Seven Uplifting Strategies to Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life
Articles By Lauren E. Sullivan

If you are suffering from burnout, disappointment, or feeling stuck in a life that’s not working for you, take heart! These seven stepping stones will guide you along an empowering path to renewed energy and zest for life.

1. Shore up your energy for change. When you are feeling defeated, resist the urge to push yourself into action to fix your life. Instead, slow down and recharge your batteries. Acknowledge that your resources have been drained by the stress of a life chronically out of whack. Give yourself a nurturing gift by making a conscious choice to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Embarking on a big change when you are depleted of energy and enthusiasm may get you somewhere, but probably not where you really want to go.

2. Resurrect the dreams you left behind. Spend some quality time alone with your thoughts and a journal. Write about your needs, your desires and your dreams. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the things that used to bring a smile to your face, the things you enjoyed when you were younger and life was simpler. What were your hopes for the future? What is your highest aspiration for your life now? If there were no obstacles, what would you be doing with your life?

3. Conquer your inner critic and limiting beliefs. Beware of the ugly inner critic that wants to nip this “flight of fantasy’ thing in the bud. Pay attention to the negative, critical messages that stop you from taking steps in a new direction. Become an observer of your inner dialog and decide who you want in charge of your life: your inner critic or your inner coach? Allow your inner coach to expand your belief in what is possible.

4. Find joy in the journey. Short-circuit the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome by choosing to consciously dwell in positive thought and feeling. Make a choice to spend more time noticing what is right with your life and what is right with you rather than feeding the cycle of negativity by magnifying what seems to be wrong or missing from your life. Positive feelings such as gratitude, appreciation, love, and compassion for yourself and others will energize you and propel you toward a brighter future.

5. Imagine you are already where you want to be. Spend time playing in your imagination. Not only is it okay to daydream, it’s a vital step in redesigning your life. Allow yourself to vividly imagine the life that would bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction. Then write about what you envision in clear, concise, emphatic, and energizing words. An empowering vision for your future will lift you out of the doldrums and into action!

6. Create an inspiring life plan. Support your vision with a detailed plan for your new life. What needs to change in order for you to experience a rich and robust quality of life? Look at each aspect of your life that is important to you and make a conscious decision to fill in those missing pieces. Declare your intentions in writing, and then make a commitment to take action to carry out your plan.

7. Navigate the bumps in the road. Allow for imperfections! If things do not go as planned, or if something comes out of left field to knock you off track, let it be. Tend to the crisis or detour, but hold onto your vision. The path between where you are and where you want to be may not unfold in a straight line. Look for the gift in the situation and get back on track as soon as you can. Persistence and patience are important keys to transforming your life.

Celebrate every baby step along the way, because in time, each step will add up to a giant leap. And before you know it, your dreams will have become your new reality!

About the Author
Lauren E. Sullivan is the author of Give Wings to Your Dreams: Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for Life. An expert in women’s life change issues, she leads “Life Choice Retreats” in Santa Barbara, California, to help women in job burnout, midlife crisis, empty-nest syndrome, or divorce recovery to find a sense of life purpose, work/life balance and to improve quality of life. Website:

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