Five Tips for Gaining Spiritual Development
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Life presents us with different challenges every day. We are often surrounded by false beliefs, malicious intent, anger, resentment, and envy. There are plenty of threats to our personal sense of inner tranquility and balance. More than ever, we need to have spiritual development. With spiritual growth you can develop attitudes that help you be more attuned with the essence of the universe to help you find true happiness. You will learn how to flow with the world's currents and trends instead of struggling against it. Work on your spiritual growth today with these five tips for developing the spirit:

1. Gain Spiritual Development by Looking into Yourself

One of the reasons people suffer from spiritual hunger is because they lack self-knowledge. They don't know what truly makes them happy and they haven't found their true-calling or purpose yet. You can find true happiness by looking into yourself and figuring out what you want can truly give you fulfillment. You're happiness can be better achieved if you know exactly what it is that your heart desires.

2. Gain Spiritual Development through Positive Thinking

People often underestimate the power of their own personal thoughts. However, it is widely believed that the thoughts that we create with our minds eventually manifest themselves into reality. If we constantly live with fear, the universe will give us something to be fearful for. But if we live with joy and gratitude, the universe will give us something to be joyful and grateful for. Live with positivity and you will find true happiness.

3. Gain Spiritual Development with a Habit of Happiness

There's a saying that goes, "When one door closes, another one opens." It's up to the individual whether he or she will focus on the door that closed or the door that opened. The difference between a happy man and a miserable man is not wealth, health or even influence. It's all a matter of perspective. True happiness is reserved for individuals who have a habit of happiness, those who can see the brighter side of life.

4. Gain Spiritual Development by Taking Care of Your Health

The physical and spiritual sides of the self are interlocked. They are two sides of the same coin. Improving one side of this dichotomy ultimately improves the other side as well. Neglecting one side, however, is just as bad as neglecting both. True happiness is hard to achieve when you're dealing with physical pain. Even spiritual balance is not enough to maintain a healthy body. You need proper exercise and a proper diet too. Take care of your health. The body is the vessel for the spirit. Make sure that the vessel is well taken care of.

5. Gain Spiritual Development by Expressing Gratitude

Living with gratitude is one of the best ways to attract more success into your life. Everyone wants to hear someone say "thank you" to them. It's a form of validation. Those words let you know that what you're doing is appreciated. Spread the good vibes by being generous with gratitude. Say, "thank you" whenever the opportunity presents itself. True happiness can be found in the genuine appreciation of simple acts of kindness people do for each other.
True happiness is essentially about learning to let go and allowing yourself to flow with the current of the universe. However, you can only get a sense of this current once you have achieved a certain level of spiritual development. It is a process that may take some time, but as long as you embrace your true nature as an embodied spirit, you'll one day achieve the enlightenment you need to finally understand what it means to be alive.

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Five Tips for Gaining Spiritual Development

Five Tips for Gaining Spiritual Development Articles By Shirley Rieger from Awakening Intuition

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