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It is easier to train your senses to notice your intuitive impulses if you have an understanding of where those intuitive flashes originate. In every psychic development class I teach, I ask the students where they think psychic or intuitive feelings and impulses begin. Some answer, "From my subconscious mind." Others say, "From my Higher Self." Some believe, "It's dead people talking to you," or, "Your guides."

If you are going to convince your mind to listen to your intuitive feelings, your mind has to value those feelings. Your mind requires an acceptable reason to value psychic feelings. The best way to convince your mind to pay attention to these feelings is to introduce it to where these feelings come from.

After all, there is a big difference between listening to Joe Nobody's opinion on something and listening to a highly knowledgeable expert. Whom would you listen to?

Ask yourself:

Where Does It Come From?

Actually, psychic energy comes from various sources. Our conscious minds have been trained to focus on one broadcast on our sensory radio  the broadcast of our five-physical-sense relay. But there are other relays broadcasting that we can, and spontaneously do, tune in to now and again, which give us our psychic information.

The first of these psychic relays comes from our own subconscious minds. Our subconscious minds are like giant computers taking in thousands of bits of information every day, information that slips past our conscious attention yet nevertheless is perceived and saved for a future moment. Every detail of every experience that we've had since the beginning of our lives, and in our past lives as well, is stored here and held unless released spontaneously by some necessity. It would be overwhelming for our conscious minds to process every detail of every event, so the mind allows unneeded information to slip unnoticed into this huge storage library. But if the subconscious is jogged by need, or by visualization or relaxation, the subconscious will release back to the conscious mind necessary and helpful information.

An extreme example of this is in the case of an accident or crime witness. The events witnessed may have occurred too quickly or have become clouded over by the attendant wave emotions of surprise or shock, and the details were lost. But if this same person were to relax through hypnosis, his or her recollection would become nearly perfect because the subconscious memory can be accessed.
This also occurs in everyday events. Perhaps you have been mulling over a problem for weeks, coming to no specific solution. Then suddenly, when daydreaming during another task  watering the lawn, taking a long drive  a solution will pop into your head. This relaxed frame of mind is a receptive frame of mind, and in this receptive state your subconscious can scan its stored information for possible solutions. If it does find one  "Eureka!"  you'll have a psychic flash.

This type of psychic experience happens most often in your work, or in an area that you've spent a great deal of time learning or reading about, or in an area of natural interest. The fact is, you may have acquired bits and pieces of useful knowledge along the way, information that would provide an answer or solution. Your subconscious mind can take in and rearrange these bits and pieces and create new and significant relationships among these bits of understanding. The solution lies in finding new relationships to old information.

All this occurs below your conscious awareness. Can you believe that your subconscious mind not only records your experiences perfectly, but can also combine different records, thus creating solutions that couldn't be found just in examining the pieces? Yet it does, naturally. Through proper training, you can develop a far greater access to this stored information than you ever believed possible.


The second type of psychic experience is with telepathic connections to others. How many times in your life have you found yourself humming a tune silently in your head, only to have someone next to you start singing the same tune out loud? How many times have you been thinking about someone and had them call within a short time? How many times have you taken up a new interest, like skiing, cooking, or sewing, only to find people with the same newfound interest popping up all around you? Psychic? Yes  telepathic!

We are all silent radio stations, broadcasting our own tunes, and even though we are not conscious of it, we do like to harmonize with one another. We gravitate naturally toward people playing "our tune", and together we amplify our broadcast.

One of my spiritual teachers once told me that we are always telepathically tuning in with many, many others  up to six thousand people at any given time  even though it is usually not conscious. It sounds incredible, but this is what creates mass consciousness. Groups of people band together and "group think" about things: pro-lifers, animal rights activists, rebels, and fundamentalists, to name a few. People think in blocks all around the world, and these blocks of mental energy float and move in space, influencing political ideas, religious beliefs, and social and moral values.

Telepathic connections can be useful and amusing, as in the case of the telephone call from the old friend you were concentrating on. If you are lazy and undiscerning about your thoughts, however, you can become a psychic garbage pail, in which all sorts of negative or mass beliefs settle and take over your mind. An example of this is the telepathically relayed belief that cities are now extremely dangerous and suburban areas are safer. Many people telepathically accept this belief as fact. In reality, some aspects of city living are dangerous, and some are vitalizing and marvellous. The fact is also that many suburban areas are riddled with dangerous people, and one is not really in any more or less danger in one area versus another. Safety is governed by awareness more than geography. If you are susceptible to negative mass beliefs, you will overcome this problem when you begin your psychic development. You cannot be psychic if you are mentally lazy.

You'll need to snap out of your dreamy state and be here now. If you have a sharp focus to your mind, telepathy will automatically become more specific, filtering away unnecessary and unconsciously unexamined "group thought", and will attract only what is helpful to your focus. One way to do this is to set goals so that you will focus your attention and eliminate mass thought influences. Setting goals keeps you free of collective negative emotion and attracts telepathic support.

The Superconscious or Higher Source

The third and most interesting source of psychic energy is from the superconscious plane of energy. Every one of us has, as our spiritual birthright, access to a Higher Source of knowing and loving guidance.

This Higher Source is actually composed of several distinct levels of spiritual guidance. These types of psychic impulses influence your future and the present choices you make that will set up your future.
This level of psychic guidance influences your perspective and helps you look at your choices from a new point of view. These kinds of communications are felt as warnings, urgings, new ideas, inspirations, breakthroughs in understanding, desires to redirect your life, a need to stop or let go of what you are doing, or a need to commit or go forward with what you are hesitant about.

Remember, these types of psychic experiences are loving but not flattering to your ego; stable, consistent, and unwavering but not coercive; subtle but distinct. They will always leave you feeling reassured, relaxed, and certain of yourself, in spite of appearances, if you listen and pay attention. Additionally, these types of psychic feelings help you with questions in love and relationships, health and well-being, and creativity and purpose in life, and above all will help you find inner security and spiritual peace of mind.

Let's face facts. Your conscious mind will be more amenable to listening to these impulses if it is given a reason to listen. After all, your conscious mind would like to consider itself reasonable. If it accepts and understands the reasonability of listening to your intuition, it will do so far more easily. You would not ignore the advice of an expert if you were building a house, would you? Especially if the advice were free? And painless?

It is just as foolish to ignore the assistance of your psychic guidance as you build your life, especially knowing that your psychic sense is offering you a solution from your subconscious mind, from a telepathic relay, or from the loving guidance of your superconscious. The psychic experience comprises all these sources of assistance.

What Does It Involve?

Essentially what psychic development involves is becoming keenly aware of what is going on around and inside you, here and now. By tuning in to your little psychic impulses, you will notice what you heretofore may have ignored. Once you make this realization, you can begin your development.
Have you ever had a hearing test? If so, do you recall (when wearing the headphones) that all your senses perked up to hear the barely audible beep that sounded for but a split second? Or an eye test, where you wore a patch first over one eye, then over the other, while scanning a screen for a teeny blip of light moving over the area? These exams are designed to test your ear and eye sense acuity. The more acute, the more subtle the beep or flash you noticed.

Psychic development requires the same acuity. Relax and enjoy, notice impulses you otherwise overlooked. Don't worry that you are imagining things. You aren't. You are just redefining your sphere of awareness and allowing it more room to play.

Once you understand where your intuition and psychic feelings come from, you need to learn how to gain freer and easier access to these channels of the subconscious, telepathic, and superconscious broadcasts, so that they are available when you need them. This article was excerpted from the book "The Psychic Pathway " ©1995, by Sonia Choquette

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