The Significance of Creativity
Articles By Doug Friedenberg

In thinking upon the role of individual creativity in the transformation of the planet, let us first consider and clarify our understanding of the creative process. For the purpose of this series of thoughts, we will focus upon creativity as the giving of form to that which is formless. A view of creativity from this angle will, it is hoped, lead to some interesting observations.

There are many examples of the form-giving process. We have but to look at a painter who gives form to his way of seeing the world; the dramatist who gives form, tangibility, to subtle emotions. Then there is the philosopher, who may give a verbal form to abstract ideas, or even to a moral basis for right behaviour in the world. But in our stated context, the most significant example would be the individual who embodies in his own life the highest spiritual and moral principles he is capable of expressing. For creativity is not the exclusive province of the artist; creative life is a n opportunity and responsibility of every conscious individual.

Essential, the role of the creator is that of a mediator, a transformer of energy, be it thought energy or the energy latent in matter. We may recall Einstein's relativity equation, which proved that energy and matter were one and the same, the conversion factor being light. We may also recall the occultist's reiteration of this fact in the statement that spirit (energy) is matter in its highest form; matter is spirit in its lowest aspect. And we may touch upon man's place in the cosmos by noting that the creative human being, through the light of consciousness, transforms energy and provides a vehicle for its expression within matter.

The creative individual is somewhat like a moveable electric socket. Just as a socket provides a door between pure electric energy and its visible uses, such as providing light and heat, or activating types of machinery, so the creative individual provides a physical outlet for the expression of any ideas and energies he can contact.
Just as electricity flows spontaneously through any channels that are presented, so the energy which flows through the creative individual manifest spontaneously, as it is focussed and directed by that individual. The specific focus and direction of this spontaneity is dependent upon the receptivity, or conductivity, of the individual's environment and his personal tendencies. The flow of ideas and energies through creative people ranges from the artist as his easel to the conscious soul utilising his very lifetime for the expression of some ideal or work of God.

The question is, how does creativity help to transform the planet, to help establish a world order based on right relations between man and man, and between man and the other kingdoms of nature, a world whose keynote is harmony?

A simple review of history reveals the importance of creative of creative endeavour. Human advancement has depended upon those who could contact and express coherently those energies and ideas whose expression could lead to humanity's next step in religious, political, educational, and scientific terms. It has depended upon those who have gained the ability to touch in varying degrees the source of all wisdom.

Even as history demonstrates the value of creativity, it does not reflect the number and quality of the individual lives who, 'sight unseen', have helped to shape the course of human events. The dual recognition of what history says and what it leaves unsaid suggests our own significance as creative agents at this time. There have been hundreds who worked as effectively in relation to their own spheres of influence as did Christ or Einstein in theirs; many have played their parts in the anchoring of new ideas and qualities within the life of humanity who remained unknown save to their friends and co-workers. Likewise, each individual can now, through a creative responsiveness to the needs of the time and a vision of the future, establish the patterns of cooperation and concern for the welfare of all men which will serve as the foundation of a new era.

As an example, let us consider the group of individuals all over the world in whose lives the energy of goodwill is a reality. Goodwill has been described as man's first attempt to express the love of God; it is love in action, a dynamic force capable of remaking the world. Through this group of men and women, the energy of goodwill is substantiated; it is made apparent for all to see. This thereby sets an example for the future actions of all peoples.

One may express goodwill in all aspects of life. Those who are concerned with the arts express goodwill in the works they produce, but there is also the creativity of the shopkeeper who looks out for his patrons as well as himself. There is the creativity of the plant manager who motivates his workers by his respect for their rights and his inspiration, rather than the use of his authority. There is the creativity of the farmer, who enters into a harmonious relation with the land and the vegetable kingdom. In short, there in no area in which goodwill cannot be expressed in a creative fashion.

The effectiveness of these modes of creativity in bringing about change may seem small when considered individually. There is a definite effect, however, and when the global group is considered, the effects are far beyond any expectations. The demonstration of techniques of goodwill has an impact on the minds and hearts of all men which cannot be achieved by the most enlightened discussions. For this reason the truly creative individual will always be distinguished by his willingness to do as well as to speak of doing.

The value of creative initiate in effecting change is inestimable. The welfare of our planetary society depends upon those who can sense new ways of working and demonstrate these ways to their fellow beings. Let each of us, then, renew his effort to stand in creative spiritual being. Let each of us do his part to implement the solutions to the problems which face humanity as a whole, for the solutions are available to those who will to know. And let us all, joined in one subjectively linked group, work together in creating the new world we have envisioned.

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