Why Do We Dream? The Meanings of Dream Uncovered
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The brain receives messages, images and all kinds of stimuli all day long. You cannot possibly process all this stimuli so your mind picks the priorities such as your angry boss, the screaming baby, steering your car, the 'ding' from new email.

That are messages you are not consciously aware of but your brain has picked them up on the subconscious level. This could be a flickering light bulb, the tax form that's been hanging from your fridge for weeks, a whispered piece of gossip in a coffee shop.

In addition, you feel a range of emotions during the day. Sometimes you acknowledge those feelings (laughing at a funny YouTube video, embarrassment at an off-hand comment, the flattered blush following a compliment). Some you forget, others you try to forget and others you barely realize occurred.

Traumatic experiences might be so painful that you go into denial mode and your mind buries them deep into your subconscious.


Wow, so you have a lot of 'mind stuff' or 'mental baggage' swirling around. At night, when your body is resting, your mind is still processing. That is why every one dreams, even though many do not remember their dreams by the morning.


Your dreaming mind might have access to information, interpretation and answers that are not available to your conscious self. Dreams may reveal hidden fears, desires and information that might enlighten or inspire you should you spend them analyzing them. You might uncover hidden ideas that will increase your creativity. Or perhaps they will help you come to terms to stressful and traumatic aspects of your past you have hidden from yourself.

Of course, you do not have to analyze your dreams at all. And mis-interpretation or over-analysis could be harmful. For example, if you are always dreaming of a co-worker in a surprisingly sexual manner, it does not mean automatically that you secretly fancy them. Often when we dream of people, we are actually dreaming of ourselves but an aspect of your personality is represented by this person.


When considering the meaning of a particular dream, you must remember first and foremost that dreams may be symbols rather than literal representations of thoughts or occurrences. And dreams have to be studied as a whole. So if you're dreaming of a flying then falling then your dream dictionary says falling represents insecurities, you have to consider the whole context of the dream. What happened before and after the fall etc. The key thing is to consider the overall emotion involved in your dream: did you feel scared, insecure, loved, warm, tearful? Then think about what is happening in your life that might be creating that emotion.

Remember that your dreams may not have a definitive meaning or message so don't get all frustrated if you do not get the answers you need.

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Why Do We Dream? The Meanings of Dream Uncovered

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