Seed Thoughts on Visualisation
Articles By H. Saraydarian

Visualisation is a high sensitivity on the mental plane. It is the radar which catches the waves in space and records them upon the mirror of the mind.

There are two activities of visualisation  the wave that goes, evocation, the wave that comes, invocation, bringing with it the impression of the object through creative imagination.

Visualisation is a bridge-building faculty, and a process of creating relationships. It is an interpreter, a transformer, and a power to bring blue-prints to realisation.

The creative imagination is not the same as visualisation. It is the second step towards ideation, objectification. Its duty is to adjust the received energies to need of environment, giving to them the needed colour, rhythm, form.

Visualisation connects the space-energy world with the mental plane. Creative imagination connects the mental with the emotional etheric-physical planes.

The imagination is not creative if there is no visualisation. Visualisation gives to it the creative faculty. Creativity is the result of the fusion of visualisation and imagination.

Sometimes an impression falls into the ocean of the intuition. It is just a condensed light  but a source of unlimited ideas and plans. Visualisation is the process of grasping the nature of that impression, of fusing it and then using it as an energy for a new creation which will be able to carry down the message of the original impression.

In the higher forms of visualisation man works with his Soul ray. In creative imagination he works with his personality  astral, mental, etheric rays, and translates the received impression through these rays.

Visualisation is conditioned by:
a. The point of tension reached upon the highest mental planes, which creates a deep occult
  silence in which  the impression is absorbed.
b. The released energies in the subjective world, which may be rays or avataric influences
  which obey some cyclic law and work under a plan.
c. The purity of mechanism, which is a state in which there are no obstacles to the waves
  of impression and their expression.

In building the antahkarana visualisation follows the same pattern. The mind reaches to its point of tension, to its point of crises, to its point of highest sensitivity. From the other side the Spiritual Triad radiates its impressions, its energies. Then there is the period of transmutation and transmission between these two poles.

In the higher processes of visualisation comes that period in which the highest mental plane, with the help of the soul, absorbs the highest impressions and energies, thus creating a point of contact. This point of contact itself is a window through which man sees the unlimited reality of higher possibilities, and his identity with the One. If this point of contact is continuous and clear we say that the antahkarana is built.

Visualisation is a process of substantiating of impressions, of energies. Impression can be considered as cause, visualisation as effect. Service results when impression, amplified by visualisation, radiates into the worlds of men, bringing there the energy of right relationship and the vision of the divine Plan.

Service utilises the power of visualisation. Visualisation sanctifies service. Impression gives right direction to service and is a source of energy to face any difficulty along the line of activity.

Visualisation is the act of creating the future. It is planning for the future, and the future is the world of energies and ideas which is waiting for realisation and materialisation.

Impression is a process of getting.
Visualisation is a process of becoming.
Service is a process of giving.

They are Spirit, Soul, Personality, and an initiate will be found standing as a focussed will in the centre of this triangle  impression . . . visualisation . . . service.

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