Forces of Reconstruction
Articles By M.E. Haselhurst

So Many "impossibilities have become actualities over recent years that miracles have become almost commonplace. And the pace of these transformations is accelerating. Men send the imagination soaring, then fling the mind in its wake, seeking the laws and principle that must be harnessed to make their dreaming factual.

In such a world there is no reason for esotericists to be shy of proclaiming what they conceive to be the true nature of man and the universe, no matter how mind-shaking these concepts may be. Neither need they be chary of attempting to relate esoteric knowledge to the problems of mankind, even though in the process they may appear to stretch credulity to its utmost limits. With man-made satellites becoming so common that one scarcely bothers to look skyward to note their passing; with man-made instruments shovelling earth on the moon, men cannot afford to ignore or scorn any propositions that may lead to the Utopia of which all dream, but none seem able to establish.

Available teaching on the forces of reconstruction represents one esoteric approach which is of direct and immediate importance to humanity as it searches for a way to overcome increasing problems, whether these be of relationships, of sustenance, or of education. Because these forces may conceivably demonstrate, at least in the early stages, through the negative aspect of destruction, there is urgent need for research into their nature, objectives, and modes of operation.

Minds trained in meditation and study, and accustomed to the levels of will-motivated action, could well lend themselves to this endeavour, seeking to reveal existent trends in world affairs, which indicate the operation of these forces. There is need also for effort to facilitate their creative operation by removing obstacles which obstruct their free flow, and by providing new channels through which they can flow.

Some direct information is available concerning the forces of reconstruction. The focus of the work of these forces is on the physical plane, and they affect the masses of men by means of the work of the men and women of good will. The forces of reconstruction gather up, fuse and complement the work of the forces of restoration and the forces of enlightenment, which manifest subjectively on the emotional and mental planes, producing psychological health and an awareness of the Plan of Hierarchy.

It is evident that reconstruction, used in this esoteric sense, implies a great deal more than the rebuilding of forms of any kind, whether such forms be of actual buildings, cities, or of the many formalised methods: government, education, finance, social planning and the like, by means of which men live together in ever larger, yet more closely integrated groups.

The Tibetan has stressed that in releasing information concerning these associated forces, he was presenting a picture of the possibility of humanity's resurgence from its unhappy past to a future rooted in tranquillity and growing to splendour without limit.

It is pertinent to enquire what the esotericists of world are doing to translate this possibility into factual achievement. Determined efforts need to be made to relate the chaos of our age to the blueprints provided by esoteric teaching.

Mankind is caught up in a vast cycle of change. National alignments are altering, spheres of influence are in constant flux. Men are learning to live with new energies, and are stabling new values in the process. There is a corresponding loosening of old ties; a moving away from long established standards. Are these signs that the forces of reconstruction are indeed active? That the spiritual yeast is working? Do the cataclysms and catastrophes that afflict the world merely out picture the occult axiom that all is energy, that all energies have a definite effect upon the lives in all forms in all kingdoms in nature?

It is a matter of accepted fact to the esotericist that nothing can escape these magnetic and radiatory influences. The Tibetan underlines the point when he says that "the goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and increasingly aware of the nature of these energies, and to begin to know them and to use them."

The world is changing dramatically, largely because researchers, the curious and the sceptical are working in many fields to the limit of the mind's capacity, and then plunging that one step further that results in pulling through, from the unseen realms, "new" ideas that will seed the thinking of men, and eventually carry humanity forward on its eternal journey of unfoldment. But because new ideas frequently conflict with those that are already established, there is urgent need for the production of a climate of goodwill, a body of public opinion that will nurture the emergent thought patterns, integrating them with that which is worth preserving in past achievement, whilst strengthening them for growth into grand new forms of living

One of the factors inhibiting the effective activity of the forces of reconstruction is the inertia of individuals, their sense of impotence in the face of tremendous world forces, and their apathy, stemming from ignorance as to how they can make an effective contribution to the solving of mankind's problems. Yet we are told that the Hierarchy, seeking to implement the divine Plan on earth, but working always within the limitations imposed by man's free-will, is dependent upon individuals, the workers within humanity, for the success of their work. How then, can any individual consider himself useless, when he is, whether he knows it or not, a link in an unending chain of divine redemptive activity?

The great philosopher, scientist and humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer, said "the final decision as to what the future of a society shall be, depends, not on how near its organisation is to perfection, but on the degree of worthiness in its individual members". Moreover, he pointed clearly to the contribution that individuals can make to the common good when he spoke of the power of the public opinion: "The existing one is maintained by the press, by propaganda, by organisation, and by financial and other influences which are at its disposal. This unnatural way of spreading ideas must be opposed by the natural one which goes from man to man, and relies solely on the truth of the thoughts and the hearer's receptiveness for the truth."

Here is again indication as to how men can assist each in his own place, to create the thought atmosphere capable of nurturing the seeds of the future growth, and capable of protecting the new concepts until they are sufficiently strong enough to defy established orthodoxies. The forces of reconstruction need channels into human life. They operate through the minds of men, but need to divine rhythms, and strong enough to work creatively in seemingly restricted areas.

World problems increase in complexity day by day, as nations become more closely related, more interdependent, and at the same time more mistrustful one of the other. It is consequently important that men ground their physical-plane knowledge, which is rapidly making them masters of everything except themselves and their relationships with each other, into the ageless wisdom, which will lead them to new values, new perspectives, new criteria of judgment, so facilitating the establishment of right relationships between the individual part, human and national, and the evolving whole.

This is quite a colossal task. It implies that men in their private lives and public offices must use all tact, diplomacy and strategy, all love to silence the voices of suspicion, and to overcome greed, hate and fear. This means steady effort to expand the best human qualities into universal frames of reference, and to imbue the impersonal world organisations, now a necessary component of humanity's life, with the love of God.

Such objectives demand of the esotericists of the world one-pointed devotion to spiritual research, and dedicated effort to lift the level of their own conscious awareness, in addition to expanding the consciousness of mankind. Functioning a step ahead of the race, these people must function as a world group of spiritual pioneers, seeking always new ways by which human thought may lift itself into super-human knowing and new techniques whereby this super-human knowledge may be put to work for the good of man.

The forces of reconstruction are destined to effect the basic changes in consciousness which will mark the Aquarian Age. In facing the implications of this cosmic movement towards reconstruction, it is necessary to bear in mind that matter and substance, and their fusion into living forms, are aspects of divinity. It has been the prostitution of matter to selfish ends and for separative purposes, which has been responsible for mankind's misery in the past. It is said:

"Today humanity is being given a fresh opportunity to build again on sounder and more constructive lines that better civilisation which is the dream of those who love their fellowmen, and to attain a new aptitude in handling substance. If men can demonstrate a gained wisdom in the creation of a form which will house the spirit of reconstruction and express the enlightenment gained by the bitter experience of the past, then Humanity will rise again."(Externalisation of the Hierarchy p 483 by Alice Bailey)

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