Articles From The Psyche and Psychism
By Torkom Saraydarian

The state of harmlessness can be reached when we purify our physical, emotional and mental vehicles and enter into awareness of intuition. Purification of the personality vehicles means:

1. To develop them to their perfection as mechanisms.
2. To integrate them so that they work well not only individually, but also in-group formation.
3. To pay their karmic debts.
4. To tune them in with the Inner Lord.

These four steps must be carried forward to a relatively high stage before conscious harmlessness is achieved. Let us take the first one:

1. The physical, emotional and mental bodies must be cultivated, developed and unfolded, so that each with its own centres become a sensitive instrument for reception, assimilation and expression of energies. It is necessary because any defect in this individual instrument can distort and misuse energies or impressions coming from various sources and unconsciously cause harm to others and to the divine Plan.

2. These three vehicles  namely the physical, emotional and mental bodies - must also be integrated with each other to such a degree that they do not distort each other's functions, speed or activity. For example, if one wheel in a watch is trying to turn 200 revolutions per minute and another one is resisting or jumping, you have chaos and inaccuracy. So the mechanisms rendering service other than that of their individual sphere must be aligned to such a degree that the group purpose is fulfilled, and the needs of the individual vehicles are met. Harm can be caused even if these vehicles individually are in good condition but do not have good integration with each other.

3. To pay their karmic debts. In esoteric literature we read that each vehicle is the body of an entity. For example, we have a physical entity, an emotional entity and a mental entity. They each have their karma, resulting from their individual actions and also from their misuse by the man. Purification means clearing their karma by consciously handling in such a way that they do not produce any more negative karma, but only positive karma. Increasing positive karma and not increasing negative karma eventually clears karma. Then you have a fine instrument, which can be used in the hands of the evolving human soul to further the Plan on earth.

4. To be attuned to the Inner Lord. Unless these bodies (physical, emotional and mental) are connected with the powerhouse of the Inner Lord, they generally have a tendency to follow the path of least resistance, or the involutionary path  to separatism, to degeneration, to materialism and associated crimes. Actually, an integrated personality is more dangerous and has a greater possibility of being harmful than a non-integrated personality. When the personality is united the man is in crises because the personality is tempted to reject the will of the Inner Lord and proclaim its independence. Such a man is divided within himself. This is the most harmful state of   a man, when the personality forcibly works for its own ends, without consulting the Inner Guide. Very destructive criminals were in this stage when they committed their crimes.

Harmlessness makes us:

1. Strive, dare and feel the divine Plan, to bring out the Beauty, Goodness and Truth which is inherent in us.

2. Not impede or block the evolutionary processes of other life forms.

3. Help and reach the souls of living forms, and call them to the service of the Plan.

These are the hardest lessons that man is going to learn on the path of his evolution: how to live a life which will not cause harm to any living forms and at the same time strive to fulfil the Plan, to fulfil the divine will, despite the resistance that can be created because of our speed in service and evolution. This is the situation that must be resolved by the striving one. A man can be harmful: through his thoughts:  through his emotions: through his words: through his actions.

1. One can be harmful if the thoughts are motivated by selfishness, separatism, and charged by the will to impose, dominate and block. Thought inspired by hatred, by greed, by anger usually create a degenerative effect on the substance of the aura. Decomposition of the aura is a fact, and a decomposed aura carries many germs and eventually leads the man into Physical, mental and moral failures.

When a person thinks, he creates thought forms, and if these thought forms are not charged by Beauty, Goodness and Truth, they hurt people and increase the originator's karma. That is why man must be so careful not to hurt, mislead and pollute people with his base thoughts.

2. Our feelings and emotions are harmless if they are charged with joy, love, kindness, respect and appreciation. All negative emotions are harmful because they create depression, separatism, anger, fear or apathy. Harmful emotions are like arrows, which penetrate into the spheres of other persons and produce poison there or paralyse the emotional mechanisms of others. Harmful emotions generally carry with them a destructive mental force or thought form. Harmful emotions mixed with harmful thoughts accumulate within rooms, or attach themselves to the object used by the subject. Every harmful thought and emotion, by the law of frequency, accumulates in the space and contributes to the harmful strata over the planet. It is from such accumulation that criminals receive their inspirations. It is also true that these strata prevent many benevolent rays coming from the space or breaking their voltage considerably.
Harmless provides opportunity to come in contact with creative forces in nature.

3.  Harmful words or speech create cleavages and foster separatism, destruction and confusion. Harmful speech creates negative polarization and personality reactions. Harmful speech burns the etheric body and the etheric webs around the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the carotid gland. Harmful speech is the greatest enemy to the creative thread. When harmful speech is ensouled by evil thoughts and negative emotions, the person is in grave danger of burning his protective net around his body and allowing dark forces to obsess or possess him.

4. Harmful actions are usually accompanied by harmful thoughts, negative emotions and dishonest speech. Harmful actions are efforts to violate the freedom and rights of other people, to deprive them of the joys of life, to prevent people from reaching greater levels of unfoldment and success, to use others for one's own needs. Harmful actions done to others are like seeds of weeds planted in our own garden. Days or years later each seed will sprout and bring us multiplied effects of our harmful deeds. Harmlessness is the compass of those who are preparing themselves to enter into greater light. On the vast ocean of life only the compass of harmlessness will lead us to our destination. Harmlessness puts your life in line with the law of love, and none of your expressions create any friction with the law of love. Every time we create karma by acting against love, we develop fear. Thus a life of love annihilates fear. Harmlessness is love in action. Harmlessness evokes spiritual response in others, and the laws of nature support you. Harmlessness is a state of consciousness in which you do not plan or think about violating the expression of life, or hindering its unfoldment and progress toward Goodness, Beauty and Truth in any form.

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