Seven Ways to Improve Your Intuition
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If you're at all interested in becoming more of an intuitive, or creative person, then this is for you.
Many may think that the only intuition there is, is "women's intuition," yet, we all have it within us. Our intuition is one of our strongest abilities. This power within us is akin to a sixth sense. A sense not easily nor readily measured by the five senses. Some even say that it is our connection with the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the collective knowledge of all of us. 
I think we can agree, then, that developing this ability (or skill) is worth any time one can invest into it. Generally, this skill is stronger when we are children, and then, we tend to stifle it-because it's not something that we can quantify. Weren't there some things that you "just knew" as a kid, that went against what might be considered logic?
Your intuition is basically your instincts, your "feeling" about something. It's that little voice, or nudge within you that often guides you. Did you ever do something that "just didn't feel right", and then have it all end up badly? Your intuition was trying to tell you which choice to make. However, as previously stated, we stifle it, and do not hear it-and then wonder why it's not there.
Some actions you can take to help develop your intuition:
1.   Trust your "gut feeling".

If it doesn't feel right, chances are, it's not right for you. What may be right for one person can be wrong for another. Your gut instinct, your inner voice, all always there for you. Learning to trust this inner guide can be a bit scary, but, as it develops, you will see the changes in your life. 
2.   Go with you first choice.

Ever heard someone say that? This is because your intuition is able to communicate more clearly BEFORE you begin to cloud your mind with all sorts of other details. When you're clouding your mind up like this, you are focusing more on the conscious part of your brain (ruled by the subconscious or unconscious part of your brain). Fear and indecision can then run rampant, and deliver you incorrect information. This leads to a decision based upon partial, tainted information. Your intuition knew the answer BEFORE this clouding began. Trust your first choice.
3.   Don't "force" decisions.

That's right; there are times when perhaps you should not make an instant decision. If you are so confused about an issue, then your decision will be confused. Learn to relax, let the situation go, turn it over to your subconscious mind and let it go to work for you. Your subconscious mind knows a lot more than you may give it credit for. It keeps your body systems running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is always paying attention. Let the decision go for right now, the answer will come to you.
4.   Engage in quiet time.

Everyone should take some time every single day to just let their thoughts roam. When you're doing this, and nothing else, your mind brings solutions to you. Write them down and implement those solutions. Some of them may seem a little odd, but some of the best ideas came from what seemed completely "crazy" beginnings. During this quiet time, you will be amazed at how many thoughts you will actually have. The secret here is to let your mind roam; keep it away from "focusing" directly on the "task at hand". 
5.   Practice meditation.

This is similar to quiet time. The key in this exercise is to keep you mind focused on a particular word, your breath, a sound-something. As you practice meditation, your mind will become sharper and sharper. This is something that should also be done on a daily basis.
6.   Trust in your hunches.

If you instantly get an idea for a certain action, act upon that hunch as quickly as you can. Your hunches come from deep down inside of you and are definitely intuition-based. It might be a suggestion to: call an old friend, write a book, develop a new product, make a sales call, clean out your cabinets, etc. The possibilities are endless. The key to this exercise is to take action on this suggestion as quickly as you can. You'll be surprised at the outcomes of doing this.
7.   Let your subconscious work for you while you sleep and pay attention to your dreams.

Your subconscious mind never really sleeps, it's always going. So letting it work on solutions for you while you sleep is like having a partner who works when you cannot. While you dream, your subconscious is working things out, so pay attention to what is going on in your dreams-you'll find a lot of answers in your dream. Just be open to the translation.

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Using the Four Pillars of Life, I help you to become a better you! Principles of success, affirmations, conscious and subsoncious improvement are all part of my focus. Visit my website at the above link for more information.

About Mark Piecha
Mark Piecha has been a student of success, the mind, and life principles for most of his life. He has worked with scientists, physicians, meta-physics, instructors, and participated in his own research, as well. A strong inner desire to improve and to share that information with others, gives him inspiration to look deeply into a matter, discover the root of the matter, and then to explain it in simple terms.

He is also a student of history and that has allowed him to examine concepts and principles that repeat themselves in the human experience. His ability to translate this information to usable techniques is quite resourceful. Mark periodically writes columns for a National Pest Control magazine (PMP Monthly), is a member of the Write Team for a local newspaper (the Times), has just completed an E Book scheduled for release on his website, and wrote a book concerning the history of a successful businessman from the early 1900's.

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