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What is our soul path?

You do direct your souls' travel and density. We have all chosen on a soul level to have certain lessons and experiences in this life, which is your soul path. Your soul has chosen this particular time on the earth and the experiences you have had and are about to have, all in preparation for soul growth. In essence, you are choosing what is required of you to take the next step that will push you just a little further. Your soul is requiring this process.

When you are working on understanding the importance of your relationship to self and your relationship to others, you are about to begin the next step: relationship to your soul path.

This is to invite you to not only recognize relationship to soul path, but to be conscious of it, and be understanding of how you do direct your souls' travel and density.
Open your arms to the essence of who you really are.

Many of you have been opening to a new consciousness, so the awareness to the soul path has already been clearing for you. You may have been re-examining your own limited thoughts. And now you ask, "What is the next step now that I am open and expanded? Where do I take this information and apply its understanding in my life?" You have been preparing for this step, letting go of old past limitations so that you are consciously prepared now to open to the examination of your soul destiny.

Remember, that your souls have chosen this particular life all in preparation for soul growth. In essence, you are choosing what is required of you to take the next step that will push you just a little further. Your soul is requiring this process.

Now, you can pretend at times that you don't hear it, or you don't see it or feel it. The soul will continue on the path until you align with what is, the most important piece for your growth on your journey. Whatever circumstance brings you to this place, whatever person asks you to stretch a little further, or a relationship in your life asks you to go a little deeper, examine it before you push it away. You are being brought exactly what is going to take you to the next step toward growth on your spiritual journey. For some of you, it is about relationship; for some it is about home; and for others, it is about spiritual growth. Whatever it is, look at each aspect of your life and see how it is asking you to stretch, without fear, to the next level.

Always remember you are integrating.

Sometimes, it will feel like you're moving ahead and flowing faster and forward, and then it is very quiet, and there seem to be no insights or understandings; it's a fog. That is the time of integration. It has to be that after every forward movement, you have to integrate. You could not keep up that pace in your energy. So when it feels foggy, just sit. You never move forward in a fog. You sit in your quiet, in your Truth.

When the fog lifts, you begin forward motion.
Just listen to your inside cycle of Truth and healing and open your arms to the essence of who you are. Open your heart to the beauty of all your being without fear and limitation and you will see yourself as never before. Each of you has a strong, vital path that only you, and you alone, can walk. Honour each other's path, because we all walk a different path, but many are heading in the same direction. Just remember this.

The commitment to staying centred on your path and in your Truth of healing is more important than before. It may also appear more difficult than before as fear and change feel very oppressive and heavy at times. Support each other. Continue to gather resilience to all that you will see about you. See it as change; see it as opportunity; see it just as you would plant a garden. You must till and pull out the dead wood, the weeds that are in the garden, so that you can grow the new. As you shift, you will shift others. It is more important than ever before to hold fast to this truth because it will encourage others to consciously choose Joy.

You deserve the highest on all levels.

Your conscious choice to choose Joy will support you and others about you as you make this choice. Remind yourselves of this choice and your Truth, and that you deserve the highest on all levels.

Exploring Your Soul Path

Heart is aligned with soul and purpose. The mind moves with the issues of society. Whenever you experience confusion in your life, you can be almost certain the heart and the mind are in conflict.
For this exercise, pick one situation or one issue around which you are feeling some confusion not sure what to do, which way to turn. Check in with the heart. What is the heart feeling? Next check in with the mind. What is the mind saying? Is the mind fighting the heart with logic, erecting fear barriers, or is it connecting with the heart? When your mind is on one track and the heart is on another, choosing to follow your heart will bring you the most growth and keep you moving forward along your soul path.

1. Describe a situation around which you are experiencing some confusion.
2. What does your mind have to say about this situation?
3. How does your heart (soul) feel about it?
4. What step can you take now that will move you in the direction of your soul path?

Shirley Knapp is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, and author of "Sustaining Joy" who leads groups in personal growth. She has been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups since 1986. Shirley's goal is to empower us to move beyond personal barriers and limitations to lead a more empowered and joyful life.

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