The Meaning of Life
By Jason Light

The Meaning of Life is one of the great mysteries that philosophers and seekers of truth have been searching for over the centuries, the problem being is that the tendency has been to look externally for the answer when all that is needed is to look within.

All the answers that you seek are within you, only clues to these answers will be found outside, each one in its own special way specifically designed to make you question yourself and look within. But unless we recognise these clues for what they truly are, we will follow them like a signpost and head off in another external direction looking for answers that aren't out there and blindly ignoring the truth that the answers that we are seeking are within us all.

The Universe is very simple in its structure, circles within circles wheels within wheels each one turning in precise precision to allow the next movement to take place. From the cycles of seasons to the orbits of the planets to the perpetual cycle of birth, death & rebirth, each circle must be completed before the next can begin.

As the universe is simple it its structure, so is the Meaning of Life. Unfortunately we humans tend to think that the answer must be long and complicated because the question seems to us to be so complex, and as such we tend to overlook  the simplistic answers, disregarding them as trivial and irrelevant.

We tend to think too much, over analysing every single thought and process for faults and so called reason. Our logical mind overriding our innate natural ability to feel as we try to control our emotions with our mental thought process, instead of letting our core feelings guide us to where we naturally
want and need to be.

Our feelings are the most important part of our lives, for without them how would we experience, learn, develop or grow?

How would we know the sun was shining on our skin if we didn't feel its warmth?

How could we experience the connection between beings if we didn't feel love?

Love isn't rational, it's not logical, it can't be measured, weighed or wrapped but without its life giving properties, people, like plants without water would wither.

Love itself can't be touched but people can be touched by it, it can be freely given and received but is not physical in form. It touches the heart when it's given and opens the heart when it's received; it reaches our spiritual side and awakens us to the wonders of the universe, love is the ultimate emotion.

Our emotions make us who we are; they make us human, they allow us to feel, to experience, to love. Only by allowing ourselves to feel these emotions do we start to open ourselves to the meaning of life, which is: Awaken to your Spiritual Heart.

Your Spiritual Heart is not to be confused with your physical heart which pumps blood around your body, nor is it to be mistaken for the heart charka which acts as the gateway that connects us to our outgoing emotions and incoming universal love.

Our Spiritual Heart is the one true centre of our spiritual being, the heart of our higher self; it is from our spiritual heart that pure unconditional love flows out into the world. It resides deep within our light body and draws part of its energy from the universal love that flows through the heart chakra, the rest it creates through pure divine intent.

To start to awaken to your Spiritual Heart and thus understand the meaning of life, you must first learn to switch off and calm the thought process within your logical, rational and structured mind, for it is this part of your mind that has been programmed by the society in which we live and thus blocks you from opening your spiritual heart.

Society isn't happy unless it can put everything and everyone into a pigeon hole with some type of label on it to explain itself and its actions. But some things in life like love don't fit into boxes and therefore can't be rationally explained but they still exist within the universe and do hold sway over our experiences and lives on a daily basis.

There are many ways in which to calm the mind, meditation, yoga, tai chi or any of the numerous other forms of self relaxation techniques available today will help. It doesn't matter which form you prefer as long as it relaxes you enough to calm the logical mind, enabling you to feel your Spiritual Heart as it begins the process of awakening.

Only by learning to calm the mind and open to the feelings within the body can you expect to reach the heights of pure pleasure and oneness that comes from opening to the Spiritual Heart. You will know that you have achieved the awakening of the Spiritual Heart when you feel a wave of overwhelming compassion and pure unconditional love flow through your being, lifting and linking you to a higher purpose in life that you ever thought possible.

You are all singular sole travellers, beings of light filled with love, you came to this world alone and you will leave alone, whilst you are here you will interact with other beings to learn, develop and grow through the experiences that you are drawn to along the pathway of your journey. These experiences are the clues that you need to start the process of awakening to your Spiritual Heart.

We are our own worst enemy's and yet at the same time we are our own best friends, all we need do is recognise the clues that are given to us throughout of lives, directing us to look inside and awaken our Spiritual Hearts to find the answers that we seek and discover that the Meaning of Life was with us all along.  Copyright © 1997 ~ 2004
(Enlightenment Promotions Limited) All rights reserved.

About the Author
Jason is a unique healer, writer and spiritual teacher who uses his natural affinity with the universe to help improve people’s health, well being and lifestyle by explaining and demonstrating how to open their spiritual hearts and minds to the wonders of the universe. He has written, recorded and created many development tools over the years which have been used to treat and educated people from all over the world to not only improve their health and general well being but to also help them find their true spiritual pathway.

Jason can be contacted at  [email protected]
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