Soul Consciousness and its Social Effects
From The magnet of Life - A Psychological Key To The Inner man
Articles By  H. Saraydarian

"My warriors, guard thyselves with the shield of God's will, and the Divine Song will ever find echo within thee. Before the deluge, when men were wedding and feasting and bargaining, Noah was already selecting the most stalwart oaks for his Ark."
Leaves of Morya's Garden, p.37

Once a man realizes himself as a Soul, and affirms that he is a Soul, a great change takes place in his life. A great flood of Light pours into his mind and clears up the agelong obstacles, illusions and thought-forms that are still making him a slave of his past.

Energy accumulates in him, because he does not misuse it, he does not have any leakage due to wrong thinking and negative emotions, and he continuously receives higher precipitation of energy. Such a man is a fountain of power which heals, uplifts and leads.

The second thing, which will be very much evident, is that the man will start to be an agent of liberation in his social and national environment. He will work to liberate the human soul from all inertia, glamours and illusions, which are making our planet, a planet of sorrow, of slavery, of racial discrimination, of fear, of prejudice and of self-interest. Of course this will put a tremendous pressure on his vehicles and cause him a lot of suffering
and . . . . . Joy.

The third effect of soul-consciousness will be the creation of simplicity of living, sincerity of expression, and relations.

The fourth effect, will be a dynamic sense of communications and right human relations. We cannot create right human relations until a large percentage of humanity touches its soul-consciousness, where man will realize the supreme meaning of the words;

"The souls of men are one and I am one with them."

The fifth effect will be the creation of a magnetic and radio-active personality, which automatically will group people around him, and serve in a group way, for the cause of human liberation.

Truly the universal, or global revolution did not start yet. Greater revolutionists will gradually appear in all fields of human endeavour and, this time, they will set afire the hearts and souls of all true humanitarians all over the world, who will be charged with the spirit of greater dedications, aspiration and sacrifice.

These Leaders, having achieved soul-consciousness, will never stop at any obstacles and with stupendous self-sacrifice, will lead humanity, as a whole, towards a higher dimension of living, the introduction of which is set forth in part, in the Human Rights.

That is why throughout the ages, opponents of the progress of humanity and the undfoldment of mankind, have also been the opponents of universal liberation of humanity, the opponents of the concept of Soul, Immortality and of man's transformation into his divinity; for soul-consciousness will end all religious, political and financial exploitation.

This revelation can be kept on the on the mental level, without tears and blood, if a greater percentage of humanity responds to the Rays of the New Age and synchronizes all its life expressions with them; but if the greater part of humanity does not respond to the tide of the New age, and if the political, economic and social conditions continue as they are now, then the leaders of the new age, the soul-conscious people, with all fiery people everywhere, who are dedicated to the liberation of humanity, will rise up and the revolution of the planet will start. This will be a revolution for the liberation of all humanity. It will be the most crucial revolution in the history of the planet.

To the extent that a man approaches his soul and becomes a soul, to that extent does he become an independent human being, and a being of greater cooperation. People think that independence is conditioned by outer events, but the truth is that independence starts from within. Man cannot be independent unless he breaks all the chains within, the inner slavery and the inner imprisonment. Once a man is free from inertia, glamours and illusions, he enters the freedom of his soul consciousness and becomes an independent, selfactualized and self-determined man. Before this inner freedom is achieved any outer freedom serves only for his own destruction and suffering.

Education and knowledge often lead him to group or national Independence, to attacks and wars. But soul-consciousness does not work for personal, group or national independence, it works for the planetary, global independence and leads to everlasting sense of unity, because the soul is group conscious. It stands for all humanity and its highest good.

When such people increase on the planet, people who stand above racial discrimination, religious separation, dogmas and doctrines, they will recognize each other, they will hold each others hands from east to west and from north to south. Then a new dawn will break upon humanity and "the orphan of the planet," humanity, will experience a great release of joy which has imprisoned within man for ages and ages due to human slavery and ignorance. This will be the age of health, trust, joy, understanding and cooperation.

The six effect of soul-consciousness will be the elimination of the fear of death, and it a continuous radiation of sacrifice for one's fellow man throughout the planet.

The seventh effect will be a universal sense of harmlessness. Deep, fiery devotion to the flame of life in every form, from the flower on the bush to the stars in the blue firmament.

Then, my dear one, the vision of St. John will come true;

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the sea was no more  . . . and He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor wailing, neither shall there be any more pain . . . . . ."


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