How to hint to a girl that you want to be more than friends
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So, you have met the girl, dated the girl and fallen in love with the girl. There is nothing that hurts more than a partner not returning the strong feelings you have inside. Are you scared of the dating scene and unsure on how to hint to a girl that you want to be more than friends?

You are not alone. How to give sign that you are interested in a woman is the question bothering most men. There are various ways in which you can give signs to your woman which show that you are interested.

Use your eyes to covey your love. Many men cannot maintain the eye contact with a girl, especially with his dream girl. Keep your eye contact while talking to her, so that she can feel that you are interested in her. 

A light touch can make her feel that you care for her. You can lightly touch her hands or shoulders. If she returns you with a smile, or does not resist, you are sure to be on the path to a successful relationship.

Buy her something special for a holiday, preferably Valentines Day. The gifts need not be expensive, as they just represent your love for her. Be creative with what you buy. However, do not go to the extent of buying her everything that she wants. You will end up as her dog, and of course, a guy whom she will never go out with.

Make sure you are well dressed whenever you meet her. A women likes a pleasant guy, so dressing up will make her feel that you want to look impressive.

Of course, you can ask her to a social event such as dances, a football game, or dinner. A woman likes to be invited by a man, and if you do that, you are letting her know that you are showing interest for her. Well, a woman who turns up for a date is likely to fancy you. And that will be the best time to let her know your feelings. 

Body language is a very good way to express love and feelings. When you talk to her, maintain eye contact and lean slightly forward, in order to show that you are interested. Smile at times to make her comfortable with you

However, many guys make the mistake when meeting their dream girl. They become overly obsessive, and their minds are all over her. It is important to be yourself. Girls have a little alarm in their heads which tells them when you're not being yourself, and they will become defensive. 

Thus, giving signs that you are interested in a woman is easy and not as difficult as many guys think. Just be natural and express your feelings naturally.

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How to hint to a girl that you want to be more than friends

How to hint to a girl that you want to be more than friends from Awakening Intuition

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