The 7 Levels Of Personal Growth And Consciousness
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It appears there are seven levels of growth every person on the planet undertakes. 
People on different levels will behave and be motivated in different ways. 

The seven levels (from the lowest to the highest ) are: 

1. *Survival
2. *Relationships
3. *Self esteem
4. *Transformation
5. *Internal cohesion
6. *Making a difference
7. *Service

Although a person will gradually move through upwards through the seven levels, they can access any or all of the levels in any given day.

The first three are the hardest to move through, but once a person has transitioned through level 4, the rest of the journey is easier.

The lower levels (1 to 3) focus on our physiological need for survival; our physical and emotional need for safety and our emotional need for self esteem. These levels focus on our personal self-interest - meeting the needs of the ego. This is the area of dual reality and where humanity puts most of its focus and efforts. Some people will spend their whole lives in these levels.

Unfortunately, these levels are very transient. By that I mean that nothing is ever enough at these levels. When you get something you want, you immediately start looking for the next thing. These things were identified by Abraham Maslow as 'deficiency' needs. This means we don't get lasting satisfaction from meeting this need, but we will feel a sense of anxiety if it isn't met.

In these lower levels we are conditioned by the expectations of others and tend to align with and be loyal to groups with which we identify. If we live a life that is focused exclusively on satisfying the needs of these first three levels, we will lead a life that is self-centred and shallow.

The focus of the fourth level is on transformation – a shift from self-interest to the common good. This is where the ego learns to let go of its fears so that it can become one with the soul.

The higher levels, (levels 5 to 7) focus on our spiritual needs; the need to find meaning in our lives, the need to make a difference in the world, and the need to be of service. These levels are about the common good and meeting the needs of the soul. Abraham Maslow referred to these upper levels of consciousness as 'growth' needs. Fulfilling these needs does not make them go away; instead it brings about deeper levels of motivation and commitment to fulfilling the need.

You must master one level before you can proceed to the next. Even when we have learned how to become a self actualised individual, we will still face fears that take us back to the lower levels of consciousness. It may be a limiting belief or a situation that is keeping us rooted in one of these lower levels.

Let's look at each of the levels in turn.

Level 1 - Survival

The first level of consciousness relates to the base chakra and focuses on satisfying our physiological need for safety and security. We will master this level by developing the practical skills needed to ensure our physical survival.

The negative aspects of being in this level are: 

This is the real of fear. We fear not having enough and not being safe.
We can experience massive inertia. People in this level would rather stick with what they have, then risk losing anything by changing. As a result this is a difficult level for some people to move out of. People in this level do not like change. They believe it is good for things to stay the way they always have.
On the bright side, this level is a wonderful experience when you feel secure and as though you belong.

Level 2 - Relationship

Once our physical needs are met, we move to the second level of consciousness (associated with the navel chakra) and strive to satisfy our social needs. We seek to satisfy our emotional need for love and belonging. We seek love and respect from our family and friends. If this is not possible, we will look for it socially.

The beginnings of our ego can be experienced at this level and we are still very self centred. We master this level by developing the interpersonal relationship skills we need for us to feel safe, be loved and feel as though we belong. If you constantly feel, for example, that you are not loved or that you need to find your one true soul mate to be happy, you will have difficulty move from this level. It is easy to look in our literature and artistic works to see how many people have operated from this level.

The negative aspects of being in this level are: 

We suffer anxieties about not being accepted and feel like we don't fit in.
We may manipulate others and be both intolerant and impatient with them.
On the bright side, this level brings with a feeling of being loved, a sense of belonging and healthy relationships.

Level 3 - Self-esteem

In the third level of consciousness (associated with the solar plexus chakra), we become focused upon satisfying our need to feel good about ourselves. We do this through a sense of pride in who we are and by having a positive self esteem.

We will start to want to 'stand out' from the crowd where we previously we just wanted to belong. We begin to discover ourselves; our abilities and our limitations. We become aware of our limited knowledge and are comfortable with this (at lower levels we weren't aware we didn't know it all). We now understand that we have the power to change ourselves and our environment.

Time begins to have fluidity for us and seems to expand and contract with our feelings. It seems to fly when we are happy and to drag when we are terrified.

We will master this level by developing the emotional skills needed so we can respect and feel good about ourselves in all situations. We will need to develop a positive sense of self worth and pride.

We will experience this level negatively when we feel we are neither respected nor good enough.

On the bright side, this level of conscious brings with it: 

* A desire to excel and be successful and accepted professionally.
* A feeling of positive self worth.

The level of the control drama

This is the level where people play out control dramas as a way of getting energy from others. The four major control dramas that people play out are: 

1. The 'poor me' control drama: This person gets energy from others through sympathy for their perceived plight and ills. If this is you, you do not surrender guilt and will often attempt to put it onto others. You are a martyr or victim and can play it out through illness or other life circumstances. If you have one of these people in your life, the best thing you can do is 'call them' on it.

2. The intimidatory control drama: This people bully you; threaten you with body language and remind you of your failings. They often don't even need to say anything. They can make you feel as if you are dependent upon them for your survival. When you become compliant or reliant on them; that is when they get their energy from you. The best way to deal with people who play out this control drama is to stand up to them.

3. The interrogator control drama: This person uses constant and vigorous questioning to extract your energy. This one is very subtle. You think they are interested in you, so you get caught focusing your attention on answering their question (they way they get your energy). This one can even feel nice, although you do feel obliged to answer their questions. The best way to deal with these people is either to politely refrain from answering their questions or to question them back.

4. The 'aloof' control drama: This person keeps you at arm's length and wants to appear mysterious. They will remove themselves from a social situation so other people feel obliged to go and 'check on them'. This is how they get their energy. The best way to deal with these people is to leave them be.

In all these control drama situations, where the attention goes; is where the energy goes. People playing out control dramas are all seeking to get attention and energy for themselves. People stuck in the lower levels will experience this constant energy tug every day. When a person moves out of the lower levels, their energy comes from the collective consciousness and they no longer need to seek it from other people.

Level 4 - Transformation

Level four is the transition from the lower to the higher levels. It is similar to the pinched in part of a sand timer and can be quite difficult for people to move through. For some people, the effort proves to be just too much and they continually cycle from this level back down to earlier levels. It takes consistent effort to maintain this level long enough to move into level five.

The fourth level of consciousness is about the transformation from self to service. We master this level by learning to release our fears (conscious and subconscious) from the previous three levels. By doing this we begin to blend the needs of the ego with the needs of the soul. Most people at this level will experience both forgiveness and acceptance.

To move through this level requires commitment, perseverance and faith. At times this can be quite an uncomfortable level as you will question all your beliefs and question what else there is to life. You may even find that you're not who you thought you were; brought about by your new found desire to be genuine and authentic. You ponder whether what you are doing is making you happy... and if the answer is 'no', you begin the journey to find this happiness. Our focus changes from getting to doing.

People in this level begin to live life according to their personal values and beliefs. The process of actualisation has well and truly begun and unlike in the lower levels, we embrace change.

During this transformational level some people are tempted to throw out everything in their life; all their possessions and relationships. The danger in doing this is allowing yourself to slip back to level one and beginning the process all over again. It may be more productive to ask how you can change what you already have rather than throwing everything out.

This is a very exciting stage and people can become 'born again' and wish to share all their new found knowledge and excitement with others. You want other people to experience the magnificent changes you are experiencing.

This level brings much richness as you connect more with the world around you, especially nature and other people. You genuinely care for others and can focus on them (rather than just yourself).

You get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Level 5 - Internal Cohesion

When you have transitioned through level 4 you will enter level 5 which is about internal cohesion. From here it is much harder to slip back into the lower levels.

This is where duality has ceased to exist. As you are above, so you are below.

You master the fifth level of consciousness by discovering your personal meaning for your existence and find your purpose. This level is where we found the meaning and purpose for our existence. In later levels, we will actualise this meaning through service to the world. During this level we will, however, begin to experience the urge to 'give back'. You are starting to feel compelled to have a cause and work towards it with other people.

You might even outgrow your career and feel dissatisfied if all you are doing is working for a living. You really are searching for a higher purpose and are already aware that you can create your own reality. You will now have the commitment, passion, excitement and enthusiasm to make things happen. You are also too honest to fool yourself any longer. You can happily work on bigger and longer term goals. You begin to fully understand the connection between the micro and the macro and your place in the universe.

Level 6 - Making A Difference

During the sixth level of consciousness you begin to actualise the meaning and purpose for your existence that you discovered in level five. You have an overriding need to contribute; and no amount of contribution is enough.

You master this level by actualising your sense of meaning by making a difference in the world (often with others). It is important during your transition through this level to remember to stay grounded and not ignore the needs of the lower levels.

We may begin working energetically in this level and will experience the world as one. People will notice your leadership and want to follow your light. You will have empathy with everything and everyone and can see where they are all coming from and more easily direct them to solutions. You can love and accept everything... but you still may choose not to have it in your life.

Level 7 - Service

In the seventh level of consciousness we begin to lead a life of service and take further steps to actualize the difference we were making in the sixth level of consciousness. You will have long term visions and can even be comfortable where a vision extends beyond this lifetime. Making a difference is your life purpose.

Every action you take is an ethical action; you no longer do things unless they are ethical. By now you have a strong inner peace and it takes quite a bit to rattle you. You remain calm in the face of uncertainty that once would have concerned you.

You have strong inner and outer connections and know that God is inside you. You are compelled to help others and actively look for opportunities to help... but will do so only if it is appropriate. When you speak it is with wisdom and in a way that is easily understood by the other person.

The purpose of our life appears to be to grow and move through the seven levels of consciousness. During our transition it will serve us if we keep the positive strengths from each level as we move forward. See every day as an opportunity to take another step towards your consciousness growth.

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The 7 Levels Of Personal Growth And Consciousness

It appears there are seven levels of growth every person on the planet undertakes

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