The Ego and Its Opposite
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Spirituality information tells us that we live in a world of dualities. One of the primal dualities is our ego and our sacred self. Our sacred self is the voice of our spirit and our ego is the opposite of that. The law of attraction tells us that if we only listened to our sacred self we would live in truth and harmony however our spiritual growth tells us that it is the contrasts in life that make this adventure worthwhile.

If the ego were the only voice that we heard to help us make life decisions, then we wouldn't have a chance to receive the truth of the spirit. One of the wonders of our existence in the realm of relativity is that in order for something to exist and be experienced, it must have an opposite that allows us to see what it is not.

The opposite of the ego is the sacred-self. The ego exists and functions and can only be in control of what it knows. Everything the ego knows is based on past experience and memories and future expectations or imaginings. The ego gets its information from the mind.

The sacred-self, in the same manner, exists and functions and can only be in control of what it knows. Everything the sacred-self knows is based on universal truths that exist in the present moment. The sacred-self gets its information from the spirit.

So, we have two voices that are constantly funneling information to us as we encounter life's events. These voices sound the same and both carry with them a certain logic for any given situation. Typically, the first voice you will hear as you encounter some situation in life is your sacred-self. The sacred-self is always in the present moment and is always armed with the ultimate truth of who you are.

So the sacred-self doesn't have to "think" about anything as it encounters life's events. The sacred-self observes and then speaks the truth of the moment. That is why it is often the best course of action to go with your first thought about something. This is your intuitive thought. This is the thought that pops in your head as your first recognition of what is true for you and a course of action that will ultimately serve you.

The ego does not live in the present moment and therefore it does not have the luxury of being able to speak one truth for all situations. The ego can only be in command of what it knows, and all of the ego's knowledge is based on what it remembers from the past or what it has projected for the future as a continuation of this knowledge of the past.

The ego has to absorb the life event that you encounter and then search for an appropriate reaction to that event, based on what you have done in the past in similar situations, or what the ego projects that you should do in the future, to bring about its own projection of how it thinks the future should turn out.

So typically, soon after you hear your first intuitive voice suggesting a course of action, you will hear what sounds like the same voice giving you a thought about alternative courses of action.

This is the ego catching up to the action at hand. The ego has had to take some time to analyze and rationalize what is best for the ego. The ego isn't concerned with the ultimate truth of the moment because the ego does not exist in the present moment.

The present moment is a moment that unifies everything. When you are fully present in the eternal moment of now you are one with all things. This is where your spirit dwells. This is where your sacred self operates. This is where the ultimate truth about who you really are can be discovered at any given moment. This is where you are in a state of innocence. It is a state where, at the very deepest level, it is as if you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching everything for the very first time.

The present moment is where life is lived from the heart. The past and the future are lived in the mind. The ego dwells in the world of the mind where the concepts of time and space allow it to believe that it is separate from all things.

The present moment is the space of unity. The past and the future are the space that allow for separation. If you look at the history of the ego and the sacred-self, you can see how this concept of separation evolved.

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The Ego and Its Opposite

The Ego and Its Opposite Articles By Richard Blackstone

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