Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness: Arthur Schopenhauer on Love - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  Out of all of life’s complex aspects, love is one of the least debated about in the world of philosophy. It would seem that either the philosophers didn’t deem love to be worthy of deep thought, or perhaps they did not know what to make of it. Yet there is one philosopher in Germany who attempted to unravel the secret of love: Arthur Schopenhauer. Known in the literary world for his pessimism, Schopenhauer was also unlucky with the ladies. He concluded, that what we know as “love” is simply the desire to reproduce for the sake of our species, nothing more. Botton will show us how this theory may be applicable to our lives.

In this documentary series, Alain de Botton takes us into the world of philosophy and tries to unravel some of the most important and difficult questions of our lives. These questions about love, hardship, anger, happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem pose problems to many and solutions to these problems are not always easy to come by. Botton helps us by turning to great thinkers of the past who have spent many years thinking about these aspects of our lives and tries to reassure us that there is always a solution to life‘s problems.

Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness: Nietzsche on Hardship  - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  We all face hardships and adversity in our lives, and often things don’t go the way we want them to go. Problems and setbacks are to be expected in our lives, but rather than trying to avoid these problems, one of Germany‘s most famous philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche, encourages us to embrace setbacks and adversity, in order to overcome these problems and grow out of them, ultimately becoming stronger. With this new and revolutionary view on life’s problems, Botton tries to help us with the aid of Nietzsche, overcoming and coping with what life throws against us.

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness – Seneca on Anger - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Anger is among the most powerful of human emotions. A great number of people neither know how to control it nor how to cope with it. Instead, we let it control us and it makes us do things which we might later regret. By consulting the ancient roman philosopher Seneca, Botton tries to explain to us why we get angry and how we can control it. Seneca believed we get angry simply because our expectations for any given aspect in life are too high. When things don’t go the way we want them to, we get angry, and by lowering our expectations we won’t be let down so easily and so we won’t get angry.

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness – Epicurus on Happiness - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  In this epidsode, Botton asks the question if money really does make us happy, or if it is something else that we require in order to be happy. Modern society tricks us into thinking that all we need in order to lead a happy life is money or material things, yet we can see that rich people often have fits of depression and other negative feelings. What we want is not necessarily what we need. Botton consults the works of an ancient Greek philosopher called Epicurus who states that in order to be happy, we need but 3 ingredients: friends, freedom and thinking about our lives. If all these requirements are met, Epicurus claims that we may all find happiness in our lives.

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness - Montaigne on Self-Esteem - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  In this episode, Botton takes on the challenge of explaining just what people with low self-esteem can do in order to feel more adequate or equal. To do that, he travels to France, where he introduces us to Michel de Montaigne who is widely popular due to his humorous personal anecdotes, yet analytical thinking about social problems. He teaches us that just because someone has more money than us, had a better education or retains a more powerful position than us that doesn’t make this person in any way better, smarter or wiser than us. Great lessons on life can be learned from this admirable man.

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness – Socrates on Self-Confidence - 25min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: In this episode, Alain de Botton takes us into the world of philosophy and tries to explain to us how exactly we can become more assertive and self-confident in our beliefs, based on the ideas and teachings of Socrates. In Athens, Botton shows us just how modern society has become essentially a herd of sheep following a certain powerful and influential individual. But who says that this individual and his ideas are right? Taking Socrates as the perfect symbol of fighting for one’s beliefs, Botton challenges the very way we think about daily problems and asks all of us to think more logically for our selves in order to find the truth and not let others guide us while we follow blindly.

Peter Singer: "The Ethics of What We Eat" - 74min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  The Ethics of What We Eat explores the impact our food choices have on humans, animals, and the environment. Recognizing that not all of us will become vegetarians, Singer offers ways to make healthful, humane food choices. As they point out: You can be ethical without being fanatical. Huge retailers wield enormous power over prices and compel those far up the chain of food production and distribution to make unhelpful decisions. Peter also examines the ethical pros and cons of eating meat in any form. Urban dwellers far removed from the source of the foods they eat will find Singer’s descriptions of food production more disturbing and violent than the quiet, attractive, plastic-wrapped displays in the local supermarket’s pristine meat case.

Being No One - Thomas Metzinger - 56min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Thomas Metzinger is the Director of the Philosophy Group at the Department of Philosophy at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz. His research focuses on philosophy of mind, especially on consciousness and the nature of the self. In this lecture he develops a representationalist theory of phenomenal self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is an acute sense of self-awareness. It is a preoccupation with oneself, as opposed to the philosophical state of self-awareness, which is the awareness that one exists as an individual being; although some writers use both terms interchangeably or synonymously. An unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness may occur when one realizes that one is being watched or observed, the feeling that “everyone is looking” at oneself. Some people are habitually more self-conscious than others. Unpleasant feelings of self-consciousness are sometimes associated with shyness or paranoia. According to Schopenhauer, man can, through self-consciousness, make a choice between affirming or denying the will.

Friedrich Nietzsche Biography: Beyond Good and Evil - 49min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  Human, All Too Human is a three-part 1999 documentary television series produced by the BBC. It follows the lives of three prominent European philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The theme of this documentary revolves heavily around the school of philosophical thought known as existentialism, although the term had not been coined at the time of Nietzsche's writing, and Heidegger declaimed the label. The documentary is named after the 1878 book written by Nietzsche, titled Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits.

Beyond Good and Evil, which is about Friedrich Nietzsche and his gradual shift from religion, to nihilism, and finally to insanity. His sister presented the National Socialists (Nazis) with heavily modified versions of Nietzsche's writings that were interpreted as a pro-Nazi agenda; to advance the superior race of the Übermensch, the "superman", the perfect Aryan.

The prescient seeds of thought disseminated by Friedrich Nietzsche in the 19th century prefigured the pivotal 20th-century concepts of existentialism and psychoanalysis. In this program, interviews with Nietzsche biographers Ronald Hayman and Leslie Chamberlain, archivist Dr. Andrea Bollinger, translator Reg Hollingdale, writer Will Self, and philosopher Keith Ansell Pearson probe Nietzsche's life and elucidate his writings. In addition, his sister's role in editing his works for use as Nazi propaganda is highlighted. Extracts of Nietzsche's aphoristic prose, drawn from works such as The Parable of a Madman and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, aptly convey the essence of a supreme stylist and prophetic thinker.

Jean Paul Sartre Biography: The Road To Freedom - 49min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary:  The Road to Freedom, describes the life of the French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre. This is when the term existentialism begins to enter the realm of philosophy. The documentary shows that Sartre believes it is up to each individual human being to give his or her own life a meaning and a purpose.

Jean-Paul Sartre's abstract ideas, grounded in everyday life, crystallized the mood of the times and became both a rallying point for youth and a touchstone for reaction to world events. This program uses archival footage; accounts by some of Sartre's close friends, including Olivier Todd, Jean Pouillon, and Michelle Vian; and interviews with Jonathan Ree, Baroness Mary Warnock, Patrick Vaudey, Bernard Levy, and other experts to analyze Sartre's life and existential outlook from the vantage point of World War II and its aftermath. Dramatized excerpts of Nausea and No Exit underscore Sartre's themes of alienation and commitment and offer a glimpse of his vision of hell.

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