Loving Symbiosis
Articles By K. Murray Scott

*(Biological  the living together in more or less intimate association, in even close union of two dissimilar organisms. The Greek root means living together.)

We seem to live to day in a world of cutthroat tactics, in which the individual, group, nation or group of nations, is trying to get the better of the opposing groups and units. Disharmony, mistrust and antagonism reign, and in their wake follow confusion. Individual against individual, group against group, ideology against ideology  beat the other side down, force him to accept your way of thinking, exercise the weight of your superior arms or your superior financial position, suppress his individuality, poison his mind, dull his thinking, undermine his integrity with false propaganda, deprive him of free-will to make his own decisions and his own mistakes, enslave his mind, enthral his Soul.

All such activities, even though they may be undertaken with the purported idea of improving the material lot of the individual against whom they are directed, thwart his basic human right for self-expression and evolution, and contribute to the holding back of the race.

Men cannot be forced into good, beaten into right thinking, whipped into correct attitudes. They must evolve into these states. Evolution is a painful and perilous process which stared in the long dark night of pre-antiquity and will continue ever onward to the full light of the day. It is prolonged and rendered much more difficult by the isolationist tactics of the units of the race towards each other on the Path which they must all tread together. To reduce exaggerated tensions, to release a greater flow of the Life Force, to cushion the force of the impacts that must strike us from all sides, it is imperative that we carry out the Principle of Loving Symbiosis.

To do this, it is necessary that we realize that all forms of Life contribute to all other forms of Life in the manifested world. We must learn to live together to mutual advantage - not just in mutual tolerance, but in active mutual co-operation, in practical harmony; in short, to practise Loving Symbiosis. There exists the harmony; in short, to practise Loving Symbiosis. There exists the unconscious Symbiosis in the realms of Nature, controlled from without, but in the Human Kingdom, that is not sufficient. Man must learn to achieve with his conscious. Will and Fiery Heart the Loving Symbiosis of the Spirit. Men must learn to live together for the mutual benefit of all sides, for that is the secret of adjustment, and we must learn to understand that not to do this leads to disruption, pain, frustration, poverty on all planes and the repeated blows of Destiny.

But the practice of a Loving Symbiosis is more than merely a way of escaping the severest blows of a cruel Fate. It is the surest method of so co-operating with the Forces of Evolution as to render them no longer full of pain and dread. By practicing the Principles of Loving Symbiosis, the individual will mould his desires and harness his personality to co-operate consciously with what heretofore seemed a blind, destructive and cruel force. Now, with conscious and understanding co-operation, it becomes the benign force which provides tensions, yes, but the constructive, balanced tensions which supply the opportunities for evolution, and that fuller knowledge and broader horizon, without which there would be no evolution. Balance Tension and Loving Symbiosis open up the Path to a rapid and harmonious Evolution for the individual who will practise their achievement.

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