Spiritual Weight Lifting
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When we want to strengthen our muscles we lift weights. During this process our muscles become stronger in response to the need to cope with the strain, which is put on them. 

However, if we increase the weight or the number of repetitions abruptly, we not only will not strengthen our muscles but we might seriously damage them. 

One the other hand, if we do not lift any objects at all, our muscles will atrophy. If we lift the same weight everyday, they will remain at their present strength without any improvement. 

The same holds true for our emotional, mental and spiritual muscles. If we continually avoid facing problems by hiding from them, or ignoring them, or by seeking external and superficial solutions such as tranquilizers, drugs or other external "security blankets", then our emotional, mental and spiritual muscles will atrophy daily. 

We will become weak, fearful and dependent with a poor self-image. This leads to an ever-accelerating vicious circle of weakness, fear and dependency. 

On the other hand, if we suddenly try to throw away every external support, we may fail so painfully that we shall fear trying again. This may then support our basic belief that we cannot make it on our own, that we are not strong enough. Of course this is not true. That would be like saying that, because we fell the first time we tried to walk, we would never be able to walk. 

The solution, then, is to choose our weights correctly. We must continuously choose new goals of greater self-sufficiency, developing our inner strength gradually. 

Life itself offers us from moment to moment the opportunities, which we need in order to grow. We need only to respond to these opportunities. We do not need to look for problems or difficulties. We can, however, examine our lives to check for problems which we have been hiding or avoiding. We can start working on these. 

Also very important for weight lifting is regular practice. In our case this means daily exercise of the body, breath and mind. 

So you might want to choose a challenge that you want do deal with more consciously and create a plan for meeting it. 

Answering the following Questions will help: 

1. Make a list of your present life challenges – such as problems, goals etc. (Consider health, family, profession, economics and social and spiritual life) 

2. Chose the one you want to work with this week. 

3. What will be the first step you need to make? 

4. Are there any inner obstacles (fears, procrastination) which have obstructed your progress in the past? 

5. If yes, what are they? 

6. If yes, What will you do to overcome these obstacles? 

7. What will be your first step this week towards that growth and change which you desire? 

Daily positive projection, prayer, meditation, self analysis, and other mind strengthening techniques, are an absolute for those who would like to eventually lift the heavier weights on our evolutionary path. 

Practice, Patience and Perseverance

About the Author
Robert E. Najemy, author of 25 books and life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 life coaches and now does so over the Internet. Over 600 free articles, lectures, relaxation and positive projection as mp3 audio. Become a life coach. At http://www.HolisticHarmony.com  

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Spiritual Weight Lifting

Spiritual Weight Lifting Articles By Robert Elias Najemy from Awakening Intuition

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