discover more about each type's intuitive nature, personality, potential physical weaknesses, and more. There are guided meditations for each kind of intuitive, as well as exercises to hone your psychic skills. Remarkable stories from the author's professional life illustrate the incredible power of intuition and its connection to the spirit world, inner wisdom, and your higher self. From psychic protection to spirit guides to mystical states, Dillard offers guidance as you evolve toward the final destination of every psychic type: union with the divine.
Imprint:  Llewellyn Publications, U.S. / Llewellyn Worldwide
Country of origin: United States
Release date: February 2008 / First published: March 2008
Dimensions: 203 x 134 x 17mm (L x W x H)
Format: Paperback / Pages: 267 / Authors: Sherrie Dillard

About the Author: Sherrie Dillard is the Author of the bestselling Discover Your Psychic Type. She has been a New Thought pastoral counselor, professional psychic, medium, and teacher for over twenty years. She has taught classes and workshops, both nationally and internationally, on the life-enhancing aspects of intuition development. Her writing has appeared in the New Age Journal and on and Visit her website on

InnerChange Book Review April/May 2008

This book is a surprising addition to the large number of metaphysical books that cross my desk daily—it
contains a well-developed self examination test and practical tips on how to develop your own intuition
from the accumulated information.  It is both educational and an enjoyable read.  This author can help
you identify your natural abilities and develop them with a step –by-step plan.  Once your intuitive style is
identified ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) she will lead you down the path of discovery to each type’
s nature, personality strengths, and potential challenges. For anyone on a spiritual path, I highly
recommend this book to begin to understand the power and transformative capacity we all hold. 

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