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"To touch the stars I must feel the Earth beneath my feet."

Everyone is intuitive - doesn't matter who you are we are all born with a varying degree of intuitiveness. Often we hear of a wife saying how she knew when her husband was in danger and though it was only a feeling it turned out to be true. Mothers have the same sense about their children. There are also moments in everyone's life when they have a inner knowing not to go in a certain direction and how many of you have heard the phone ring and knew who was on the other end? Having intuitive abilities is like being able to tune into television stations.

The majority of people have those Rabbit Ear antennas that look like a big V and sit on top of the televisions set, some though have upgraded to cable so are able to get even more information and then there are people like Psychics and Mediums who have the big satellite dish and are able to get information beyond this world. Whatever your intuitive abilities look like it is possible to increase your ability to tune in.

I am not saying everyone can be a Medium or a Psychic because it doesn't work that way. Just like everyone is not born to be a Doctor or a Lawyer or a Teacher not everyone's purpose on that planet is to pass on messages from beyond. But you can increase your ability to hear your own guidance, you can learn how to shut the world of noise out so things become clearer, you can reach a place of spirit where it is possible to feel the presence of the Angels even if you do not hear them at first, you can gain greater insight into a life situation and be able to make more informed decisions about what pathway to chose. All these things are possible. I am not an expert I can only share with you the knowledge I have gathered throughout my own journey, the wisdom of my guides, the Angels and the experiences shared by others on their journey. What you must do is take the knowledge that is given in this workshop, build on it, add your own experiences to it, change and adapt the material to suit who you are and ask others on the same journey what has worked for them. There is no right way or wrong way there are only different ways and that is what makes this world of ours great. YOUR INTUITIVE. Grounding

There are many ways to ground some as simple as walking in nature or visualizing a connection with Mother Earth or simply reading a book or working out in the garden. People are like electrical wires being charged by the energy in the environment and as any good electrician will tell you if you overload a system with too much energy it will eventually explode. That is why there is a wire specifically used to ground electrical units. And we as humans are no different we need to find a way of grounding ourselves so excess energy can be released.

Symptoms of being ungrounded

• Mind racing with a million thoughts
• Panic attacks
• Indecision
• The need to hurry
• Increased nervousness.
• Extremes in emotions

These are signs our body is starting to overload and we need to take time to ground ourselves. If you do not feel like you can achieve a feeling of being grounded on your own perhaps seeking a mentor to help you may work or going to someone who is a legitimate Reiki healer (Always double check credentials). Sometimes it is a case of giving yourself time to find what works for you having some patience for the process and making a commitment to practice. That is what the saying "To touch the stars we must feel the Earth beneath our feet" means to be grounded in this world.

No Mind ~ Meditation and the concept of letting go

Here I will share what my guides told me about the process of meditation and letting go of thoughts. I was told to close my eyes and visualize sitting in the middle of a big Oak tree with those massive branches reaching to the heavens and the strong thick roots reaching down into the earth. Then after I could feel myself in the Oak tree these words came to me.

'To touch the stars you must feel the Earth' The Owl sits and allows itself to be still Thoughts are allowed to come and go without attachment Only when our minds are quiet Can we see that which is before us. Allow all thoughts to come and go do not hold onto them As they will become attached to your subconscious ego Breathe in from the stars Release to the Earth Let go breath feel the thoughts come and go Allow the quiet to settle around you It will take time

In the beginning man survived by his senses to hunt to gather to mate to survive As these roles in man's life became obsolete so did his reliance on his senses Close your eyes and you must see with the rest of your body Hear the world move Smell the world move Feel the world move The blind man sees that which you cannot You must learn to see with your eyes closed Sit close your eyes do not imagine the world around you for this is an illusion of mind See the world around you using the senses that you have neglected

Eagle Feathers

Eagle Feathers makes a very good point about seeing with your eyes closed. You will find most blind people have heightened senses and a greater level of intuitiveness than people who can see. Sitting with your eyes closed and trying to listen to the world with your other senses decreases your reliance on sight (the visual). Some people after sitting for a while doing this actually find themselves unaware of time and where they are some even enter a meditative state. But the real beauty of heightened senses is the world becomes a different place and you no longer rush unaware of that which surrounds you. I personally would start with this exercise of closing your eyes then move on to the traditional


For a lot of people meditation is defined as a state of not having any thoughts but this is not the case. When I first started meditating I was so worried about not thinking any thoughts that my mind just filled with thoughts about not having thoughts!!!! The trick is to let the thoughts come and go without being attached to them, to think of any thoughts which enter as little white clouds that you watch drift away. Eventually with practice you will find less and less thoughts entering and your mind will wander less.... keep in mind people who get to a stage of pure non attachment in meditation usually practice every day. There are no rules with meditating its whatever works for you if a CD of whales singing makes you at peace then go for it, if nothing but a flickering candle makes the world disappear again go for it, if you have to sit on a chair, sit on a cushion, sit in a group whatever works for you. For me when I am sitting drawing I go into a mini meditative state unaware of everything but what I am doing. When I talk to my guides I sit with a single white candle no music and a say a prayer then I close my eyes and drift I have friends who use Buddhist chants again what ever works for you.

The goal in meditation is to have no goal or no expectations to let go of any attachments and just be There are no time limits start off small and build up to longer or just do what feel right sometimes closing your eyes in the middle of a stressful day for five minutes can bring you back into balance and peace within Meditation is the way most Psychics, Mediums connect with their Guides Angels or Higher Power. If you find the process to frustrating find a group to meditate with or see if there is anyone who runs guided meditations. There are lots of groups who meet every month to simply meditate for world peace. Keep in mind you may not connect with anybody during your meditations but do not let that put you off. Simply taking a moment to de-stress to find balance to bring calm into our life will make your vision clearer and give you greater insight into your life situations. You will become more in 'tune' with your surroundings and the people around you

No mind state

To be of no mind state is to be completely at one with the universe. This is not the same as when athletes say they are in the "zone", being in the zone is having total focus on one thing while being of no mind state is having no focus on anything it is the state of just being. I am not a religious person in the church sense nor am I affiliated with any religious organization but I to get across the point of no mind it is useful to use a bible analogy. When Jesus stated in the bible the words "I am" he was actually referring to being in a no mind state being one with everything. The Native Americans say the same thing "I am one with the trees I am one with the animals I am one with the rocks etc." When you are of no mind state there are no reactions no emotions no fears doubts you just are. This is what my guides have to say about no mind

Without self there is nothing emptiness I am Without self we are one I am Without time there is nothing emptiness I am Without time we are one I am Close your eyes does your mind tell you what you do not see? Close your eyes do your fears and emotions dictate what you hear? Close your eyes does your physical body determine the outcome your mind decrees? I am I am not here not there I am I am not afraid or fearful I am I am not walking not talking I am

Eagle feathers

Submitting to the 'I don't know' is the releasing of ego the freeing of the soul it is the ultimate freedom. Only from emptiness can your body be filled.


As a Psychic/Medium when I am with someone and I am tuned in I am of no mind state. The divine energy comes through me I speak the words I have an awareness but I am not attaching anything to either what is being said or the person I am with. "I am" The reason I mention this state of 'no mind' is because it is when we are at our most intuitive and I might add peaceful. It is the next rung of the ladder in meditation but it can also be that moment when you are completely in the now just being. The advantage of being of no mind state is that you can see things with great clarity because there isn't any B....S getting in the road no emotional attachment to outcomes no judgments no looking for agendas just what is. Why all these things are important? Part of tuning in or bringing forth the gift of insight is being able to let go of all the attachments we have.

Image a single Mother working full time trying to raise her children the best she can. Then imagine her thoughts as solid objects floating around her like small balls. There would be school meetings in a little ball, work commitments in another one, maybe issues with a mother or ex-husband in another one, money worries in another one and so on. Now picture this woman with all those little balls rotating around her like a mini hurricane do you think she is going to be able to see anything with absolute objectivity and clarity? Do you think she will be able to be at one with anything with all those balls floating around her? Probably not which is why concepts like no mind, non attachment, releasing ego, meditation etc are important when it comes to being able to increasing your intuitiveness. You are not going to be able hear your inner voice unless you can lessen the noise of the outside world and your ego self. Ego self is that voice saying "How can you sit here meditating when there is so much else to do"

Your intuitive self

There are many articles on how to become more intuitive but most focus on increasing your psychic abilities. But that is not solely what being intuitive means. Being intuitive is being able to recognize the person who walks into your life and is not the healthiest person to have around. Being intuitive is being able to step back in arguments and see all sides objectively. Being intuitive is having a knowing when the people you care about are hurting. Being intuitive is being able to hear the inner voice over the ego voice. Being intuitive is being able to hear that Angel voice that say "not a good idea" or "we are with you always". Being intuitive is being in tune with not only your own emotions and feelings but those of the people around you. Being intuitive is being able to make informed choices rather than ones based on emotion and past 'stuff'. Ultimately these things are going to be more useful to you than knowing who is on the other end of the telephone when it rings or what card will be turned over next. So what can you do to be more tuned in?

Try automatic writing. Light a candle say a prayer ask for guidance ask for all things to come in unconditional love divine light and for your highest good and write what ever comes into your head. At the very least this will allow you to clear your mind of thoughts and you may even start to tune into your inner voice.

Meditate. Find what works for you. Try and get into the habit of meditating at a set time and day. But do not be anal about it. Even a walk along the beach or around the neighborhood or a quite moment with a good book and a cup of tea are all forms of bringing your body down into a peaceful state.

Let go and let God as they say. What this means is do not try and change the world in a day. Change what you can change and accept there are just some things you can't change. Let go of outcomes let go of expectations. Be at peace with who you are and where you are in your life. Live in the moment do not allow your ego self to take you into a future that hasn't even been created yet.

Learn about yourself who you are if you know yourself you have no need to worry about what other people think about you or worry about the future because you know what you want and where you want to be and you are happy with all in your world as it is.

Fill up your spiritual toolbox. Go to classes, join a group or read up on things which interest you. Find a mentor. Learn different ways to meditate to tune in try a Reiki class etc.

The thing most people do not realize is everything is meant to be simple. The higher power whoever and what ever you perceive him/her/it to be did not set out to turn tuning in into an exam that was humans looking to set themselves up as 'experts' so they could make a lot of money by saying listen to me 'I know'. I know people who talk to Angels and it is simply faith and belief that allows them to do so. They are able to let the outside noise die down and then they listen for the Angel Whisper and they are able to do that simply because they believe it will come. I hear my guides speak to me when I am with a person because I am able to let go of ego mind and attachment and be of no mind. Did it take a while to get to that stage absolutely but it was not a complicated process but a simple one of perseverance, trust and commitment.


To find your intuitive self you first have to get to know who you are. You have to find out what you want and where you want to be. And in this process of finding out who you are you will let go of all attachment to the past to old dreams lost hopes past hurts grudges they will start to fall away and as they do you will start to see with greater clarity you will start to hear a voice an inner voice of spirit that is your heart song. There are no party tricks when it comes to finding your intuitive self. And all those exercises designed to "bring out the psychic in you" are useless if you cannot be of a no mind state can't sit in the now, can't have empathy for others and let your own stuff go. I am a Medium and a Psychic but I still have to live and breathe in the 'real' world still have stuff to deal with and again knowing who is going to walk into the room next doesn't help me very much in the middle of an argument with my partner, doesn't make any money problems disappear, doesn't take away an abusive childhood. What does help though is being able to step back and shut out the noise and hear the voice of spirit. My guides and the Angels do not give me answers but the help me gain clarity and balance.

If you want to find your intuitive self find out who you are why you react certain ways why things are triggers for you what things work to bring you into a state of peace. Nurture yourself in body mind and spirit. That is what bring forth the gift of insight is. It is bringing forth the knowledge of inner self and letting go of ego self it is knowing who we are at the core of our being. Being psychic is great but that is only a small part of who I am and knowing all the parts that make me who I am is for me the true gift of insight.

Robin Newman Psychic/Medium
Creating futures changing lives

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