Staying Relaxed During A Date
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The positive atmosphere during a date is what everyone aspiring for. The most ideal date is the sweetest moment of mutual exchanges of thoughts in harmony with both parties' personalities, beliefs, and desires. Keeping that relaxed vibration is what we opt to achieve in this discussion.

It may sound funny, but you have to reassure yourself that you look good and that you have the unique beauty that someone else will see in you. This will spark the light to brighten you up providing the air of confidence you must breathe.

The first meetings are so exciting. Everyone hopes that this kind of opportunity proceeds into a meaningful relationship.

We must realize that almost all of the things during a date are beyond our control. Almost all, but one thing we are always in control of is ourselves. Whatever happens, our reactions are completely our own and we are responsible for it.

When we get too excited and emotions take control over our minds, an immediate recourse is to take a deep breath and exhale gently. Do not conceal this attempt to loosen up. That is an accepted way to release tension. It's a way of showing your true feelings on a very especial occasion.

Being your self should shoo away the feeling of nervousness or shyness. It will give you the self-assurance to open up and speak out the matters in your heart.

There's nothing to worry as long as you behave to be who you are. Your unique responses should drift naturally and your personality emerges. Remember that a date is the opportunity to reveal who you are and on the other hand, discover someone else's good qualities.

Expect the same degree of honesty that you accord during a date. If you spot some negative consequences, just note and proceed. It is not the right time to evaluate and make decisions. The person you are dating may also have noticed unfavorable matters about you. As long as courtesy holds your time together, go on and appropriately enjoy the date.

Observe a two way street. We see how the vehicles navigate their courses to reach their destinations crossing many ways and passing through traffics. The speed of the motor vehicles would depend on every road situation. Apply this analogy to your conversations during your date to ease the flow of communication between you and your date.

Do not forget that the other important part of the date: knowing the person you are with. Let your date express him or her self. Listen and observe the gestures and non-verbal expressions which may give you the hints if you are getting along well.

Stay focused on the topic and connect to the story you are told. Ask relevant questions and avoid making judgment unless you are asked of your opinion. It is safe to qualify your answers and reason out with respect to others rights.

Religion, political ideas, sports and even show business may toss in the discussion but stay away from rendering conclusions. Limit your statements to plainly expressing your beliefs but never claim such to be the absolute truth or the best idea. Your first meeting may end so soon that your date may find you immutable.

As you make your points clear on your beliefs, do not convince your date to share the same view. Be attentive to your dates' hints for a change of subject matter while discussion progresses. When he/she becomes silent or uninterested, take the initiative to talk about something else. Save yourself from any misunderstanding.

Stay aware about what's going on during your date. The food you are having when you are dining, the people around you when you are in the park, or the establishments along the street you are walking through are some of the many things you can chat on.

Carefully look at your dates' eyes without compulsion. Gently glancing into your dates' eye would entice him or her to do the same. Persuasion not force will make this happen.

But what if, after being very careful, you screw up? An outright sorry is enough. Your sincerity should soothe everything at the moment. In case you have offended your date, politely apologize. Rest assure not to mention such remarks again. This marks the beginning of knowing your date more.

These are some pointers to keep you totally comfortable and getting along well with your date. Should you have some hesitations on proceeding into a date, please get in touch with us at

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Staying Relaxed During A Date

Staying Relaxed During A Date from Awakening Intuition

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