The Questioning Traveller
Articles By Torkom Saraydarian

There are two kinds of people living in this world: those who are living mechanically, and those who are living consciously. The first group of people is composed of those who are driven here and there by their unconscious urges and drives, by their glamour's and illusions, and by their post-hypnotic suggestions. The second group is formed of those people who are not subject to their glamour's and illusions, and who live goal-fitting lives through right discrimination.

The most interesting characteristic if this second group is that they ask questions - they go deep within their being and ask questions of themselves which create crises in them. They then find the answers within themselves and solve their crises. They question their actions, emotional reactions, thoughts and words, and try to choose the best way to act, to feel, to think, and to speak so that they can gain control upon their lives. In this way they turn into self-actualised people.

The first major step towards self-actualisation is an attitude in which man confronts himself. This confrontation of oneself is the secret of conscious living. Confrontation is the only way we can start living consciously  "Why am I doing these things? Why am I speaking these things?  Why am I living this way? Why am I thinking this way? " When you start confronting yourself you start awakening, for no one can awake you except yourself.

You are actually divided into two parts: there is the higher Self within you and there is the lower self. The lower self is the self that is united with your physical, emotional and mental urges, your sleeping self. The higher Self is the One Who is watching you. You are going to identify with that watching Self and say, "Why am I doing these things?" When you start asking questions, no matter how lightly or deeply you answer the questions, you see that you are improving your self.

Sometimes you don't do the things that the Higher Self is telling you to do, then you start feeling some irritation, an uncomfortableness, and you start questioning yourself "Why am I acting this way?" As you begin to answer, the uncomfortableness increases, for your mouth says" Let me answer this way", and your mind says, "Let me answer that way", and then your heart says "Let me answer this way", and then your hypocrisy says" Let me cover all of this and answer this way." And you are in conflict. As you continue asking questions of yourself you will continue to be uncomfortable. Finally you will see that there is no release from the uncomfortability until you improve yourself.

This is a very clear practical way of improving yourself and living consciously. In living consciously no one else is guiding you, no one else is leading you, and no one else is imposing his or her will on you. YOU are asking the questions, and to the best of your knowledge YOU are answering them and improving your direction. Only one thing is required, and that is honesty  you are going to be with yourself. If you are going to play hide and seek with yourself do not expect improvement. You are not going to look at yourself in the mirror and say" Oh what a wonderful person I am." Nor are you going to look at your reflection and say, "Yes, I know my nose is crooked but I won't tell anyone", when everyone is seeing it. You are going to watch yourself and observe yourself honestly - physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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