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What does it mean to live your life with and on purpose? Well, first off, it means being a conscious creator. It means being aware of your motives and decisions and being attune to the cause and effect relationship. When you are a conscious creator you make your decisions from a place of awareness and choice. You choose what you think, you choose how you feel, and you choose the actions you take.

Purposeful living also means living your life with intention. When you are aware of your desires and the reasons behind them, you are also in a position to receive powerful guidance that then follows through to manifestation.

Every person is unique in what they came here to do and experience. However, all of us have something in common; we are all connected to Source and we are all destined for joy and fulfillment. Why do some people "get there" while others find themselves struggling through life? It&`;s a simple matter of alignment. In order to fulfill our destiny, we must align ourselves with the ultimate truth; that we are here to enjoy life, be fulfilled in all good ways and to share our joy and gifts with the world. We are one with the ultimate powerful energy from which everything flows. We are empowered. We are capable. We are loved.

But purpose also comes in different shades for different people. While we are all aligned with a collective destiny, we are also here to express our individuality. Each of us have our unique combination of life circumstances, ego traits, desires, talents and gifts. Our passions often carry us in the direction of our purpose, as long as they are not distorted by our egos. When we act out of true inspiration, we are aligned with our soul&`;s desires. When we live our lives in this way, we live it with joy and fulfillment. We feel happy within because we are always following our hearts. We are detached from the outcome, knowing that all is manifesting in the best way, even if that means unexpected yet joyous surprises.

The keys to purposeful living are as follow:

1) Follow your heart. What do you love to do? What do you feel passionate about?

2) Whats stopping you from achieving your dreams? Find the ego voice and quiet it by breaking it down until you come to the root of your fears and insecurities. Then create affirmations, visualizations, and the like to transform that ego chatter. Be appreciative about life, because with a grateful heart, all fear disappears.

3) Recognize what you&`;re good at. What comes easily to you? How have you helped others with your gift?

4) Realize that purposeful living moves beyond career aspirations. While career can certainly be part of one&`;s purpose, you have a purpose in every area of your life. Infuse purpose and joy into all that you do, no matter how mundane. Your purpose stems from who you truly are and what gifts you have to offer to the world. Ask yourself what you find most challenging and most rewarding, and how you can help others using this insight.

5) Be who you want to be now. Meaning, embrace the present moment and feel your joy within. When you are happy inside, you tell the universe that you are fulfilled. This doesn&`;t mean you no longer have desires (desires can motivate, inspire, and enlighten you to your purpose). It simply means that you are not dependant on or attached to something external in order to make you happy. What this does is create a mentality in you that becomes magnetic to attracting your best destiny of total fulfillment.

Live your life with love, passion and intention. Just think, everything you&`;ve ever witnessed, consumed, experienced, all started as a seed of thought. You can do/be/have anything you desire in life, and when you live your life with purpose, all becomes not only possible but doable and fulfilling as well. Get off the gerbil wheel of life and start carving out your own path. And don&`;t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Copyright 2009. Dora Nudelman.

Dora Nudelman is a Personal Development Writer/Author, Motivational Speaker, Expert Quality of Life Advisor and Purposeful Living Coach. She is also the founder and CEO of The Quality of Life Advisors Group, which is a lifestyle consulting firm that helps people find their purpose and live out their dreams. Dora also coaches people on how to use the power of mind to create their own highest quality of life.

Dora is the author and creator of the &`;10 Steps to Living Your Best Life&`; book and program, which walks you through 10 simple steps in learning the Universal laws and principles, and successfully applying them into your life for optimum results. And &`;The Purpose Book&`;, which helps you find your purpose in life, define your passions, take action and subsequently manifest your dreams. For more information please visit The Quality of Life Advisors Group Website: Also, you can visit my blog at:

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