Healing our Fears - Overcoming Fear – Part 5
By Robert Elias Najemy

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Regression Techniques

Memory regression techniques can be used to expose to the conscious mind the hidden sources of fear locked in the subconscious mind. Individuals, who have been severely paralyzed by unreasonable fears, have been cured upon the release into the conscious mind of those hidden traumatic memories. Many case histories are available concerning those who had been affected by experiences from the past.

Through hypnotic regression and other techniques, memories of the past and birth experiences have been uncovered in hundreds of thousands of people. Such techniques are being used today by psychologists and other mental health professionals seeking to help liberate those suffering from inexplicable fears or guilt. Bringing these previously suppressed subconscious images into the light of the conscious mind helps to dissolve the problem.

Employing power psychology techniques such as EMDR, TFT or EFT can greatly expedite this process. (See previous section)

Relaxation and Rejuvenation of the Body and Mind

Through systematic practice of proper eating, physical exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques or meditation, we can release traumas, stresses and fears lodged in the body and mind.

As our whole being becomes more relaxed, tension and fear naturally subside, and inner peace and feelings of inner security develop.

Relaxation brings greater peace, and greater peace allows us to react with less fear and tension, thus allowing for more relaxation. The opposite is also true. Fear brings tension, in turn creating more fear.

When our energy level is higher and more harmonious, we are better equipped to deal with stress, challenges and difficulties. We feel stronger and more powerful, less fearful.


A study of ourselves and the world, will demonstrate that many beings, situations and events that we feared because of our unfamiliarity and ignorance are not actually harmful at all.

We tend to fear many types of animals, when the truth is that the animals have much more reason to fear us. We have caused harm to and killed many more of them than they have of us.

Often we fear others because we project our own intentions onto them. An aggressive person who wishes harm to others will also imagine the same intentions in the others. A simple peace loving person will have fewer fears.

A deeper study of our true nature will eventually guide us to the realization that our existence is not limited to our body and personality, which we are desperately trying to protect.

Eventually, we will begin to perceive ourselves as eternal souls.
The more we understand, the less we perceive as unfamiliar, unknown and threatening. As our wisdom increases, we realize that we really have nothing to fear in this world.

Sharing with and Being Supported by Others

Growth groups in which people come together to share honestly and openly for the purpose of self-improvement and self-understanding can be very helpful for those of us wanting to overcome fears and other negative emotions and habits.

a. We become aware of the fact that others share many of our fears, needs and feelings.

b. Talking about a fear makes it more objective and helps us to relate to it as something separate from ourselves the next time it arises.

c. A group gives us emotional support, and we can think of the group the next time we are faced with the fear-creating situation. In this way, we help each other grow more mentally and emotionally mature.

d. In addition, we get the benefit of feeling less isolated, less alienated, and more loved and understood.

We suggest that you read the previous and upcoming article of this series.
May you be well

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Healing our Fears - Overcoming Fear – Part 5

Healing our Fears - Overcoming Fear – Part 5 Articles By Robert Elias Najemy from Awakening Intuition