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So how do you learn to harness your amazing intuition? Your intuition sends you information in the following five different ways:

1. The most common is physically.

In receiving information through your physical body, you might explain intuition as having a "gut feeling" or "your stomach is in knots." Another popular way is when the hair stands up on the back of your neck. For me, a strong message of awareness is goose bumps.

2. Secondly, and probably more common to women is emotions.

We know instantly when something doesn't feel right, or a mood changes, and a fast like and dislike of something.

In our world today we are often feel pressured to "do something, join something, or buy something" and we intuitively know we should say "no!" - yet we go ahead. Moving forward on this decision often brings regrets. When our first instinct is to reject something, we often cannot explain "why" to someone. To us, it just didn't feel right. This is intuition in action and working for you.

3. Thirdly, we receive information mentally: Our mind often gives us a second voice in the background that says: "No, yes, turn here, etc." Again, we often ignore our intuitive voice and find ourselves caught in a traffic jam or something to that effect. We constantly second guess ourselves and regret listening to that inner voice later.

4. The fourth way we receive is spiritually. For me, this means there is something far greater than us in the universe. When we are connected to this Source, our intuition is greater than anything we can imagine.

5. Lastly, we receive through the environment. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. From my childhood, I was taught to pay attention to symbolism and events as messages being given to us.

For example: Your computer ups and quits and you are forced to stop working and look after the problem. Now this can cause stress, but I also know that it happened for a reason and I was being told to stop what I was doing. Perhaps you are given a sign to take some time off to do something you may have been putting off for a long time, like updating your insurance policies or call a sick friend. Maybe, it's time to call and connect to a real cute "techie" support guy. I just know that it does not pay to get upset, but instead to ask yourself, "Why and what do I need to look at or do?

So how do we harness out intuition more? I like to say that finding your intuition is like finding a trail. In this case the T.R.A.I.L (an acronym) represents the following:

T-Trust the information you get when you get it. -Try to think back to times when you did pay attention to your intuition and recall what you experienced. As you recall your success's, you will eagerly and confidently trust your ability and inner voice more and more to make the correct decisions for you.

R-Relax your mind: Make "why not and what if?" two of your favorite questions. Give yourself time to do crossword puzzles, and play more games to keep your mind open to new things and ideas. Meditation is very powerful in helping you hear your inner voice and to relax more.

A- Awareness- Intuition can be so subtle that we often miss its messages, so live your life consciously and be more aware of your thoughts. We cannot s hear our intuition speaking if we do not learn to stop the chatter in our mind or find some quietness. Suggestion- shut off the radio, CD player and stereos when you are alone in the car or at home, so you can hear your inner voice better.

I- Imagination- this is the ability to think outside the box, which is very helpful in developing your intuition. Here are a few ideas:

• When you get dressed each day, ask your self why did you choose the red suit or the blue dress? Colors carry energies and we choose them because we need its energy at that time. You ask yourself what that color means to you. Does red make you feel confident, powerful, relax and assured? Does the blue make you feel more feminine, softer, more attractive and perhaps serene and peaceful?

L-Listen: - intuition is not logical. If we are caught up in our lives we cannot give our intuition a safe place to work and hear its message.

Have you noticed that if you let go of ego, fears, or any negative thoughts, you get better results with hearing your intuition?

Intuition is a wonderful and natural sense that we all have, and if you think about it, you couldn't stop being intuitive this moment any more than you could stop hearing the sounds around you. Simply allow yourself to report what you're picking up in response to a question. Be in a state of allowing and see the miracles happen!

Copyrighted By Irene Martina (841 Words) March 3, 2008
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Harness Your Intuition Articles By Irene Martina

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