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However we are first introduced to intuitive or psychic energy, we usually attempt to fit it into our comfort zone. For this reason, people approach intuitive development along the path that is most suited to them. There is a Zen saying: How we do anything is how we do everything. So it is with our approach to the unseen

Psychic energy is initially absorbed by our pineal and pituitary glands, and then transmitted through our nervous system. We are stimulated, and nudged. We desire to create meaning for this new energy.  Psychic energy runs through us along the pathways that we utilize daily to interpret the world around us.  It is similar to the way that our eyes receive vibration which our brain then interprets it into an image that makes sense to us. We interpret psychic vibrations in a way that we can make use of. We know for instance that people who have witnessed the same accident will often give different accounts of it. One person may recall what the people were wearing or what they looked like. Another may have a deep emotional reaction and feel compassion or empathy. Someone else may analyze the situation and try to understand what happened. We develop and use our intuition in the same way. Without being aware of it, we accept, absorb, and interpret the nonphysical world around us. This is a natural and normal function that happens continuously and without our conscious awareness.

While it is not essential to know your intuitive type in order to develop your intuition, knowing how your intuition naturally flows is the path of least resistance which when followed will lead you into greater levels of extrasensory perception. Most methods of developing psychic and intuitive abilities do not take into account the unique perspective that we approach psychic energy with.

If we are emotionally based, our emotions will lead us. If we respond to the world through thinking, we will use our mind in our attempts to understand spirit. If we are kinesthetic, or based in the physical, we will relate to psychic energy with our body. If we are spiritually inclined, then our connection to psychic energy will be more recognized in essence and sensation.

The emotional intuitive feels energy and is a natural empath and may experience emotional clairvoyance which is a spontaneous image or impression that is emotionally charged, perhaps with fear, stress, grief or bliss. They may also be emotionally telepathic, which is the receiving of unprompted powerful emotions that seem to come from nowhere. The mental intuitive knows, thinks, sees systems and patterns, they do well with mental telepathy and clairvoyance, which is the ability to see, or intuit an actual image or an object or event. The physical intuitive interprets psychic energy through bodily impressions or through physical objects and may excel at psychometry.

Psychometry is the ability to hold an object, or view a photograph and receive through images, impressions or physical sensations unknown information about the object or the owner of the object. The spiritual intuitive may have visions, see images and sense the presence of spirits, ghosts, and loved ones dwelling in spirit. They are the most likely to receive messages from nonphysical beings.

Knowing our natural psychic point of reference can help us understand and better develop our innate gifts and talents. As we grow in intuitive work our usual preference will evolve and transform and our ability to realize the full range of our psychic possibilities will blossom. Our intuitive type also leads us into a more lucid and conscious awareness of our spiritual capabilities and purpose.

About the Author
Sherrie Dillard M.Div. is a psychic-medium clairvoyant, author and teacher with an international client list. She has been a professional psychic and medium for over twenty years. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium.  She is the author of Discover Your Psychic Type (Llewellyn Worldwide). Sherrie is available to teach and discus this innovative approach to developing psychic-spiritual awareness through type. She can be reached at  [email protected]  www.sherriedillard.com

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