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When soul forces pour into the physical bodies of the individual or of the group, there is first a conflict which destroys all that is a hindrance to God's Purpose, and then a stimulation of that which is divine in the form nature, leading to the transmutation of the forms.

Divine indifference affects the groups of disciples dedicated to service to humanity. It involves recognition of these basic facts: 

There is a divine plan for humanity as a whole, whose working out is inevitable; nothing can stop it. This Plan is implemented by cosmic energies working through the rays. As the new Aquarian age is being ushered in, there is apparent a world of conflict which affects all forms on the planet, and is destined to destroy those forms not capable of dealing with them. As happens in the case of the individual when soul force pours into his bodies, there is conflict, resulting in the ills of mankind; it also results in stimulation of that which is divine in the form nature, leading eventually to the transmutation of the forms.

Shamballa energy is now streaming into humanity, and the contact is producing a conflagration destined to burn away and purify all that man has erected in his civilisations and cultures, which is out of context with divine purpose and will. The monadic Will will inevitably transmute the human will.

 What is the task of disciples at this stage of the spiritual evolution of humanity? All that is happening to humanity as a whole is also happening to the disciples as individuals. Immersed as we all are in the conflicting ideologies, propaganda, ideas, hopes, fears, conflicting appeals to reason or to precipitate action, to all that makes 'divine indifference' so difficult, the servers of humanity must nevertheless attempt it.

What does it imply? It implies skill in invocation, exact knowledge about the energies and forces at play; understanding of the nature of Love, Light, Will. It implies recognition that these energies are impersonal, are not respecters of the desires, aspirations, hopes of those who invoke them. Invoking the Will of God the disciple must be prepared to have that Will conflict with his little will; the Light he invokes may show up weaknesses in himself for which he may be unprepared. In the great opposing camps it is unrealistic to indulge in the false, perhaps comforting, belief that all good is on one side and all evil on the other side, and he must be ready and prepared to reconstruct his thinking, free himself from all pre-conceived ideas and thoughtforms and be ready to test them against that which, in his moments of communion with his soul and in its light, he knows to be the truth.

All this he must do knowing all the while that he functions in and through his group, and that what efforts he makes at self betterment is transmitted to the group, and to that extent he reinforces its power in service. With the individual, the emotions distort thinking, his life purpose, weakens his power to align and integrate his personality with the soul; so with the group. The group must know, without doubt and reservations, what is invoked, what the results will be of the response to invocation, and be entirely indifferent to these results as they affect themselves. Only then will their service be pure, and may they dare to say: 'Thy will be done'.

Divine indifference, if understood and practised, would have its effects on the attachments which men have to the various groups of which they are a part, social, ethnic, religious, political, family ect To have been 'born into a group', of whatever sort, does not necessarily dictate eternal loyalty to it; mental discrimination, once emotional attachment is overcome, may make it clear that what holds the group together has lost its purpose or no longer holds true; or it may point up the fact that it is largely separative or selfish and does not conform to that which the disciple know to be true.

When much of this has been overcome through a conscious refusal to be identified with anything which does not have spiritual significance, groups will be ready to form for the purpose of furthering that which is good and true for all men. Free from personal or group attachments, they are free to manifest that spiritual attachment which is the basis of the brotherhood of men and, to the extent to which their spiritual capacities permit, to practice the Science of Invocation and be responsive to the evocation by the spirit. This is the higher aspect of love which operates even where, as personalities, people are not congenial, do not even like one another.

Identified with the soul, and therefore receptive to the spiritual Will which, when working through the heart, results in harmlessness and, when working through the mind, in intelligence, the disciple is approaching the point where he can be used by the Hierarchy for service. All the while the individual disciple, by freeing himself from attachments to any aspect of the no-self, makes it possible for the redemptive energies of soul and spirit to recreate the bodies that they may reflect and radiate light; itself a service to the group and humanity.

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Divine indifference Articles

Divine indifference affects the groups of disciples dedicated to service to humanity

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