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There will be times when someone special will walk into your life and a bonding of the spirits will take place. This means that both people are compatible, and that their inner spirits are harmonious with each other. Because of this, a kinship is started first, followed by deep inner emotional feelings for each other, all because the spirits are harmonious. At this point we say that we have an attraction for each other, or that the chemistry is right. The true understanding of relationships is in the divine human spirit, which is the foundation of all happy and good relationships. 

Sometimes we allow reason to cloud our judgment so that we are unable to become aware of our true feelings. We feel through our mind instead of our hearts, and become confused. When that special person enters your life, and you sense the bonding of the spirits, then hold on tight and don't let go, because unions such as this do not happen all the time. 

How Will I Know?

You will ask, how do I know when my spirit has bonded with another person? You will feel or sense it, because you find this person easy to talk to, and you are comfortable when you are in their presence. Your face lights up with a smile when you see them, talking to each other becomes easy, you will discover that you have much in common and hold many of the same interests. The joining of two spirits is a beautiful thing because it means that two compatible souls have found each other and can now walk down the path of life together.

Sometimes we, through reasons of fault finding, refused to accept this bonding, because of minor human defects such as "he's not handsome" or "she's not pretty", and refused to allow the heart to guide us. Other times we may think we are unworthy of that other person's affection. Many times we have tried to hang on to or tried to salvage an old or bad relationship, but this sometimes may not work out. It could be because the other person may refuse to bond with you, or, karmically speaking, it may be time for it to end. Only when the spirits bond and "both" people accept this bonding can any relationship be a happy one.

As we are creatures endowed with the divine freedom of choice and free will, this can make spiritual bonding painful at times. The pain comes when one person recognizes the bonding and the other person, for one reason or another, does not. No matter how old or mature we are, we can never ease this pain. But there is hope! Through understanding and with time we learn to heal our emotional hurt, and we become a better person because of this experience. The only sad thing is that the other person may not have suffered the pain that you did, but they lost the great opportunity of having a happy life with you, and this is what is sad. On the other hand, if that other person did suffer pain, it was because they did care for you and did recognize the spiritual bonding, but for some reason could not allow this bonding to grow and blossom into something beautiful.

Growing Together

The bonding of two spirits can be a time of joy or a time of sorrow and pain. When it is a time of pain, we must give the pain meaning, and through prayer or meditation, we allow it to be released from our being and allow it to transform into a new energy of love. One that is pure and clean and free of all hurts and pain, free to be used by someone else that may benefit from your experience. No one can change what has happened except the person who has refused your spiritual bonding, and being human, we always cling to that last star of hope, that the other person may open their eyes and see what they are throwing away.

If you are in a relationship where the person you love is unwilling to spiritually bond and someone else comes along who wants to bond, there could be a reason why. It could be a divine message from above. If you understand this, then that new person who entered your life has now become that special person, maybe even specially chosen for you. If true, what are you going to do about it? Lives always cross for a reason, and we as humans don't always see that reason, nor do we always understand it and will not understand it until we are ready.

You may ask, why is our spirit so important to us and our human relationships? It is important because our spirit is part of our nature — it makes up who and what we are. It allows us to sense and be aware of things. We are able to sense danger, evil, good, and sad and happy times. As our physical body has the sense of touch on the physical level, our spirit is our sixth sense, by which we are able to perceive the world around us on a spiritual level. By sensing things through our spirit, we become aware of many wonderful things such as spiritual bonding.

At the time of spiritual bonding, you must continue to interact between yourself and the other person with whom you are bonding. This will allow the other person time to sense the bonding, and to allow the bonding to grow and become strong. Once both persons accept the bonding, then both of their spirits are held together with a white light.

Keep A Clear Mind

During this time, we can become aware, through our spirit, when our partner is in danger or troubled, or is in need of more love, caring, and understanding. We can now better sense these things because the two spirits are sealed. There is a word of warning.

If we allow the wrong kind of emotions to enter our thinking, such as mistrust, envy, jealousy, egotism, vanity and self pride, and allow them to dominate our feelings and the way we think, we can break the seal which holds the two spirits together. The same rule applies to people who spiritually bond with someone if the other person does not accept the bonding, the spiritual bonding is incomplete.

Types of Bonding

The most common type of spiritual bonding is the bonding between a mother and her child during the time of her pregnancy. It is also very important for the father to spiritually bond with the child during its nine months before birth, especially at the time of birth. Both the mother and the father should be together on the bed, holding the child between them for the first hour so that the bonding can continue to grow and become strong. Then the hospital can weigh and measure the child.

Another type of spiritual bonding is the love between two friends which we call our "best" friends. All spiritual activities and bonding are recorded in heaven or into the universal archives.

A true lasting relationship begins to grow when it is spiritually bonded. At times we talk about searching for our soul mate as if there is a soul out there created just for us and we have to find it, in order to have that perfect match. Soul mates are not something you look for, they are those which you create when two people spiritually bond. Don't go looking for a soul mate. Go out and spiritually bond with someone and create your perfect soul mate, and find true happiness. 

About The Author 
John Paul has studied various religions and their spiritual theology, both Christian and Judaism, plus has 15 years experience in metaphysics and Eastern Philosophy. He has also written several spiritual and enlightenment courses. You may contact him at: New Life Center, 15959 Asland Dr., Brook Park, Ohio 44142.

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Spiritual Bonding - Article By John Paul

Spiritual Bonding - Article By John Paul from Awakening Intuition

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