Intention and Tension
Articles By Frances E. Sparkes

Even in the small activities of everyday life it is wise and necessary to form an intension in order to work successfully and to make orderly progress; whether we are baking a cake or making a garment, we achieve the best results by working to a plan. This also applies to more spectacular undertakings. For instance, it would be considered foolish, if not possible, to erect a house or to build an ocean liner without a blueprint. How much more important to formulate a clear intension with regard to the building of the antahkarana; to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our aim is to bring the Higher Self and the lower into one complete and functioning unity. It is not possible to achieve this if we work in a hazy and haphazard way, and without any clear idea or definite purpose as to what we are striving to create.

The task of building the antahkarana in its final stages calls for direct and consecrated effort on the part of the disciple. He must be intent on his task, if his creation is to be a thing of beauty and strength, and is to form a shining strand in the Group Antahkarana, of which it is destined to become a part. Intension produces a definite course of action; it directs the whole life along a clearly defined course and brings about complete reorientation. It stimulates the will aspect.

Intention also produces a one-pointed attitude, or a focussed activity which we call Tension. We might say that tension is the cumulative force which breaks down the barriers of form, one by one, and liberates the essence. It is a process of divine alchemy. The following phrase was recently used by Canon McNarney over the radio: "We only get pure gold when we use a scorching fire."

Surely an apt simile embodying the definition of intension and tension! In the work of creating the Rainbow Bridge, there must be fixed intension focussed through a point of tension, persistently held and increasing in power and intensity until all that separates the Higher from the lower is purged away and the work of transmutation is completed. The thread of conscious awareness has to be carried from the lower mind to the Higher Mind, via the soul, so that continuity is established and wholeness achieved. Intension is a divine conception  a formulated purpose, while tension is the persistent and creative urge to its fulfilment.

Spiritual intension on the part of the disciple is analogous to the Will of God, or Divine Intention. It has power to transform  to transfigure - and to transcend, thus bringing release from the domination of form. It leads to a recognition of and union with the Whole, till man becomes in very truth  a Son of God.

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