The Power of Non Resistance
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When you are non-resistant toward the vision of what you want, your vision runs to meet you. You seldom win until you become willing to do without the prize. Unity writer, Imelda Shanklin, said in her book, WHAT ARE YOU: "Say to whatever seems worth having: ‘If you do not want me as much as I want you, I do not want you at all. I can do without you and sorrow not; but I will welcome you if you come. Take your choice. It does not matter to me."

This may sound strange after you have spent time and energy creating your life vision. Our world seems to focus on doing and on making it happen. We believe that we have to fight for what we want. The details of your vision are effects. The cause of your effects is in your mind. If you are thinking and feeling that you must have something in order to be joyful, then you are looking to that something as your source. You are thinking that certain details in your life will make you happy. If you focus on the effects you push them away. If you focus on the cause--your true Source, your joy, your inner prosperity and well being--you attract your material desires.

Material things come and go. They are transient. Your connection to your Source is forever. It will serve you now; it will serve you always. Therefore, the details really don't matter. What matters is how you feel. Are you feeling joy? Are you feeling connected to your Source? Are you feeling in the flow? You may be tempted to think that things must be a certain way in order for you to be happy. You really don't know. You don't know how things should work out. You know how you feel and you know how you want to feel. Take your mind off what you want and place it on feeling good. Place it on loving yourself, your God, and your life. Allow yourself to be at peace.

Other people do not have to be a certain way for you to be happy. Certain deals don't have to go through in order for you to feel joy. Nothing has to happen outside of you. It all happens inside of you. Respond to life with acceptance and love. Let go of any attachment to specific results. This is the strength we call non-resistance. Non-resistance means that when the deal falls through, you are happy for the experience. Non-resistance means that when another vehicle smashes your car, you let go of anger and upset. Instead you are looking at what opportunities this "accident" presents for you. You are grateful for the new lives you get to touch as a result. Non-resistance is when you refuse to personalize the insults flung at you by another. Since you didn't "catch" them, they really aren't insults at all.

Non-resistance means that you really don't care if this customer buys your product. You care about the customer and how you can serve. If he walks away, you are grateful you did not sell him something he can't use. If he buys, you are grateful you helped another human being. Non-resistance doesn't mean pretending you don't care about the results. Non-resistance means not attaching your well-being to results. Your well-being comes from within you. Know it and feel it. This is cause. Sooner or later you will see positive results in your world. This is the effect.

The Law of Cause and Effect operates with or without your approval. God, or Creative Intelligence is your Source, whether or not you believe it. Give up your job as manager of the world. Stop criticizing others. Stop criticizing yourself. Stop wishing people or situations would be different. Focus on feeling good, on having a sense of well-being, on generating joy. Envision what you want and how you want to feel, practice feeling it, then back off on trying to control any other aspect of your vision.

If you planted seeds you would put them in the ground, cover them with soil, and water them. You would make sure they get watered until they germinate. You would not keep digging them up to see how they were doing. You would not break the seeds open to speed up germination. These things would destroy your seeds. Visions are destroyed in the same way. We create them, and pepper them with doubt. We dig them up by trying to force situations to be what we want them to be. We worry about when it will happen, or wonder if it will happen. These thoughts can destroy your vision. Create it; care for it; and protect it from the ravages of doubt and fear. If things aren't happening fast enough for you, be non-resistant to what is.

Resistance requires the use of force. Force creates counterforce. When you push on life, life pushes back. When you try to change people they resist you. Many people make money by force. This is not prosperity. A drug dealer in Colombia is not prosperous. He may have money, but he does not have well-being. He lives in fear for his life and the lives of his family members. His lifestyle is dependent upon harming others. He may experience pleasure and feelings of control, but he does not experience true well-being. As he spends his life taking advantage of others, others wait in line to take advantage of him.

True power comes from within. Non-resistance is power. It is unshakable, because there is nothing to shake. If I am non-resistant in a negotiation, it means I am willing to do without the prize. If I am willing to walk away, I am strong and cannot be manipulated. The willingness to let go, to walk away, to do without, is powerful. It says that you trust in the Source of your power, and you are not fooled by the suggestion that anything else has power over you. What you resist has power over you. Power is a gift you give to yourself through your non-resistance to what is. The result of this gift is peace and well-being.

About the author
William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach and the author of three books, including The Road Home: The Journey Beyond the Spiritual Quick Fix, 30 Days to Prosperity, and Beyond Blaming. To learn more about his books, services, and free gifts go to

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